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  • Interview with Shabash India Editor

    • 25-Aug-19

    Question 1. You 16 did Cunha inspired speaking world record for more than an hour ?

    Answer 1. This was a self-motivated (self Motiveted) Step | Always wanting to do something new and bigger inspired to make this thinking I World Record |

    Question 2. Who would you like to credit the world record for ?

    Answer:  2. I always believe that the person is most responsible for his success and failure, then always consider myself responsible for every good and bad thing that happens in my life, and I would also like to give credit to myself. But certainly in your success a lot of people have a great role in which the first is my Gurudev Pragya Sagar Ji Muniraj whose inspiration and Bless always encourages me always , the idea of ​​life without Gurudev is also incomplete , my mother who has seen such practices in her life which is difficult to describe, but I have never let any trouble , my maternal grandfather and my wife ,As much faith as I do not have on my abilities, my faith is more than me , She is my motivational speaker  With - with my previous companies where I worked there most prominent A "MSD INDIA" Such Great Company To Work And Extra Ordinary Focus Toward Grooming Of Employees  | All partner institutions , coordinator , sponsor , audience could be successfully organized the program in collaboration with all |

    Question 3. Why did you choose the subject of personality development to build a world record ?

    Answer 3. The name of getting a good job by studying Indian social and education system is the success , in which the country is studying only for jobs, only servants will be born in that country, but the problem is bigger because today too much Why are all Degree people unemployed ? Because he has never worked for the development of his personality apart from studying , in today's time there is a lot of need for personality development along with studies so I chose this subject if you want to succeed in your life without personality is not only possible development | Is considered to be one thing and as Prsonliti Development only for students are a Myth is |Prsonliti development whether it is necessary for everyone he any match and in any Age Group be - Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stop Teaching.

    Question 4. You heard that you had an accident 10 months ago and you got bruised and your doctor refused to give you this speech, but why did you do so ?

    Answer 4. You have heard absolutely right , the day my accident happened, it was a wonderful day of life because of what could be worse than death in life and at that time I saw death too close, now I am not afraid find means of life for me is not to be just alive | For me means only a good life , to new and big and will last breath will keep him until his last breath |

    Question 5. It is important to have energy , mental strength and knowledge to speak more than 16 hours , what have you done for it ?

    Answer 5. There is no shortcut to success in life has been hard for many years behind the success of the day or simply say is on austerity because 16 should eat no more than an hour , drink talk , talk again on any subject - with him do not keep it in mind , be Impressiv your speech is TRULY certainly have plenty of work for all of these things |   

    Q 6. What is the biggest challenge you have to make this program successful ?

    Answer: 6. There is a dance or music show today but many people come in. But it is very difficult to listen to anyone even in 16 hours. My subject was personality development. Unusual weddings from that day onwards , the match of the IPL in Jaipur is 16 hours. It was the biggest challenge to be an audience for more than that, but the entire 16 hours and 18 minutes of auditorium was filled in it, many times people were unable to sit in the hours auditorium. Had Ntjar |

    Question 7. What was the biggest success of this program ?

    Answer 7. As you just asked - overcome the challenge was a huge success | Those who only 1 came for hours were they there 16 hours 18 minutes to listen to , people were kept buying tickets to his IPL still did not watch the match , were not very many people at weddings , I mean to say people's Speech much like the iPhone , people say we were going to change my life heard a lot of speeches, but our life | This can be estimated from the point that at night 12:40  at the end of my speech, there were 250-300 audiences in the auditorium., Followed by the program almost dawn 3 are associated with all long lasted pm |

    Question 8. How did you make a world record or now you have become a celebrity how are you feeling ?

    Answer 8. If you have two questions, the answers of both are different , yes it is a pleasant feeling but I can not even make the world record, I have no regrets because in life I always agree one thing , the results are not always in your hand but I'm glad I have my Best efforts entered and found the same results I accordingly | Just to the right direction and right purpose should continue its efforts | Your second question is becoming a celebrity - I consider myself even to celebrities before because my celebrity definition to be different |The definition of my celebrity - which comes to celebrate the moment of my life, celebrity and she comes from me well and now people also learn how to become celebrity - not just name , money etc. celebrity is , I have a lot of people come who have big names , who have lots of money but they do not want to celebrate his life , I Seleb them Iti not believe - which came life art of living that is Celebrity |

    Q 9. What do you want to do next ?

    Answer 9. The answer to this question is reflected clearly in the vision of our Institute - Learning Institute of Prsonliti Development | "This is not just an INSTITUTE, WE HAVE ININATED A MOVEMENT TO CHANGE LIFE OF LILLIONS OF BATTIMEA BY CREATING AWARENESS ABOUT THE NEED AND IMPORTANCE OF INTERPERSONAL SKILL ENHANCENMENT"

    Question 10. Who gave you names such as Personality Development Guru and Innovator of Practical Motivation ?

    Answer 10. Personality Development Guru name I got my master Muni Mr. Wisdom Sea Ji looked when my classes heard of taking the way , hear my speech , and understood my vision, he said , " when the person with the right purpose , If you work in the right direction then he is a guru and from today your identity will be in the form of Personality Development Guru " and the thing is that the innovator of the practical motive Not that these names were mixed by thousands of audiences on the world record day when everyone said ,Everyone heard it all but it seemed like talking to another world that has nothing to do with the real life but the things you heard and understood, the connection was with our real life, and from today we introduce you as an innovator of practical motivation. will |

    Question 11. What is the ultimate objective of your life ?

    Answer 11. This is the best question in all the questions you have asked. People plan for life. I also planned my own death. It does not know anyone who will die and how it will be, but yes, even then I am either a Digambar I want to die as a Jain saint / die in the tricolor and surely my future steps will be in this direction but before this, once officially on the Indian army's top The intense desire to wear and she also three water - land and sky - My India, My Pride | These opportunities life the live Indian government that wish to engage in any activity I met |

    Question 12. Would you like to say something on your behalf ?

    Answer 12. Yes Yes, many organizations have announced to celebrate on April 29 every year as "Personality Development Day", with this request to all, further enhance this movement and celebrate April 29 as World Personality Development Day. so as to create awareness about this topic in people | Although the day we " Personality Development Hour"  must to Celebrate |