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Guest lecturers at a college are usually up-and-comers, experts or well-known in their field. ... Beyond professional practices, your school might invite a guest speaker to give advice on ... Although the students do not get the opportunity to hear them speak in person, they still benefit from the interaction. inviting guest lecturers to your classroom has benefits for your students, the guest ... None of us is an expert on everything, so bringing in speakers with proven expertise in a topic provides added credibility to our life. Mr Saurabh Jain will teach an Absolute Beginner class, where no experience is necessary! The main role for the guest faculty will be to teach courses, and the compensation is based on the number of lecture hours.

In Pragya institute of personality and development Mr. Saurabh Jain is a great motivational speaker having plus 15 years of experience in many field like motivational speaker, skill development courses and many more you can also invite him as a guest faculty as Beginner Guest Faculty, Intermediate Guest Faculty and Advanced Guest Faculty in your college or school and help your students in better understand.


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