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“Leaders do not create followers; they create more leaders.”  
 Tom Peter

With one click, you can get the Train The Trainer Programme “Training, Coaching, and Mentoring are Profession of Passionate People - Saurabh Jain. Bharat's best self-grooming classes and Best Trainer, Mr. Saurabh Jain, is one click away.  But, unfortunately, a lot of times, when we say later, it becomes never. We should never postpone our good plans. Good plans are golden opportunities; you will regret them later if you do not grab them.

Want to become a great Trainer/ Coach/ Mentor - Join Pragya's Excellence in Train The Trainer Programme.

We provide the most authentic tools and techniques, follow world-class training strategies, and provide enthusiastic support.

Skill training is a vast tree with multiple branches. Mainly it has two parts technical skill and soft skill.

Pragya group of institutes helps nations in both fields; through our Pragya Digital Academy, we help people enhance their technical skills. Through our Pragya Institute of Personality Development, we help people strengthen their soft skills.

To create great quality trainers in the different dimensions of soft skills, life skills, and professional skills, Pragya Institute of Personality Development has come up with high voltage, deep wisdom, highly focused, exponentially disciplined “Train the Trainer program” with ample opportunity in the training field.

All those things that seemed impossible are now possible; It’s like dreams come true - Let’s celebrate; Now you will be a great Trainer/ Mentor/ Coach.
“We do not produce freshers; we produce professionals.”
"जिसको बेस्ट बनना है - वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है"
World-class curriculum, world-class trainer, world-class training methodology, and world-class infrastructure.
Bharat's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute.
 Known as
"Kingdom of Wisdom”
“Excellence की पाठशाला "
 We have initiated a movement towards creating legends
Rajasthan's first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University.

Boost the effectiveness of your corporate training with our comprehensive Train the Trainer Program. Designed for Corporate Training Specialists, our program equips trainers with advanced techniques and strategies to deliver impactful training sessions. Please choose from our flexible packages and elevate your training capabilities to drive improved learning outcomes within your organization. Discover why our Train the Trainer Program is necessary for any corporate trainer looking to excel in their role.
Train the Trainer Program Overview: Training of Trainer
Participants in our Train the Trainer program gain an award in education while mastering instructional techniques, enabling them to deliver impactful classroom sessions and tailor their approach for maximum impact.
Our accredited Train the Trainer program is designed to enhance training effectiveness and equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver impactful classroom sessions. Through a comprehensive assessment of coaching concepts, attendees gain an award in education while mastering instructional techniques. The program also covers customized training, certification, and accreditation possibilities to ensure corporate training specialists can tailor their approach for maximum impact.
Corporate training specialists can benefit from our Train the Trainer program. They will acquire practical skills to design and deliver dynamic training content that resonates with learners. Additionally, participants will enhance their ability to engage learners through active participation methods while fostering an inclusive learning environment. Ultimately, completing this program empowers trainers to maximize their impact in developing employees' skill sets.

Opportunities through our Train the Trainer Program: Boost training effectiveness with our Train the Trainer Program. And be a
  • Certified Soft-Skill Trainer
  • Certified Leadership Trainer
  • Certified Sales Trainer
  • Certified Corporate Trainer: Corporate Coach Training
  • Certified NLP Trainer
  • Certified Memory Coach
  • Certified Life-Skill Coach
  • Certified Skill Trainer
  • Certified Business Trainer
  • Certified Management Trainer
  • Certified Communication Trainer
  • Certified Professional Trainer
  • Certified HR Trainer
  • Certified Teacher Trainer
  • Certified Motivational Speaker

What are the benefits of participating in a train-the-trainer program?
Participating in a train-the-trainer program offers numerous benefits for individuals in corporate training. Here are some key advantages:
1. Enhanced Training Skills: Train the Trainer programs provide participants with valuable knowledge, skills, and techniques to enhance their training abilities. They learn effective methodologies to design, deliver, and evaluate training sessions, ensuring maximum impact on the learners.
2. Confidence and Credibility: Individuals gain the confidence and credibility needed to excel in their training by completing a train-the-trainer program. They acquire the expertise and competence to handle any training situation and effectively engage with their audience.
3. Professional Development: Train the trainer programs focus on continuous professional development, keeping trainers up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry. This helps them stay relevant and adaptable in a rapidly changing training landscape.
4. Increased Training Effectiveness: Participants learn how to create engaging, interactive training sessions that resonate with learners. They acquire techniques to effectively convey information, facilitate discussions, and address their audience's diverse learning styles and needs, increasing training effectiveness. Set the rule for the room.
5. Improved Communication Skills: Train the trainer programs emphasize the development of effective communication skills. Trainers learn to articulate ideas clearly, listen actively, and provide constructive feedback. These skills enhance their training delivery and benefit their communication abilities in various professional settings.
6. Cost and Time Efficiency: Organizations can develop their in-house trainers instead of constantly hiring external trainers by participating in a train-the-trainer program. This leads to significant cost savings in the long run. Additionally, training programs can be conducted in-house, saving time and resources.
7. Consistency in Training: Train the trainer programs ensure consistency in training delivery throughout an organization. Trainers learn standardized methodologies and approaches, resulting in consistent training outcomes and a unified training experience for all employees. Finally, set your own pace
8. Increased Employee Engagement: Well-trained and confident trainers can create a positive and engaging learning environment. This, in turn, increases employee participation and engagement in training sessions, leading to improved learning outcomes and skill development.
9. Customized Training Solutions: Train the trainer programs equip trainers with the skills to tailor training programs according to their organisation's and target audience's specific needs. They can design and deliver customized training solutions that address specific challenges and goals, resulting in more impactful and relevant training.
10. Networking and Collaboration: Train the trainer programs provide opportunities for trainers to network and collaborate with peers in the industry. This allows for knowledge sharing, exchanging ideas, and creating a supportive professional network.
Improved training delivery and facilitation skills are key benefits of a train-the-trainer program. Participants gain knowledge and techniques to effectively impart information, making training sessions more engaging and impactful. With an enhanced ability to engage learners and promote active participation, trainers create an interactive classroom environment that facilitates better learning outcomes.
Consistency in training content and messaging across trainers is another advantage of this program. Trainers learn standardized concepts and coaching methods, ensuring that all participants receive the same high-quality instruction regardless of who is leading the session. This promotes a cohesive learning experience for employees while maintaining uniformity in assessment and evaluation processes. Practice always plays a crucial role. 
Who Should Attend the Train the Trainer Program?
Corporate trainers seeking professional development opportunities, newly appointed or aspiring trainers looking to build their skill set, and training managers responsible for developing internal talent can significantly benefit from attending the Train the Trainer Program. This program covers a wide range of topics such as assessment, coaching, classroom concepts, and awards in education. By participating in this accredited program, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their effectiveness as trainers and improve training outcomes within their organizations.
Certification and Accreditation
The importance of certification for trainers' credibility cannot be overstated. It provides validation and assurance to clients and employers that the trainer has met a certain standard of competency and expertise in their field. By obtaining certifications from recognized accreditation bodies such as the Pragya Institute of Personality Development, trainers demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning, professional development, and adherence to industry standards.
Being certified as a trainer comes with numerous benefits:
🔹It enhances the trainer's marketability by distinguishing them from non-certified competitors in a crowded training landscape.
🔹It boosts confidence among trainees, who feel more assured knowing someone with proven knowledge and skills is instructing them.
🔹Certification opens up opportunities for career advancement as organizations increasingly prioritize certified trainers when making hiring decisions or selecting individuals for leadership roles within training teams.

If you are searching for the most comprehensive Certified Train the Trainer Course in Jaipur, look no further than Pragya Institute of Personality Development & Life Skill Management. Under the mentorship of highly experienced trainer Mr Saurabh Jain, we offer the city's best Certified Train the Trainer Course.

At Pragya Institute, we take pride in being known as Excellence की पाठशाला, Kingdom of Wisdom, and 360 Degree Growth Academy. We are an ISO-certified institute and have been awarded 200+ eminent titles. Global media has covered our exemplary work in soft skills, life skills, personality development, and digital marketing as news headlines.

What sets us apart from others is our world-class comprehensive curriculum. We cover A to Z of Certified Train the Trainer Courses. This curriculum is crafted under the supervision and guidance of the world's best trainers. Our approach is 100% practical, where implementation is our religion.

Our program stands out for the following reasons:

1. Comprehensive & Customized Curriculum: Our program covers all aspects of Certified Train the Trainer Courses, from effective communication and presentation skills to networking. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that ensures you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a radiant personality. Our curriculum is entirely research-based.

2. Practical Training Methodology: We believe in the power of implementation. Our courses focus on practical learning, allowing students to apply the concepts they learn in real-life situations. This hands-on approach ensures effective skill development and long-term retention. Our Methodology is an excellent blend of Science and Psychology. This hands-on approach enables you to develop the confidence and competence required to deliver the best. 

3. Exclusive Worksheets and Activities: As part of our program, we provide exclusive worksheets and activities related to each topic. These resources help you reinforce your learning, practice your skills, and deepen your understanding of the concepts taught during the course. This hands-on approach ensures you can immediately apply what you learned in your training sessions.

4. Experienced Trainer: Mr. Saurabh Jain, a highly experienced and renowned Train the Trainer mentor, leads our train-the-trainer program. With his expertise and intellectual brilliance, you can be assured of receiving top-notch guidance and training. Mr. Saurabh Jain. The instructor of Train the Train the Course Harnessing the intellectual brilliance of the nine-world record. He is undoubtedly the world's best Mentor for Train-the-Train courses. Students and professionals are benefited from his expertise and extensive experience in the field. 

Mr Saurabh Jain is the founder of the Jaipur Learning Festival "Learning & Motivation का महाकुम्भ" In this event, Mr. Saurabh Jain delivered a 24-hour non-stop (no water, no bio break, without the help of notes) speech. He presented his speech in the presence of more than 15,000 prominent audiences. 200+ national & international media houses published his success story.

Mr Saurabh Jain is also the founder of the "Kingdom of Wisdom."
Mr Saurabh Jain, Founder of Pragya Group of Institutions

🔶 Soft Skill Trainer: Mr Saurabh Jain has upskilled over 10,000 students, business leaders & business owners. He is a faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI/ ICSI/ ICMAI. He takes sessions on more than 350+ topics.

🔶 Personal Growth Trainer/Self-Help Speaker: Everyone wishes to build their career, but what about growing as a person? Saurabh Jain took more than 250 sessions on personal growth—an exemplary contribution to eternal transformation. Saurabh Jain is a great counselor; he understands people's real-life problems and has a solution-focused mindset. These qualities make him the best self-help speaker.

🔶 Corporate Trainer: Mr Saurabh Jain has imparted his learnings with 50+ National, Multinational, and Public Sector Organisations. He has been serving for more than 19 years. He has practical experience handling sales operations for more than 16+ years. Start from Sales Executive to Director of Sales and Marketing. He incorporated 500+ games & activities in his sessions. Ensure transformation & business growth.

🔶 Life Skill Mentor: Saurabh Jain is a person who leads by example. As of now, he has addressed more than 20,000 audiences and facilitated them to transform their lives. His observations are meticulous.

🔶 Train the Trainer: Saurabh Jain believes in building a future that can be done by developing future trainers. He helped more than 100 people in becoming future trainers.

5. World-Class Learning Environment: Pragya Institute provides a world-class learning environment with the latest training facilities. Our institute adheres to international standards, ensuring you receive a seamless and immersive learning experience from Classroom to cutting edge. Technology in Training: In today's digital age, EVERYONE must be familiar with various tools and technologies to enhance training delivery. We cover multimedia, online platforms, and other technologies to create interactive and engaging training experiences. Students can expect a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for their growth journey.

6. Ongoing Support & Customer Delight: Ongoing support and customer Delight: Our commitment to your success continues after the course. We provide ongoing support and follow-up sessions to ensure continuous implementation. 4150+ customers, 5-star ratings, and excellent reviews demonstrate our commitment to Excellence.

7. Small Batch Size for Facilitating Personal Attention: We maintain small batch sizes to ensure personalized attention and complete handholding for every student. This one-on-one focus allows a deeper understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, leading to customized skill development.
We understand the importance of individual attention and personalized guidance. That's why we maintain small batch sizes, allowing us to focus on each student and provide complete handholding to those who need it. You can be confident that you will receive the attention and support you need to succeed.

8. Focus on Sustainable Solutions: Our courses focus on the root causes behind various challenges and provide sustainable solutions. We help students understand the cause-and-effect equation to address issues at their core, leading to long-lasting personal growth and development. This approach ensures that the improvements you make are long-lasting and have a lasting impact on your training effectiveness.

9. Constant Feedback & Review Mechanism: Breaking the Mold of Traditional Education: Pragya Institute's Constant Review Drives Exceptional Learning Outcomes

10. Celebrating Life & Pragya Award Night: At Pragya Institute, we not only focus on professional development but also celebrate life. We believe that personal growth and happiness are essential for overall success. Our program encourages self-discovery, confidence-building, and personal empowerment, enabling you to excel in your training career and live a fulfilling and joyful life. Pragya Award Night - A Night of Success: Honoring Excellence with Certificates at the Pragya Award Ceremony

11. Placement Support: From Classroom to Career: Pragya Institute's Placement Support Helps Our Students Land Their Dream Job/ Business

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and unlock your true potential. Join Pragya Institute of Personality Development today! Let us help you become a passionate professional and stand out. If you want to master your soft skills and stand out from the crowd, there's no better choice than the Pragya Institute of Personality Development. 

We don't just produce freshers or professionals; we produce passionate professionals.
Remember, "जिसको बेस्ट बनना है, वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है" (Those who want to be the best, choose the best).

By choosing the Pragya Institute of Personality Development for your Certified Train the Trainer Course, you decide to transform your personal & professional growth. Our program will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel as a Certified Trainer. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your training skills the best version of yourself. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming the best in your field.

Conclusion: Through Self-Improvement and Personal Development, Embrace the Journey of Personal Growth: World-Class Curriculum, Training Methodology, Trainer, Infrastructure, and Learning Environment at the Most Affordable Price.

Customized Train the Trainer Programs
Our customized Train the Trainer programs offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing training effectiveness. Through interactive classroom sessions and practical coaching, participants gain mastery over critical concepts such as assessment techniques, coaching methodologies, and classroom management strategies. Our accredited program equips trainers with the tools they need to deliver impactful training sessions and earn an award in education. Our tailored approach ensures that each trainer receives targeted guidance based on their needs and goals. Boost your training prowess with our customized Train the Trainer programs today.
In our customized Train the Trainer programs, participants delve into various topics essential for professional development. This program covers everything from honing communication skills to mastering effective coaching techniques. Trainers will learn how to create engaging learning environments while incorporating innovative teaching methods that enhance knowledge retention. Whether you're a corporate trainer or sales leader looking to boost your skill set or an HR professional seeking certified training options, our customizable train-the-trainer program is designed just for you. Elevate your expertise and excel as a specialized trainer through our tailor-made curriculum.

Flexible Training Options: We can plan according to the needs of the hour

Our flexible training options allow you to choose from on-site, virtual, or hybrid delivery methods to suit your needs best. Our programs are fully customizable and tailored to your organization's unique requirements. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate busy professionals, ensuring that training can fit seamlessly into their already-packed schedules. Boost the effectiveness of your training with our adaptable and convenient options.
Choose from on-site, virtual, or hybrid delivery methods for ultimate flexibility in how you receive your training. Our customizable programs are designed specifically for your organization's unique requirements. Busy professionals will appreciate the flexible scheduling options to ensure they can easily participate in the program without disrupting their workflow. Experience a boost in training effectiveness with our versatile and accommodating approach.