15 Days




For this most memorable time, every student has to wait for more than 10 months. 
Do you know what it is? Yes, you are right, we are talking about
Summer Vacations “A happy and relax feeling”

In this era when students are overburdened with studies, it is tough to spare time for their overall grooming. While it is noticeably clear in the 21st century, if anyone wants to achieve a milestone in their life then one has to develop himself as an overall personality because after a certain time degree and mark sheets are just pieces of paper. These pieces of paper will not help you much. Only your learnings will help you because in the books most of the things are away from practical life.
Nowadays, in every city and every street people organize summer camps on various subjects.


But question is that How to Choose Camp and Subject for Learning?

Hobby:- One must spend time on his/her hobby because it fulfills the meaning of life and keeps you happy and energetic.

Career Objective:- If you clear about your career objective join some practical courses which enhance your practical knowledge.

Essential Skills:- Few skills are fundamental skills, whatever you do or wherever you go, these basics skills one must possess them. You must be thinking what these skills are? So don't worry just scroll down you will get the answer of it.

Why Pragya Institute of Personality Development?

Pragya Institute of Personality Development – Bharat’s first and best personality and life skill management institute known as “Kingdom of Wisdom” and “Excellence ki Paathshala” has initiated its premium Programme “Summer Camp” We have designed our summer camp curriculum in a way, where one can learn about 15 new topics every day. Knowledge of these 15 topics is extremely crucial for everyone in life.

1. Convenience:– Yes, convenience matters a lot, if you find a summer camp, which is suitable for your need and that is close to your place, one can join that one.

2. Quality of summer camp:- If summer camp near you does not match the quality standards in terms of both faculty and infrastructure – one must not join that one.

3. Suitable to your requirement:– As discussed above summer camp selection must be on three paraments. Does this summer camp serve the purpose? one must take some pain and must join the summer camp – which adds value to your life because every single minute and penny is precious.

4. Must not join just for the sake of joining:- Choose a subject in which you can learn something in 10 to 15 days otherwise again wastage of time and money. In a few courses, one can be happy by stating that I have learned this but in 10 to 15 days in a few courses, one can’t learn even scratch. The objective must not be just joining; one must be truly clear about what and why.

5. Number of participants in a batch:- Some places it is a huge crowd, where faculty is unable to give appropriate attention to each participant.


Our honourable Director Mr. Saurabh Jain himself takes all the sessions, not a single session taken by anyone else. Mr. Saurabh Jain -16+ years experienced soft skill trainer and world record holder for the longest nonstop speech on personality development.  

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