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Junior Practical Business Administration


When you talk about top business tycoons and read their success stories – How you feel? Really incredible
When you hear about their net worth- How you feel? 
Everybody wants to become like them but only few can achieve that.

Do you know what is the Biggest Reason?

Lack of Business Acumen.

These guys has a great sense of business acumen.This is even more interesting!
If you talk to the people-Those are in job – A most common thing you will find in most of the people “They want to start their business”
but Most people join the job for few years only with a dream that in a few years they will start their own venture, but they spend life their but unable to fulfill their dream.

Even people join Programme like MBA to get a good Job for few it is okay but this % is exponentially high.

If you wish to see your kids signing big business deals, acquisition, and merger – so cultivate business mindset from now onwards because business is the game of mindset.

Why we have come with this Junior Business Management Programme?


 B-Schools (Business Schools) are more focused on placement rather building excellence or B schools are behaving like placement agencies. We are least or no focus on placement. This course is completely designed for ownership mindset.

We have specially designed our Practical Business Administration course for Kids. Those really wish to become an Entrepreneur and wish to develop high level of business acumen and entrepreneurship skill.

If you want, you kid to become business tycoon then do not delay. Do not wait for completing their degrees. Since there teenage let them think like an entrepreneur, let them understand power of professionalism. Let them bleed like industrialist.

This course is extract of MBA. You must agree with statement - most of our education is based on theory. Hardly 2 to 5 % of our degrees, we use in the real-life scenario looking at the problem we have come out with the solution. We have extracted all the practical aspect of MBA – Modified them and made them more practical, update them according to need of 21st century  and added many Pragya Institute special spices and finally prepared a recipe of Practical Business Administration course. 

Know about chef of this recipe - Chef of this course is World Record Holder, 16+ years professional, World renowned business coach, An extraordinary sales trainer, An expert entrepreneurship coach, Motivational strategist, Worked for many multinational companies and an MBA from good B school – After deep study about the life of top business tycoons. Business transformation in VUCA WORLD.

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