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Choose a career that suits to your Personality, Interest, and skills


Are you familiar with these statements?
I wish to become an entrepreneur, but my father wants me to be a Doctor.
I prefer to be a cricketer, but my family expected me to become an engineer. 
I love to be a photographer, but my parents want an MBA.
I scored 90% in maths, but I want to opt for Arts/ Humanities, but my parents want Science/ commerce 
My Friend/ Neighbor’s son is doing engineering at IIT, so I wish my son well.


What is a career?
Career is nothing but a destination or end goal that you want to achieve in your life.



Why are career planning and career counselling important?

Choosing the right destination - You must be using GPS if you choose the wrong destination where you will reach? The answer is at the wrong target, and this has happened with billions. People after spending millions of rupees and many precious years of life, they reached the wrong destination means they are in the stream, where they don't want to be so we don't want you to be one out of them. Career counselling helps you in choosing the right destination.

Millions of career options available - In the current scenario, thousands of career options are available. Do you want to know the best way to choose the career path? It is just not your grades in a specific subject in 10th or 12th. It must be based on the career objective, and a good career counsellor also helps you to understand your career objective. 

Bridge gap between classroom and outside world - It is a very comprehensive exercise done by a career coach, who has a huge experience of how to bridge the gap between the classroom world and the corporate world. Hence, we believe that a career counsellor must be a business consultant also. 

Meaning of Best fit career - S/He gives you career advice based on your skills, interest, and personality to know more about you he may conduct some career test, career aptitude test. 

The journey from confusion to clarity - At the one hand, thousands of career options are a big opportunity but at the same time create confusion. Which college/ which institute, Fee structure, Admission criteria, Entrance form, Admission date. Choosing the best out best is a task.

For building a beautiful and robust career, one needs to consult with an education counsellor who is a career builder and a career architect. Career counselling is not a copy-paste skill; it must be completely based on identifying individual personality, expertise and interest and match them with available career options along with excellent counselling skills.

By and large, every student must go for a career counsellor by the best education career counsellor.


Our approach – 
100% practical approach
listen to your doubts and concerns carefully. 
We do not conclude the best fit option in one meeting – our process is completely scientific. 
Proper attention is given to each participant


Our speciality 
Career counselling for adults - We not only provide career guidance for student or career counselling after 10th or career guidance for high school students but also, we provide career counselling for adults.

Online/ Live Career counselling – Day by day trend online career counselling is increasing, so Mr Jain provides online counselling as well. if you are looking for a career counsellor near me OR career guidance near me so your search ends here. Our world-class technology is a distinguishing factor. We provide online career guidance or online career counselling through our Full HD quality video and studio-quality sound

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