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    Kingdom of Wisdom

    • 2019-07-21 18:51:46

    “In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you and to the infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you. You are original. You are rare. You are unique. Celebrate your uniqueness.”

    Pragya Institute of Personality Development is first and the best institute of Rajasthan which works on complete personality enhancement and life skill management brings out the uniqueness from people and transforms people and their lifestyle. 

    Pragya Institute of Personality Development was launched as an institute base, where all age group people can come and learn to garnish their lifestyle in personal career and professional aspects.

    Pragya Institute of Personality Development works with their clients in such a way as to modify their concepts, ideas, imagination about themselves. Pragya Institute of Personality Development does not only provide you the way of transforming yourself but also provides you Secret ways to the pathway of success.

    We Believe in Excellence so we don’t produce freshers we produce professionals

    We Believe in Technology

    • Two-way live session facility
    • Online session facility available
    • Free Wi-Fi (300mbps) for participants

    We Believe in Safety and Security

    • Highly secured premises – Complete premises under CCTV surveillance
    • Complete fire safety arrangement with A, B, C type and Electricity

    We Believe in Hygiene and Health

    • Complete modular and highly hygienic washroom
    • Focus on providing fresh air inside the classroom – Non polluted air flow plant
    • Alkaline and RO water facility (Highest grade water quality)
    • High-quality acupressure instrument available to keep participant energetic
    • High grade weighing machine available provide 14 major reports related to health
    • Complete aromatic environment

    We Believe in the practical approach

    • Indoor training games facility
    • Brain games available to increase overall ability
    • Case study-based learning, psychological test to know better about yourself, worksheets and take-home message sheet
    • Activity-based learning environment and 100% practical approach

    We Believe in the individual need-based strategy method

    • Personal counseling session
    • Small batches, no crowd – we believe in quality
    • Friendly environment to learn a world-class skill – certificate at the end of the course – Honour your accomplishment
    • Awards to best participants on various parameters

    We believe in the environment 

    • World-class training infrastructure
    • World-class learning environment
    • Air-conditioned classroom
    • Tea, coffee, cookies, and popcorn, etc. available for refreshment
    • 24*7 Power backup

    We Believe in quality

    •  Faculty with world-class training ability
    • ISO Certified Institute
    • First Soft Skill Institute of Rajasthan Affiliated and Approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University
    • 100% Customer delight 5* Rating on google by a big number

    We Believe in learning

    • World-class library with books worth more than few lacks rupees
    • Kindle available for reading unlimited books

    We believe in providing financial ease

    • Interest-free EMI option

    Pragya Institute of Personality Development helps you to develop your skills because once you develop skills you will become unstoppable: You will become the Success Magnet. Pragya Trainer Train you, how to possess the power to control yourself and others because of which people will Love and admire you means your “personality”.

    Conclusively acclaiming that Pragya Institute of Personality Development and Life Skill Management is success junction, where people are made humans and humans are made angels. Pragya Institute of Personality Development puts you in a sailing mode whether the water is plain, or waves are there. Welcome to this positive thought manufacturing factory to be an exclusive personality to face the world and to be ready for the upcoming changes and challenges. 

    Strong personality attracts success and ready to fight all the odds of life with a head-on attitude. We all need a mentor who recognizes our capabilities and encourages us to pursue our dreams. Mr. Saurabh Jain is that driving force who can change our perspective of looking at our life and motivate us to become our best version.

    Our Director: Mr. Saurabh Jain

    • More than 15+ years of experience.
    • World Record Holder.
    • Certified Global Career Counsellor from the University of California
    • Awarded as Personality Development Guru
    • Awarded as Innovator of Practical Motivation
    • Taken more than 2000 session on soft skill development
    • Taken 1000+ Interviews and Prepared 1000+ Candidates for Interview
    • Given speech at Rajasthan Vidhansabha, Central Jail Jaipur
    • The initiator of A to Z of personality development and life skill management
    • Corporate trainer/ Business coach/ Life skill coach/ Motivational Strategist
    • Soft Skill Trainer and Life Management Coach In Prestigious Institutes Like ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI
    • Worked with Discovery Channel
    • Chairman leadership committee JSGIF 2019-2021
    • President, Secretary, member of many prestigious organization

    What Mr. Jain achieved so far?

    ● Work experience – he has more than a decade of experience in Pharmaceuticals Sales and 15 years of experience as an expert professional. His lifetime achievements make him a man who can give us a great insight into the professional world, hence guide you in the right direction.

    ●  Expertise - His expertise lies in driving individuals towards their goals by managing time in a strategic manner and learning how to do smart work. His sessions are highly interactive rather than just speaking he allows the audience to ask their questions and address their concerns. His vast experience, subject knowledge and humors way make his session live.

    ●   Past Record - Proven past record in Personality Grooming classes and the impressive result of the motivational workshops shows his competency. He has prepared 1000+ candidate on employability skills with almost 100% result.

    ● A feat in IT - Having working experience in Information and Technology field gives him an in-depth knowledge of the industry, thereby helping participants to improve their productivity.

    ●  Event Industry - Conducting events and executing it all with fruitful results is where his forte lies. His innate quality of handling a large group and speaking fluently in a convincing manner makes him a living example of a confident professional.

    Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who are mentored by pioneers like Mr. Saurabh Jain. He is.

    ●    A mentor for achieving professional success: He is well versed in the corporate work, hence, preparing us to face the cut-throat competition and challenges.

    ●   A mentor for overcoming weakness: He can help us overcome our fears, doubts that are stopping you from getting ahead in life.

    ●     A mentor for a transformed personality: he will encourage you to break boundaries and pursuing your dreams with a positive attitude.

    Get in touch and let the impression transform your overall personality.

    Lastly “Change Yourself to Change Your World”.