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Government Job Interview



We spend our childhood and teenage years in the race to settle in life. To achieve this, you need a Job, but Pragya Institute of Personality development strongly believes in the concept of providing BEST JOB to the candidates rather than just a job. So, we just don't prepare you for a regular job but for the best suitable job according to your profile and help you to improve your profile. 

Instead of work skills, you must have job interview skills to get the best job. You must have seen people with good knowledge are discarded and people with good job interview skills are selected and that too with higher salary packages as well.


Few Common Mistake people do in the Job interview you should avoid to grab it
1. When interviewer ask, do have any question – Response on this question can decide in or out
2. How much salary do you expect– As per industry norms – most pathetic answer
3. Why we should hire you – Never give an answer from textbook – reply from within
4. Tell me about yourself – Parroting is not going to work


Basic Employability Skills- Before appearing for a job interview one must review himself on following parameters:
1. Skills for work: Interviewers test you on whether you are capable to perform desired work or not.
2. Job skills: Interviewers test you on, whether you possess overall skills related to working or not. Overall mean soft skill and hard skill both.
3. Career skills: Interviewer test you on, looking at future perspective, whether you are a suitable candidate or not.
4. Skills needed for a job: One must have a deep understanding of job description and skills possessed.
5. Key skills for the job: Understanding of key skill to perform that job and side skill to perform that job. Placement of your answers according to the key skills.
6. Employability skills for students: Different skills are expected from a fresher and experienced .
7. Communication skill: How you present your thoughts that plays a crucial role.


How to prepare a Effective CV or things you need to follow at the of resume preparation :-
1. Information provided by must be true
2. Prepare a smart CV – Alter your CV according to Job description
3. Writing a good resume include command on language
4. Resume must a have a professional look

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