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1. Employee turnover 
2. Employees are unable to cope up with new business requirement
3. Unable to scale business
4. Not getting adequate ROI
5. Conflict between team members
6. Facing conflict between employees and management
7. Conflict withing management
8. Unable to create a scalable business model
9. Unable to adopt technology and innovation in your business
10. Unable to reach right customer
11. Unable to get handsome amount of lead and convert these leads into business
12. Facing challenge in customer acquisition and retention 
13. Supply chain related issues
14. Lack of strategic thinking and problem-solving approach
15. Increased competition 
16. Business type and model is outdated
17. Huge impact of External factor in business
18. Planning to start new business but facing issues related to market research etc.
19. Entry and exit plan
20. Unable to manage capital adequately 
21. Unable to move with market pace
22. Lack of direction and vision
23. Unable to build effective marketing strategy
24. Resource allocation issues 
25. Unable to build brand or unable to use brand equity
26. Unable to hire talent 
27. Unable to manage diversity
28. Unable to build strong culture 
29. Facing issues related to adherence to organizational policy
30. Unable to design effective incentive policy
31. Unable to maximize word of mouth
32. Unable to identify new sales channel
33. Price negotiation issues
34. Unable to decide competitive price for your product
35. Unable to create champion team – staff training 
36. New product launch strategy


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