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Job Interview Preparation



We spend our childhood and teenage years in the race to settle in life. To achieve this, you need a Job, but Pragya Institute of Personality development strongly believes in the concept of providing BEST JOB to the candidates rather than just a job. So, we just don't prepare you for a regular job but for the best suitable job according to your profile and help you to improve your profile. 

Instead of work skills, you must have job interview skills to get the best job. You must have seen people with good knowledge are discarded and people with good job interview skills are selected and that too with higher salary packages as well.


Few Common Mistake people do in the Job interview you should avoid grabbing it

1. When interviewer asks, do have any question – Response on this question can decide in or out
2. How much salary do you expect– As per industry norms – most pathetic answer
3. Why we should hire you – Never give an answer from a textbook – reply from within
4. Tell me about yourself – Parroting is not going to work

Before Appearing for a Job Interview One Must Review Himself on Following Parameters:

1. Communication skill: How you present your thoughts that play a crucial role.

2. Skills for JOB: Interviewers test you on whether you are capable to perform desired work or not.

3. Career skills: Interviewer test you on, looking at future perspective, whether you are a suitable candidate or not.

4. Skills needed for a job: One must have a deep understanding of the job description and skills possessed.

5. Job skills: Interviewers test you on, whether you possess overall skills related to working or not. Overall mean soft skill and hard skill both.

6. Key skills for the job: Understanding of core skills to perform that job and complementary skills to perform that job. Plac your answers according to the core skills and use complementary skill to get extra mileage 

7. Employability skills for students: Different skills are expected from a fresher and experienced.

How to prepare an Effective CV or things you need to follow at the of resume preparation:-

1. Information provided by must be true
2. Prepare a smart CV – Alter your CV according to the Job description
3. Writing a good resume include command of the language
4. Resume must have a professional look

Do you want to learn?

1. How to answer Problem Solving interview question?
2. How to answer Analytical skill interview questions?
3. How to answer Analytical interview questions?
4. How to answer Teamwork interview questions?
5. How to answer Communication skill interview questions?
6. How to answer Time management interview questions and answers?
7. How to answer Soft skill interview questions?
8. How to answer Attitude interview questions?
9. How to answer Ethics and Integrity interview questions?
10. How to answer Knowledge interview questions?
11. How to answer Emotional intelligence interview questions?
12. How to answer Leadership interview questions?
13. How to answer Decision making interview questions?
14. How to answer Critical thinking interview questions?
15. How to answer Innovative thinking related interview questions?
16. How to answer Tricky interview questions?
17. How to answer Future goal-related interview questions?
18. How to answer Multitasking interview questions?
19. How to answer Courage based interview questions?
20. How to answer Confidence based interview questions?
21. How to answer Case study-based interview questions?
22. How to answer Behavioural interview question
23. How to answer Opinion seeking interview question
24. How to answer Controversial interview question
25. How to answer Non-sense interview question
26. How to answer the credential verification interview question
27. How to answer experience verification interview question

Employability skills:  "Do What is Right not What is easy"


1. A New Perspective which will help you Crack any Interview - 

  • Deep understanding of what is an interview 
  • The purpose of the interview
  • Types of interviews that exist
  • Who gets hired?
  • How to perform a thorough research of the organization


2. What goes in the Minds of an Interviewer - 

  • Psychology of interviewer
  • Psychology of interviewee 
  • Red-flags of the candidate which result in his on the spot rejection
  • What does the interviewer look for?
  • Deep understanding of “Candidate Evaluation Criteria” or Who get employed
  • What are the Interviewer's expectations and how to satisfy these expectations? (with ways to prove that you are the right candidate for this position)
  • Psychological bias and filters of the interviewer can leave the strongest impression on the interviewer 


3. CV and Resume Makeover - 

  • Difference between CV and Resume
  • What is a cover letter, Is it really important & How to write it
  • Know how to create a smart CV
  • 15 Most proven tips for writing a CV 
  • Free online tool for creating an appealing CV - Canva
  • World-wide accepted methods of writing covering letter, emails, and career objective


4. Interview Étiquettes - 

  • How to greet the interviewer
  • How to present yourself
  • What is the best body language that you must adopt
  • How to stay confident 
  • How to turn your nervousness into an advantage
  • How to use the right words
  • How to shake hands
  • How to sit
  • How to move
  • Where to look
  • Sub Communications - taking value vs offering value
  • 10 handy tips of interview attire to achieve success in any interview- Be so great they can’t ignore you- Steve Martin


5. Some effective strategies to be remembered during an Interview -

  • How to answer general questions like “Tell me more about yourself”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses”, “How did you handle any one of your major failures”, “Why should we hire you”, etc.
  • How to deal with difficult questions
  • How to prepare for questions you might not anticipate
  • How to handle salary questions and basics of negotiation
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • The best way to answer common interview questions
  • How to increase mental ability to spot wrong or illegal question 
  • 7 Ways that will convert your weakness into your strengths - like the law of compensation
  • 27 magical tips for answering 27 types of interview queries
  • How to develop good references


6. How to Leave an Interview -

  • How to close an interview and leave a good impression on the interviewer
  • How to maximize your chances of selection by using simple tricks at the end of the interview


7. How to face different Interview rounds - 

  • Group Discussion
  • What is a group discussion?
  • Type of group discussion based on the topic
  • Understanding the objective of group discussion - Assessment of team-work ability, Communication Skills, Reasoning ability, Leadership skills, Initiative, Assertiveness, Flexibility, Creativity, Ability to put yourself in other’s shoes (empathy), problem-solving ability, decision-making ability, attitude, etc. 
  • Different approaches in different types of group discussions 
  • 5 Most common mistakes in group discussion
  • 5 The remarkable technique to win group discussion
  • 7 ways to use to play with the psychology of organizer and participants  
  • Various smart tactics to face telephonic and video conferencing rounds. 
  • 5 Highly effective strategies for various interview rounds
  • Presentation skills that one must possess while giving an interview


8. Advanced  Interview Tips & Techniques that no one will ever teach you -

  • 15 World proven tips to influence anyone – Understanding dynamics around the table including listening and structuring your conversation 
  • 7 Key things to remember before the interview
  • 11 KEY things to remember during the interview
  • 10 Blunders in the job interview
  • The famous technique of  “Driving the interview according to your forte”  
  • Simple but most effective recommendations on how to leave an interview that increases possibilities of success
  • NLP hacks of cracking an interview


9. Follow-up post the interview

10. Solving different Case Studies


 Activity and exercise:-

  • Mock interviews - Practice, practice, and practice 
  • Complete Work Book
  • Worksheets to create smart and effective CV
  • 7 Games to enhance employability skills like situation analysis and gaining confidence 
  • 5 Case studies and case studies presentation 
  • Role plays to understand cause and effect strategy 
  • Classroom training
  • Panel discussion


 Learning Out Come:-

If we take the majority of Bharat's population (which is the middle class), we see that most students spend almost 20+ years of their life “getting a basic degree”. These students invest millions of rupees in this education system, however, most of them don't get high paying jobs. Statistics show that they are paid peanuts and they face the problem of underemployment. It's not so that we don't have high paying jobs - the truth is that most of the students don't have the soft skill (or employability skill) to crack these high paying positions. The fact that most students don't know is - The employer who is taking the interview is not looking for some crammed answers - he knows that you having a degree means you do have the knowledge about your subject. The interviewer’s objective for taking the interview is to assess your ability to work in a team, to check whether you are a cultural fit for the company, to see your communication skills, leadership skills, your ability to put yourself in other’s shoes, problem-solving ability, attitude, etc. If you want to get the best result of your education and your experience, then you must work rigorously on your employability skills. Because it is not a matter of just getting a job - it is the matter of getting the best job according to your candidature. After this module, you will become an expert in cracking any level of job interview according to your profile. This module will equip you with the A to Z of employability skills. Ultimately,  you will become so competent that you will be able to drive your interview according to your strengths or forte.



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