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Break Myth:
 Personality Development means spoken English classes – English speaking is an extremely small part of your overall personality. A personality like an ocean then English speaking simply as well.
 Personality Development/ Soft skill development is only for students – Top tycoon of fortune 500 companies also attend soft skill training Programme. This is the requirement of all human existence on this planet earth.
 Personality Development means, how to sit, how to walk, how to talk etc.– Yes, these topics come under the umbrella of personality development but there are almost a few hundred topics that come under the umbrella of personality development.  

Everybody talks about Personality Development and Soft Skill Training but hardly invests time and money on this but in 21st-century growth completely depends upon your soft skill let us understand through few examples. A fresher CAN get a package of 4 lakhs and another 40 lakh, while they both have qualified the same exam, having the same degree, qualified from the same institute because pan India only one institution ICAI, they both have studied the same books but why is there that huge difference in the package? Yes, few other factors also work but most commonly is a soft skill. Technical skill plays some role as an entry pass, but growth completely depends upon the soft skill.
Yes, degree has its importance to a certain level that’s only at the workplace but if you look at overall life including your Personal, Social and Professional Life – soft skills play a vital role everywhere and every time. Many people with degree couldn’t do anything and many without degree did everything.
In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you and to the infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you.
You are original.                                                 You are rare.
You are unique.                                            Celebrate your uniqueness.

A person without a goal is like an aircraft without radar, the goal with the plan is just a wish and plan without execution is. Personality development helps you with the same.you're probably familiar with the concept of SMART goals. Smart goals are defined as a set of objectives and goals.
When people work with full of Energy and Enthusiasm they always perform better but the issue is people don’t who they are and what they can do, what they should do if you want to know the answer of all these questions.
Yes it helps to get admission to a good college because this is the way, but people who are not from top colleges also do well in their life. Whenever you watch a movie, do ask if you ask their % or degree before watching a movie. The answer is No – you simply look at their actions, when you watch sport – what is more important for your player’s degree and % in his academics or how good he is in playing the game. 

New challenges emerging every day. The world is changing amazingly fast, so we are living in a world of uncertainty. Dealing with new challenges everybody requires a mentally strong personality here personality development helps you in a big way.
Big number of people live their lives in a state of confusion, but personality development provides clarity.
Personality development transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary personality.

We simply do not believe in success; we believe in continuous growth. We strongly cultivate Excellence in the blood of our participants.

 After long research and experience of years Pragya Institute of personality development “The initiator of A to Z of personality development and life skill management” in the guidance of world-renowned Personality Development Guru and World Record Holder- Mr. Saurabh Jain developed a complete customized and highly effective personality development course.

Our personality development course modules are Unique, and the Methodology of training is Extraordinary in a world-class training environment. 

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