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English Communication


  • I could respond to this inquiry, yet my English is poor.
  • I feel mediocre or low certain once I visit my child's school since I'm bad at English.

  • English has become a boundary in my professional development and advancement.

  • Fear of visiting outside nations, where the maternal language is English.

  • In conference/deals gatherings my greatest dread is English.

  • English talking has become the preeminent required and fundamental aptitudes in each field and part of life.

  • English assumes an imperative job in everybody's life these days.

  • There is an extraordinary utility of English during this time.

  • You can't disregard it. it's the preeminent worthy business and correspondence language everywhere throughout the Planet.

  • It fills in as a connection language inside the nation to an alternate nation.

  • English enhances your character.

Who needs English communication? 

  • I have knowledge but am unable to precise my thoughts in English.

  • I am scared of an employment interview simply because of English.

  • I feel inferior amongst peers simply because my English isn't fluent.

  • I can understand but unable to talk.

The reason may shift yet nearly everybody required a legit order over the English Language.

  • Student        :-  Many higher studies available in English only.

  • Businessman :-  Fluent English adds an impression to your personality.

  • Housewife     :- Fluent English adds an impression to your character.

  • Entrepreneur :- It opens an ocean of opportunities in domestic as well as international careers and jobs. 

The purpose may vary but almost everyone required an honest command over the English Language.

Working ladies:-  It preps and adds certainty to the visual correspondence.

Professional:-  Many places in life communicated in English isn't need, English is a need.

Government officer:-  It opens an ocean of opportunities in domestic as well as international careers and job.


100% Practical Approach:- Not only our course is best but also, we run the best-spoken English classes because our approach is 100% practical. Yes, we help in English grammar in a big way but focus more on effective English communication skills than simply mugging up grammatical rules. Our English communication curriculum makes us the best institute for an English-Speaking Course in Jaipur.

Our unique Methodology - you must have encounter thousands of individuals, studied from English medium schools but still not fluent in English. Our research team has identified reasons and created a unique spoken English training model. Pragya Institute’s unique training model is that effective, even people from Hindi medium or rural background can speak English Fluently.

We Provide a Training Environment:- We don't believe the classroom environment; we strongly believe in the training environment. Here at the Pragya Institute of personality development we completely believe in a participative approach. We help people through numerous activities and games.

Our Trainer:- Pragya Institute of Personality Development provides the best English-speaking course in Jaipur because our Honorable Director Mr. Saurabh Jain has put extreme efforts into course design. Mr. Saurabh Jain may be a Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Motivational strategist so He doesn't accept anything less than the best.

Mr. Saurabh Jain is a World Record Holder for the Longest Nonstop Speech on Personality Development
Mr. Saurabh Jain is a Global Career Counselor from the University of California L.A.
The best part is Mr. Saurabh Jain belongs to a rural area, he has studied in Hindi medium school, He has studied in the Government Schools but today he has World-Class command over the language. He understands your Pain and Concern.

For all his achievements Saurabh Jain has been awarded as “University of Wisdom”


We've designed an awfully comprehensive course in English conversation. Best English-Speaking Course. Cover each smallest which is said to English speaking.

  1. Basic Course of Spoken English
  2. Intermediate Course of Spoken English
  3. Advanced Course of Spoken English
  4. Professionally Advance Course of English Communication

Provide Most updated Knowledge:- Pragya Institute of Personality Development best English-speaking institute in Jaipur or English-speaking coaching in Jaipur or best English spoken institute in Jaipur because we provide the most updated knowledge as per the scenario.

Small Batch Size:- Number One or Top English-Speaking classes of Jaipur because we take very a smaller number of participants in one batch and people who are passionate to attain command over the English Language.

Association:- Rajasthan’s first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD skill university thus Pragya Institute of Personality Development is the Best English-speaking Classes, Jaipur or best English-Speaking Institute in Jaipur.

Work at Micro-Level:- Pragya Institute of Personality development best-Spoken Classes in Jaipur or best spoken English Institute in Jaipur or best Spoken coaching in Jaipur because we give very strong emphasis on Pronunciation and ascent because we believe it’s just not a matter of fluency it’s much beyond.

World-Class Infrastructure: – Finest training centre equipped with world-class infrastructure. All the facilities required for a complete training centre are available at Pragya Institute of Personality Development. it's just beyond your imagination, here also we worked at the micro-level.

Hand Holding To the Weak Participant :– Our director Saurabh Jain is world-renowned motivational speaker, so he knows well the way to boost confidence and provide hand holding to the weak participant.

Customized Course Design :– We've customized course design according to the level of participants.

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