1 Year
Sat and Sun only
3 Hrs/ Day

COURSE FEE : 19,999



Do not change your objective, change the way you approach your objective.

Most common reasons are lack of skill, confidence, and guidance. 

Yes, off course everybody wants to learn and grow but nowadays during weekdays, everybody has a very tight schedule, sparing time for learning is quite difficult. To serve people those cannot spare time during weekdays. Pragya Institute of Personality Development has initiated the weekend learning Programme.

Weekend Programme is our most refined Programme of very selected topics. As such, each topic is very crucial but in the weekend programme, we selected best out of best. 

We understand after a tight week, during the weekend you want to rest, outing, time with family but have you forgotten when you will give time to yourself. By our weekend course, we provide an opportunity for you. Spend time with yourself and for yourself. We strongly believe out of everything you do you must enjoy your own company. Here we help you to know yourself better. It is unlike the classroom course. Here you enjoy our training methodology.
This is our guarantee, you will have the best experience of your life, and this programme will transform your thoughts, habits, and destiny.

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