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Excellence in Communication


When it comes to Personality Development, one skill that comes at the top is “Effective Communication”. As per the need of time, Pragya Institute of Personality Development has come up with the new and unique definition of effective communication like; "Influential way of communicating your thoughts and listening to others idea." 


We can make a “Bible” encyclopedia/Gita on this topic. However, here are some of the essential needs of communication skills:

The foundation of a relationship.

The fundamental requirement of life.

Growth, progress, and success entirely depend upon communication skill.

Most required to become an influential personality. 

Excellent communication skills can make you great.

The world only looks at your presentation, not the intention.

 Communication work for those who work at on it. There is no shortcut.
 Perfect practice makes a man perfect.

Now the question is, how to improve communication skills?

 Is reading books or watching videos enough?
These are the excellent platforms for providing great information, but the information is not enough, one must practise them and become pro. If you want to achieve Mastery in Communication, then go for Practical Communication skills training at Pragya Personality Development.

Our comprehensive Curriculum itself speaks about Why to choose Pragya Institute of Personality Development and why Pragya Institute is the best centre for Effective Communication skill training.

Who can join? 

A Jobseeker, Businessman, Kids, Entrepreneur, Student, Professional, Political Leader, Public Officials, Working Women, House Maker.

Mean irrespective of age and occupation; anyone can join. Whether you are a student, professional, jobseeker, businessman, kid, political leader, public official, homemaker, working woman etc. irrespective of age and occupation can join PRAGYA.

Pragya Institute of Personality Development has different communication courses according to the types of communication needed to an individual-
 For Business Communication Skills or Professional Communication Skills- We have business communication skill course-Pragya institute is the best place for business communication training or business communication skill training.
 For Social Leaders and Business Leaders- We have leadership communication course-Pragya institute is the best place for leadership communication training.

Our Communication skill course includes: 

1. One to one communication or interpersonal communications
2. Excellent interpersonal skills to strong interpersonal skills
3. Active listening
4. Observation skills
5. Art of negotiation
6. Perception management 
7. Strong and powerful body language 
8. There is a list of verbal communication we work on various type of verbal communication.
9. Ways to overcome communication barriers 
10. How to keep the communication going
11. How to interact with strangers and the opposite sex
12. Empathy
13. Group discussion
14. Debate
15. Public Speaking
16. Presentation skill
17. Ways to create compelling content for your presentation
18. Storytelling
19. Phone etiquette 
20. Social etiquette
21. Email writing skills
22. Dress sense 
23. How to give feedback
24. How to receive feedback
25. Ways to say yes and no
26. Emotional balance 
27. English communication course


● Does Pragya Institute run online communication classes? 

   Answer is yes
● Does Pragya Institute run online communication courses? 

   Answer is yes
● Does Pragya Institute provide communication skills training online? 

   Answer is yes
● Do you work on both communication and interpersonal skills? 

   Answer is yes
● Do you provide interpersonal skills training? 

   Answer is yes

Our programs are entirely activity-based and with 100% practical approach. / 100% activity-based programs with a practical approach.
 In our communication classes, we provide a world-class environment/ World-class training environment in the classroom.
 Small batches provide an opportunity for one to one interaction and come on stage and speak daily.
 Our world record holder and renowned personality development trainer-
Mr. Saurabh Jain

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