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Vinesh Phogat Golden Girl

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Fear of failure is the most dangerous mindset especially when you suffer from career-threatening injury. Look at the story of Vinesh Phogat who won the gold medal in Asiad 2018, being held at Jakarta now. She lost her father at the age of 10 in not so usual circumstances. She lost in the first round in Rio Olympics in 2016 and suffered the knee injury against Chinese opponent. Wrestling career was not going anywhere! She was written off as a wrestler. What did she do? She never lost the heart. She overcame the grief of the loss of the father. She recovered from knee injury. She defeated the same wrestler from China- Sun Yanan in the first round here in Asiad 2018 How did she do it? Focus, determination, practice practice and practice, positive mindset, visualization of success and that's the key to overcome the fear of failure. Each one of us suffers from fear of failure at one or the other stage of our life. We all can overcome the fear of failure with time-tested techniques. Vinesh did it. We can do it too.

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