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Everyone knows about that one skill !
Everybody Talk about that one skill !
Each one knows about the importance of that skill !
This skill is Relationship Building but rarely people apply this in life. 

 In the current scenario, everyone is running behind materialistic on the cost of Relationship but is this the right way? 

1. Growth in the business completely depends upon – Your relationship-building skill
2. Team performance completely depends upon – Your relationship-building skill
3. Growth in life completely depends upon – Your relationship-building skill 
4. The relationship gives purpose to life 
5. Research has proved people has a better relationship in life live a stress-free life, live a long life, faster healing 
6. Your skill of building relation defines that you are human not machine.


A Relationship is merely not a word, it is life.

The Relationship has a very deep meaning – Relationship not only means human to human relationships but also the relation with the universe. 


The uppermost need of each one, One skill no school tech about this. Looking at need and Importance “Pragya Institute of Personality Development” known as “The Kingdom of Wisdom” took that initiative and built a comprehensive course for building a Strong Relationship. Pragya Institute of Personality Development committed to creating a happy world.


Pragya Institute of Personality Development strongly believes in Relationship Building. Building a relationship is one of our core values so we know it better. Pragya Institute of Personality Development is a pioneer in building a comprehensive course for healthy Relationship Building. World first and unique course on Relationship Building.

1. Deep dive into the understanding of the Relationship
2. Understanding of attraction and repulsion
3. Ways to increase acceptance 
4. Deep Listening 
5. Perception Management 
6. Deep caring
7. Honest appreciation
8. Acknowledgement 
9. Equality
10. Develop trust and transparency
11. Key to the Relationship – empathy
12. Gratitude
13. Happiness is the key
14. Communication skill
15. Art of giving and receiving feedback
16. Emotional Intelligence – Ego, Anger, and the law of forgiveness
17. Use of magical words
18. Ways of expressing Love 
19. How to manage bitter relations and make them better

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