15 Days Personality Development Classes By Saurabh Jain

For being successful in the professional / Personal / Social life one must attain a good personality and attitude personally. Your inner efficiency will help you find success in your future professional life. There are many ways of achieving it, like, one must have an excellent communication ability or must understand the situation perfectly and react accordingly. There are many more ways and being good at it will certainly make you stand out from the rest. The life will be much more enjoyable!

Pragya Institute provides you with the golden opportunity with personality development 15 days program. We will help you with lots of options as mentioned below. You can include our program in your respective field of study or you can also connect with us for a workshop. The respective workshops will have sessions helping the students with better temperament towards their life and work. Moreover, we will also them to understand and handle the situations in a professional manner.   Our program will make the student understand what they exclusively want to have in their life. With our workshops the participants are introduced to the space of the managerial capabilities. You can join us and enhance your personality attributes with the guidance of professionals. We will help you enhance your niche of communication skills at all levels and boost your confidence to perform well. This will help you have the complete inner efficiency to advance ahead in life. Look at the courses we cover in 15 days:

Day 1 What is Personality, How to Become an Impressive Personality and First Impression is Not the Last Impression? To Earn More You Need to Learn More, Know Your Own Importance and Don’t compare yourself with others, Advantage and Disadvantage of Extrovert, Socialize Is Good or Bad? How to Make a Perfect Balance? Shyness Is Good but How to Overcome Extreme Shyness? Life Changing Tips for Introverts.

Day 2 Change Is Most Essential Part of Life - Change Yourself and Become a Great Personality, make a Choice You Want to Become Powerful or Fool, Understanding Law of Survival of The Fittest. How To come out from your comfort zone

Day 3 How to Change Your Pessimistic Belief into Optimistic Belief, Law of attraction, How to Control Your Brain or Programming of Brain, Overcome from class room life importance of soft skill training?

Day 4 Discover your potential - You are Born to Become a Winner, Choose the Work that Suits Your Talent / Interest, Importance of Self Talk, Problem Solving Skills, How to Solve Your Own Problems?

Day 5 Choose the Correct Location for Life’s GPS, SWOT Analysis - An Impeccable Way for Success, How to Identify Opportunities in Life.

Day 6 Various Aspect, How to Look at Life? Work for Cause Not for Applause, How to Make Friends

Day 7 Ignite Your Passion to Be A Winner, Hard Working V/s Result Orientation, How to Get Adequate Results of Your Efforts? Meaning of Life and A Step Towards How to Live It?

Day 8 Work on The Cause Not on The Symptoms, Craft Your Life with Effective Planning, Planning Plays A Vital Role in Your Success

Day 9 A Perfect Guide on Effective Planning and Fastest Excellence Execution, Idea is just a seed, How to Nurture Your Seed and Make It a “KALPVRIKSH”, Be Fast Mover but How? Understanding of Improvisation as well Here and Now. Financial Planning for Financial Peace

Day 10 How Parents Make Their Kid Overweight, You Are the Salt of The Earth and Light of The World, You Are Unique Live This Uniqueness, Not Taking Risk Is Biggest Risk, How to Take Calculated Risk? Stop Saying Start Doing, How to Increase Your Credibility? Clear or Smart Goals for life. How to Increase Your Concentration and Memory?

Day 11 What Makes Man Perfect? Perfect Practice but How? Process of Perfect Practice and How to Do It? How to Focus on Your Goals, Law of Paying the Price, Want Good Fruits Create Good Roots, Things Which Converts Your Weaknesses to Strengths.

Day 12 Unveil Secrets of Effective Communicators, Do You Want to Become an Effective Communicator? DO'S and Don'ts about Social Media Messaging, Phone Etiquettes. Need Is More Important Than Want and It Leads to Results.

Day 13 Public Speaking, Say No to Fear of Mike, Have A Dressing Sense but How? Which Suits to Your Personality. Perception Management Don’t Be Judgmental, How to Build Strong and Long-Term Relations. Relationship IS Key to Success Not Networking.

Day 14 Best Methods to Improvise English Communication Skills.

Day 15 Practice Session, Power of Silence, Facts Beyond Science, How to Increase Your Observation Skills? Learn From things around us, How to Overcome Breakup?

Why Pragya Institute

With the help of our personality development program, we help you with a complete range of behavior skills which will help succeed in all the levels. Our personality development programs are designed to help you with the best results. Our courses are tailored to take you ahead from the rest by helping you have a strong hold in the emotions and communications. It will help you manage your time properly and enhance your presentation skills which will help you in the professional life. Showing respect and being good is very important and we have covered that on our course.

We have expert professionals to help you with your communication skills, management, building relationships, and assertiveness. We will help you enhance your soft skills which will not only help you in your work but also in other sectors of life. It will surely have a great impact on your life and help you grow.