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  • Do you have some dreams but do not know how to start? Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. - Farrah Gray.
  • Do you have an innovative idea but unable to start?
  • Have you started working on your dreams and ideas but unable to mark significant progress?
  • Do you Want to own your own start-up but not getting right and concrete guidance?
  • Do you need a mentor who can guide you and provide handholding?
  • Do you need an expert coach, who can bridge the skill gap?


 It’s just not about earning more money, it is more about getting the judicious outcome of your skill and efforts. 
●  Jobseeker to job creator.
●  Chasing someone else dream to chasing your own dreams.
●  Life with full of adventure and uncertainty.
●  Learn, earn and return.


There is a difference between a businessman, Professional and entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has its own flavour, and for entrepreneurship lovers, this is the best flavour.

For Becoming an Entrepreneur – One must Possess the Following Qualities


1. Away from “I Know Everything SYNDROME” – Very strong learning attitude 

2. Risk-taking ability – Ready to live life with uncertainty 

3. Ready to fail, learn from failure and grow

4. Passion toward his ambition

5. Just not a good planner but the master in execution

6. A person with a solution-focused mindset

7. Strong and rapid decision making

8.Optimal utilization of resources

9. Continuous review mechanism 

10. Able to create a scalable business model

11. Create a win-win business model

12. Mastery in business mindset

13. Believe in giving and follow the law of value

14. Understanding of sales and marketing strategy in the VUCA world

15. Great understanding of the return of investment

 16. Excellence in financial management 

17. Follow excellence

18. Curiosity

19. Innovation and entrepreneurship supplementary to each other

20. Adaptability

21. Predict future

22. Convert Adversities into opportunities

23. BCG Matrix

24. Patience

25. Believe in himself 

26. Communication skills

27. Entrepreneurial leadership

28. Hiring process and employee retention 

29. Employee training – Uniform method

30. Developing work culture – Ability to develop intrapreneurship


For being an Entrepreneur/ Business Entrepreneur/ Corporate Entrepreneur and other types of Entrepreneur above mentioned Entrepreneurial skills are mandatory.

Different types of additional Entrepreneurial Skills are required according to the Dream, Size, and Nature of the Business because they are different for Types of Entrepreneurship.


- Does digital Entrepreneur also require following quality?
  Yes, for the long run otherwise people keep coming and going.


- Who is the best Entrepreneur?
  Defining this is a really difficult task, everyone who chooses to be an Entrepreneur in Bharat is best because he is in the club of less     than 1% but yes person who is driven by values and has long term vision is to be considered as the best Entrepreneur.


- Does Pragya Institute of personality development provide an Entrepreneur course in Hindi?
  If we say Yes, that would be wrong at our part but yes, it is bilingual, and language is so easy that everyone can understand.


- Does Pragya Institute provide an online course for an Entrepreneur?
  Yes, we do


                         WHY CHOOSE US 


1. Pragya Institute of Personality Development - “Kingdom of Wisdom” “Excellence Ki Paathshala” has the best and 100% practical curriculum, world-renowned faculty, world-class infrastructure and our unique training methodology. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur must join our elite course specially designed for the entrepreneur.


2. Course Design - The course is designed after deep research about most successful entrepreneurs in the world, top entrepreneur and famous entrepreneurs. Our honourable Director Mr Saurabh Jain has put his personal efforts along with the experienced team to design this elite course for the elite people. All topics mentioned above and beyond are covered in our Entrepreneurship programme. 


3. Deep Understanding Pragya Institute of Personality Development provides Grass root level understanding of entrepreneurship. 

4. Focus on ImplementationOur course is just not about sharing information, it is more about work upon implementable strategy and how to implement them and grow further.


5. Our Moto -  and finally create legends. This is not possible without creating entrepreneurs so Pragya Institute of Personality Development has its unique training module “Entrepreneurship Development” this is our flagship course.

6. Local, Vocal and Global This dream of each Bhartiya can’t be fulfilled without an entrepreneurial mindset. 


7.  Small Group One to one focus on each individual according to the need and requirement.

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