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Many studies and research have proven this negative or bad relation at the workplace, society and family is 
The biggest reason for stress
The biggest reason anxiety 
The biggest reason for depression 
The biggest reason for multiple physical diseases – Heart attack etc. 
The biggest reason for the different type of addiction including drug addiction
The biggest reason – life becomes meaningless
Many times, people commit suicide 
People in good work culture perform better in family, society, and workplace. Perform means their performance is better in each aspect.
We are living in an era where the standard of living has increased but the standard of life has decreased. The
Relationship has impacted the most. 
Cases of divorce are increasing day by day. 
Cases of break ups increase day by day. 

Relationships between kids and parents are getting bitter day by day. 
Teacher and student, employer, and employee almost in every
Relationship there is a huge distance because of this many times people rather than taking the right step they take the wrong step.


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Why we strongly recommend relationship counsellor
Relationship counsellor has an unbiased approach
Relationship counsellor has wide experience of resolving such issues or Relationship counsellor is an expert of this domain.
Relationship counsellor has a deep understanding of resolving such issues
Relationship counsellor is a new and expert professional, so he does not have any preconceived notion 
Relationship counsellor listen to you carefully and completely
Relationship counsellor give equal opportunity to everyone to share their point of view
Relationship counsellor maintains a high level of privacy so one can feel free to share all his thoughts without any hesitation because hiding your problem with the doctor does not help. 
Relationship counsellor provides an environment where one can feel like self-talk


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