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For its type of uniqueness Pragya Institute of Personality Development title as “Kingdom of Wisdom,” Pragya Institute of personality development works on comprehensive personality enhancement and life skill management brings out the uniqueness of people and transforms people and their lifestyle.


Pragya Institute of Personality Development works with its clients in such a way as to modify their concepts, ideas, and imagination about themselves. Pragya Institute of Personality Development does not only provide you with a way of transforming yourself but also provides you with Secret ways to the pathway of success by following excellence in life. That is the reason people called Pragya Institute as “EXCELLENCE KI PAATHSHALA”



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The initiator of A to Z of personality development

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The course is designed by a world-renowned personality world record holder for the longest nonstop speech on personality development, a global career counselor from the University of California.

Do you want to read books or learn from books and life – more than 1000 books learning included in the curriculum with ways how to implement in your life?

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Pragya Institute of Personality Development

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Pragya Institute of Personality Development was launched as an institute base, where all age groups and irrespective of occupation, people can come and learn to garnish their lifestyle in personal career and professional aspects.


The initiator of personality development day: Personality Development Day - celebrated on the 29th of April is the day celebrated as the remembrance of history made where a World Record of speaking 16 hrs. and 18min. recklessly on the topic of personality development made by a motivational speaker and soft skills trainer Mr. Saurabh Jain. He emphasizes the importance and the need for personality development in the world through his work. Mr. Saurabh Jain initiated a moment to change the lives of millions of Bhartiya and even the world by creating awareness about the need and importance of interpersonal skills. He also believes that rather than working on your outer personality and appearance one should work on its inner personality and soul.

There are thousands of people available on YouTube and Google to teach you more and much more about personality development, however, following them might be harmful to you. Personality development requires so much attention and whole things depend on the present time and the most important thing as well which we call “The Culture”. People from other countries may teach you better but what exact things you need to perform it all depends on the culture you belong to.

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Personality Development Day

Personality Development means building a strong foundation, and everybody knows for a strong building, we need a strong foundation so finally to build Bharat as a strong nation we need to work very hard on personality development at the grass-root level. We as Pragya Institute of Personality Development, India's first and best comprehensive personality development, and life skill management institute. Our motto is We are not just promoting our institute, we have initiated a movement to change the life of millions of Bhartiya by creating awareness about the need and importance of interpersonal skills so we can create a willful and skillful BHARAT. In the series of same, we decided to celebrate 29th April as "PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT DAY."


 We have just begun this revolution "PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT DAY" to create awareness about the importance and need for personality development. The reason is in the 21st century if anyone wants sustainable growth, then it is an illusion without extraordinary soft skill. Somewhere the world is focused on speed rather than direction, while we very strongly believe along with speed, the direction is extremely important; otherwise, we will be fast, but we will reach the wrong destination.


Pragya Institute Of Personality Development in the wise direction of our world-renowned personality, Mr. Saurabh Jain has developed a comprehensive personality development curriculum that is  A to Z personality development and life skill management, we can bring best out of every Bhartiya.


About Saurabh Jain

Who is Saurabh Jain?

Saurabh Jain is a personality who is known as “University of wisdom” Saurabh Jain can transform life in countless ways, here only a few

Who can Join?

Saurabh Jain so Special

1.  Passion toward work and compassion toward life.

2. Character - A person strongly drives his life based on the principles, values, ethics, integrity, morality, and spirituality.

3. Role model - his own life story itself, so inspiring he does not require further examples. No gap between saying and doing.

4. His voice and smile on face - Unmatched

5. Knowledge and Skill - Enormous knowledge about the subject, master in answering audience questions. skill to connect with all age group and people come from a different domain


6. Magic - He is so enthusiastic, energetic, and full of positive vibration that his aura itself creates a positive vibration in the environment, so people listen to him for many hours without getting bored.

7. Wow, factor and Signature style his sense of humor and presence of mind add the wow factor in his speech and training. Equal focus on each one and a major focus on implementation is his signature style.

8. Customized workshops because he believes each person is unique

9. Master in building a connection with the audience 

10. Make life easy as it was never so people called him the man with blessings.



What has Mr. Jain achieved so far?


Work experience he has more than a decade of experience in Pharmaceuticals Sales and more than 16 years of experience as an expert professional. His lifetime achievements make him a man who can give us a great insight into the professional world, hence guide you in the right direction.


Expertise - His expertise lies in driving individuals towards their goals by strategically managing time and learning how to do smart work. His sessions are highly interactive rather than just speaking; he allows the audience to ask their questions and address their concerns. His vast experience, subject knowledge, and humor make his session live.


Past Record - A proven record in Personality Grooming classes and the impressive result of the motivational workshops shows his competency. He has prepared 1000+ candidates on employability skills with almost 100% result.


A feat in IT - Having working experience in the Information and Technology field gives him an in-depth knowledge of the industry, thereby helping participants to improve their productivity.


Event Industry - Conducting events and executing it all with fruitful results is where his forte lies.


His innate quality of handling a large group and speaking fluently in a convincing manner makes him a living example of a confident professional.

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who are mentored by pioneers like Mr. Saurabh Jain.


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