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1. Proven business model:- It reduces the risk to a great extent. Franchise business is a proven business model for years.

2. Established brand:-Biggest trouble in a business establishing brand value, opportunity to get an established brand.

3. Big market research and updated product:- After strong market research and years of hard work, product and service are developed and this is an ongoing process, time to time keeps getting the most updated products.

6. Provide initial and continuous training:- Training is fundamental of business growth if we look at the non-franchise business model, they hardly go for business training throughout their life but here not-only product is updated but-also you.
7. For BHARAT, best-fit business model:- Looking at the current business scenario franchise business model is the best fit model because this is a cost-effective business model. Yes, you have to pay a certain amount to franchise owner and royalty as well but still, this is the most cost-effective model and it reduces operating cost as well. Few people may think why to pay franchise owner but if you go and develop all these things your own it’s a huge time consuming and costly affair.
8. Local Vocal and Global:- We strongly believe and promote if a world-class quality product/ service is available and it is "MAKE IN INDIA" we must go for it. Franchise in India, Franchise for India, Franchise by an Indian.
9. Rapid Expansion:- This helps you to expand your business rapidly because multiple things are already well established.
10. Exclusive Marketing support and strategy:- Franchise owner provide tools and techniques, how you can grow your business in the local area.


1. Understanding of profitable business:- In the 21st-century profitable business does not mean the business which has short term business opportunities. The entire world is looking for a Business Model those have a tremendous future business opportunity.
2. The sustainable result:- One must not look at the short-term aspect when it’s come to business, long run and the sustainable result must be the primary focus. This is one area where you can get fruits for long.
3. The best business model for ROI (Return of Investment):- Fastest growing segments offer the fastest return so clearly understand that segment is a growing or not.
4. Understand the local market and needs:- Every product/ service may not be fit for all markets, first, understand your local market and it's needed and choose the best fit.
5. Increased skill gap:- This industry will provide a sustainable result because of two major reasons.
A. In the past few years, our education system failed to create real stuff. We could produce freshers not professionals.
B. Soft skill training is going to a mandatory part of each curriculum in the coming years in many courses it is already incorporated.

6. Help to grow self, society, and nation:- Soft skill training is a Nobel profession. Being part of such Nobel profession is the biggest blessing, here you get an opportunity to touch the lives of people. A step toward creating "Happy Bharat"

As per CAGR report 2019. The soft skill industry size is USD 15.1 Billion and by the end of 2027, this will touch USD 38 Billion. This showcase that huge business opportunity in this field. CAGR report also mentioned that the Asia Pacific has a huge business opportunity in soft skill training. At the same time, India is going to be a huge market for the same. The reason is if we go for Make in India we need skilled people and if offer companies from outside they will require skilled people or training for them so by any all the ways and means this industry is going to flourish.



1. Corporate Training:- In another survey, this has been clearly stated that big companies provide consecutive training to their employees even small companies do provide at the time of induction.
2. Academic & Education:– Among Parents and kids’ awareness is increasing day by day toward personality development classes, now to a big extent they understood, only books information is not going to help their kids for overall growth so parents and kids are looking exclusive personality grooming classes that can bridge the gap between the classroom and corporate world.
3. Government:- Under the project named "Skill India" government has taken so many initiatives, yes, they are more toward technical skills, but very soon soft skill training is also going to be part of the same.

Big Franchise Opportunity/ Business opportunity do not miss it.
Strong vision
Value system

Take care of all above points then Education Franchise is best franchise business in terms of both small business franchise to big business franchise.

Why Us?

If you are looking for franchise opportunity your search ends here.


Pragya Institute of Personality Development works with its clients in such a way as to modify their concepts, ideas, and imagination about themselves. Pragya Institute of Personality Development does not only provide you with a way of transforming yourself but also provides you with Secret ways to the pathway of success by following excellence in life. That is the reason people called Pragya Institute as “EXCELLENCE KI PAATHSHALA”.





1. The initiator of A to Z of personality development:- Comprehensive course design - We have designed a course of 150+ Major and 200+ Minor topics - touched almost every aspect of life. Learning of thousands of books, training, life learning included in the curriculum and this is not the end of the story, every month there is an updated version of the existing course.
2. Man behind the product:- Course is created by a person, who has the world record in his name for delivering the longest nonstop speech on personality development, known as “The UNIVERSITY of WISDOM” Mr Saurabh Jain.
3. World-Class training module:- Course include almost 10,000/- highly competent and most attractive slides.




Association:- Rajasthan's first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by RAJASTHAN ILD SKILL UNIVERSITY.
Relationship:- We involve participants in a way they become part of "Pragya Family" and say "HUM HAIN PRAGYA WALE"
Awards:- Holding more than 150 awards.
Certificate:– An ISO certified institute.


                                           What is there for a franchise owner?
1. Rights:- Rights to use our complete curriculum along with our A+ class PowerPoint presentation.
2. KAIZEN:- Monthly curriculum update with new insight and a more refined approach. Quarterly minimum of 2 days learning and development Programme.
3. Training:- Initial train the trainer or live classes any option or both the option can be adopted. We have online business model as well; one can opt this option as well.
4. Complete guidance:- Continuous guidance, how to make a remarkable impact on your participants
5. Our online training platform for all your students:- We will provide user id and password to each participant, where they can access world-class - training material in form of video, pdf, quiz, psychometric test, case studies along with action plan.
6. High incentive:- Based on performance high incentive will be Offred by us
7. Awards:– Apart from the local award, what you offer to your participant. Pragya Award will be given to best participant based on standards set by us.
8. On the spot support:– Director visit on big occasion according to his availability to address participant.
9. Marketing Support:- 
A. Customized website according to your area.
B. Google business page, Face book page according to current digital marketing need.
C. Strategy formation for the local area.
D. Basic training on digital promotion.

Looking at all above mentioned aspect Pragya Institute of Personality Development best franchise to own.

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