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After Birth What is most Precious? That is "Life" 

With the beginning of life countdown starts but before there is alarm “Time Up” “Wake Up”.

As per Jainism Human life is most precious life in fact more precious than Devi and Devtas because there are many things which humans can not do even Devis and Devtas.

We do not get this human life that easily after a long travel in 84 lacks different yoni’s we get it and once we miss the best utilization of it. Again, we have to travel a long time, so this is the right time to learn the best ways to live life and spread this awareness in society so along with others by learning life skills you also can make your life better.

Few small troubles of life completely break the people.

That's a clear indication - People don’t know how to live life?


1. Cases of depression are increasing day by day and at the same time our nation Bharat is at the highest risk.

2. Relationships are becoming bitter and bitter.  

3. Impaired education system damaged emotional intelligence like anything. 

4. Impaired lifestyle putted health at big risk.

5. Discipline, Ethics, integrity, humanity, spirituality and moral values have deteriorated in a big way in the recent past.

6. People has become pleasure lover and life is going away from true happiness. 

7. Focus approach is diminished – Now attention span is hardly 2-3 seconds people do not know how to achieve mastery in engaging the brain.

8. Busy in collecting information about rest of the world but hardly know about their own passion and skill while Know yourself is beginning of all wisdom
    In this cutthroat competitive world keep oneself motivated and live life with positive attitude is a big task.

9. Biggest mistake people commit in their they try to control – uncontrollable but we need to learn art of controlling controllable. 

10. In the era of negativity, while negativity is spreading like anything keeping yourself-positive is tough task.

11. Goals are turbid and turbulence in life may crash aircraft of your life before it crashes.

Final words life skills define true purpose to your precious human life.

Before becoming life coach one need to learn regulate his own life. 

Along with all this an influential speaker, inspirational and engaging speaker.


This is an extraordinary career option but at the same time if by learning all this personal help is the biggest Achievement. 


Narendra Nagar: He is gem, never meet such a wonderful person. Business coach, motivational speaker, spiritual guru. All words short infront of his personality. University of Wisdom.

Himanshu Gothwal: Extraordinary session conducted by sir with practical implications of knowledge and experience in professional and personal life.



- No prior knowledge required but wish to develop a strong character is a primary requirement 
- No problem if not a fluent communicator but strong learning desire is required
- No issue how bad or good your past was but critically important is where you want reach

Whatever Belief you may have tightened your seat belt to respect others belief too.

Some or the other way almost everyone passes through some mental trauma and if in this condition you can make yours and others life better that’s going to be the biggest blessing for you. 

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