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Communication Skill

Communication Skill

Communication Skill

Achieve Excellence in Communication
 Bharat's Best Institute and Trainer
 The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things.
 Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” - Sydney J. Harris.

With one click, you can achieve excellence in communication skills. Bharat's best self-grooming classes are one click away. We mean never, and we should never postpone our good plans. Good plans are golden opportunities; you will regret them later if you do not grab them. Want to become an effective and influential communicator - Join Pragya's Excellence in Communication Course.

Learn empathy, active listening, observation skills, perception management, body language, advanced verbal communication skills, type of verbal communication, and much more.
All those things that seemed impossible are now possible, like communicating effectively with any age group and authorities. Facing an interview confidently, Impress and influencing peers, conducting business meetings, having an argument-free life, deal with difficult people, having negotiation skills, the art of saying yes and no, etc.  
"जिसको बेस्ट बनना है - वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है

World-class curriculum, world-class trainer, world-class training methodology, and world-class infrastructure.

Bharat's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute.

“We do not produce freshers; we produce professionals.”

Known as
"Kingdom of Wisdom”
“Excellence की पाठशाला "
We have initiated a movement towards creating legends

Rajasthan's first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan Skill University.

Communication skills training offers numerous benefits for individuals, especially for corporate professionals. Here are some key advantages:

1. Enhanced Professionalism: Effective communication skills training helps individuals develop a professional demeanor and conduct themselves with poise, confidence, and credibility. This plays a crucial role in establishing a positive image in the workplace and building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and superiors.

2. Improved Interpersonal Skills: Communication skills training equips individuals to express themselves clearly, listen actively, and understand others' perspectives. This fosters better relationships, teamwork, and collaboration within the organization, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

3. Increased Productivity: Effective communication skills enable professionals to convey their ideas, thoughts, and instructions more accurately and efficiently. This reduces misunderstandings, minimizes errors, and ensures tasks are completed correctly and on time. Consequently, it enhances overall productivity and the achievement of organizational goals.

4. Effective Leadership: Communication skills training helps professionals develop leadership qualities by enhancing their ability to inspire, influence, and motivate others. Influential leaders can articulate their vision, delegate tasks effectively, and provide constructive feedback to their team members, resulting in improved performance and job satisfaction.

5. Conflict Resolution: Communication skills training equips professionals with the necessary tools to handle conflicts and disagreements constructively. They learn how to manage difficult conversations, negotiate win-win solutions, and find common ground, thus reducing workplace tension and fostering a harmonious work environment.

6. Enhanced Presentation Skills: Effective communication training teaches professionals.

7. Influencing Skills: Effective Communication Skills increase cross-cultural interaction and hence increase your networking
Pragya's communication skill courses help you to improve your overall personality—hardly any school/ college/ university focus on communication skills. 

How can communication skills training help improve relationships?

Communication skills training can significantly improve relationships in several ways. First and foremost, it enhances the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively, leading to better understanding and fewer misunderstandings. This helps build trust and rapport between individuals, ultimately strengthening their relationship.
 Additionally, communication skills training helps individuals become better listeners. Active listening is critical to effective communication and can significantly improve relationships. Individuals can forge deeper connections and develop stronger bonds by fully understanding and empathizing with others.

 Furthermore, communication skills training teaches techniques for resolving conflicts and managing difficult conversations. Individuals can constructively address conflicts by learning to communicate assertively and respectfully, leading to healthier and more harmonious relationships.

Moreover, effective communication skills training can also enhance non-verbal communication. This includes body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Awareness of these non-verbal cues and using them appropriately can help convey messages more accurately and build mutual understanding.

 Communication skills training equips individuals with the tools to express themselves effectively, listen actively, resolve conflicts, and communicate non-verbally. By mastering these skills, individuals can improve their relationships by fostering better understanding, trust, and collaboration. Communication skills training equips individuals with the tools to express themselves effectively, listen actively, resolve conflicts, and communicate non-verbally. By mastering these skills, individuals can improve their relationships by fostering better understanding, trust, and collaboration.

Role of Communication in Career

Effective Communication Skills Course will make you ten times more Influential, Interesting, and Likable.
Have you ever considered why students with single-digit ranks in exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, Chartered Accountants, etc., cannot secure the highest-paying packages when they leave college? Why can't any college's so-called geeks, nerds, and toppers not get high-salaried jobs when they sit for placements? What plays a significant role in getting selected for these high-paying jobs is that students should possess both - sound academic knowledge and excellent communication skills/ soft skills. Just check online - if Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) or Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google) are the toppers of their college? Forget being toppers; they were not even from the top colleges of India; these engineers were not the IITians.

➡️ Do you know the most significant factor in determining salary increments and promotions? Especially promotions to leadership positions - like a team leader, manager, etc.)?
The answer is effective communication skills and leadership skills.

➡️  Do you know the key factors deciding whether any businessman will fail or succeed? After having good funds, products/ services
The answer is the communication skills and soft skills he possesses.

Remember, every successful business person has to master the art of influencing people because it is the most required skill in pitching his idea to investors, hiring employees, inspiring employees to work hard, and making employees work for him in the long term.

➡️  Do you know that fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10% and inhibits promotion to management by 15%? Do you know that while talking to others, 7% of message comes from words, 36% comes from your voice(which is the tone or voice modulation), and 57% comes from your nonverbal communication (like body language)?
From the above questions, you must have realized that communication and public speaking are the two skills you need to master - if you want to get good salaries, faster promotions, and start your own business over time.

As a student or job professional giving an interview, you need sound knowledge about your field. Still, it would be best if you also could communicate your thoughts/knowledge to the interviewer.

As a business owner, more than having a good product/service, you need the ability to communicate the benefits of your product/service to your customers.
And after training one lakh+ people, I assure you that anyone can learn communication skills and public speaking. They need consistent effort, a good mentor who will teach them correctly, and a group where they can practice what they have learned.

🔵 Module: 1 - Relationship-Building - Building Foundation of Comprehensive Success - "If You Would Be Loved, Love, And Be Loveable." Benjamin Franklin - Improve Your Social Connectivity Score

🔵 Module: 2 - Relationship Management - Art of People & Self Management - “They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.” Carl W. Buechner - To achieve impeccable success, learn the Art of Relationship Management.   

🔵 Module: 3 -  Learn and Develop Empathy - Neither “I” Nor “You” It is We - "If We Can't See Eye To Eye, Let's Try Heart To Heart." Saurabh Jain - The fundamental requirement of effective communication and sign of Being Human

🔵 Module: 4 - Learn Basics of Communication Skills: Make or Break Skill - Effective Communicators Lead the World "Effective Communication Is The Bridge Between Confusion And Clarity." Nat Turner 

🔵 Module: 5 - Learn & Develop Influential Skills: Critical Winning Factor - "The Key To Successful Leadership Is Influence, Not Authority. " Ken Blanchard - Impressing others is a short-term game, but influencing others is a long-term game - Saurabh Jain. 

🔵 Module: 6 - Learn and Develop Active Listening: Understand VS Understood - "Listening Is An Art that Requires Attention Over Talent, Spirit Over Ego, Others Over Self. " Dean Jackson - Active listening is an art that can turn an argument into a discussion, Misunderstanding into Understanding, Understanding into understanding.

🔵 Module: 7 -  Learn and Develop Observation Skill - Sign of Critical Learner- "To Acquire Knowledge, One Must Study, But To Acquire Wisdom, One Must Observe." Marilyn Vos Savant - Observers make relatively more minor mistakes

🔵 Module: 8 - Perception Management: Thermometer or Thermostat - "What Is Behind Your Eyes Hold More Power Than What Is In Front Of Them." Gary Zukav. This game runs between - Your Truth, My Truth, and The Truth. Learn Perception Management to know the truth.

🔵 Module: 9 - Basics of Verbal Communication Skills Level - 1- Mirror of Your Thought Process & Your Thought Process is Mirror of Your Destiny- "If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All” Thumper From Bambi. Improve your intentions and presentations. “The weight of your word has more impact than the volume of your voice!” - Saurabh Jain. - Be an effective communicator 

🔵 Module: 10 - Basic Of Verbal Communication Skills - Level -2 - One Skill - Many Achievements - "Wise Men Talk Because They Have Something To Say; Fools Because They Have To Say Something" Plato. Learn the Art of Come + You + In + Action.

🔵 Module: 11 - Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP): Connection Between Outside and Inside World - "Language Is The Dress Of Thought; Every Time You Talk, Your Mind Is On Parade." - Johnson. Learn the best way to build a heart-to-heart connection with yourself and others.

🔵 Module: 12 - Learn Advanced Verbal Communication Skill - Level - 1 - Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary "Effective Communication Is 20% What You Know And 80% How You Feel About What You Know." - Learn to speak intelligently - Right Words, Right Tone, Right Time, Right Place, Right Energy, Right Intention. 

🔵 Module: 13 - Learn Advanced Verbal Communication Skill - Level - 2 - Different strokes for different folks- "Every Act Of Communication Is A Miracle Of Translation. " Ken Liu - Each individual is unique; you can’t follow the same style as everyone. Learn the Art of Different Strokes for Different Folks.

🔵 Module: 14 - Different Style of Verbal Communication Skills - Turn Unfavorable into Favorable- “Be Calm, Yet Assertive. Be Meek, Yet Courageous. Be Gentle, Yet Bold. Be Kind, Yet Strong." Charles F Glassman - Managing difficult people and situations is easy because you can achieve mastery in the 8th wonder, i.e., Communication.

🔵 Module: 15 - Power of Body Language - Language of Subconscious Mind - "The Most Important Thing In Communication Is Hearing What Isn't Said" Benjamin Franklin. Body language speaks louder than your words and voice. Achieve Excellence in reading body language and self-improvement. 

🔵 Module: 16 -  Art of Negotiation - Learn to Create Win-Win Situation - "No Response Is A Response, And It’s A Powerful One." Saurabh Jain. Players of negotiation “get the best and give the best.” 

🔵 Module: 17 - Dressing Sense – First Impression - "Wearing The Correct Dress For Any Occasion Is A Matter Of Good Manners." Loretta Young - Dressing Sense adds additional value to your personality. For powerful social and professional impact -one must dress well.

🔵 Module: 18 - Social Etiquettes: True Meaning of Education – Manners & Behaviour  - "Things That Money Can’t Buy Like Manners, Morals And Integrity- " Saurabh Jain - Few things you cannot buy – one is etiquette. Learn and Improve Social Etiquettes.

🔵 Module: 19 - Official Etiquette: People Are Hired for Skill and Fired for Behaviour - "Civility Costs Nothing And Buys Everything. " Mary - Two primary wheels of professional growth Skill and Behaviour. Be good at both.
🔵 Module: 20 - Giving Feedback – Mandatory for Growth, but Roller Coaster Ride - “I Think It’s Essential To Have A Feedback Loop, Where You’re Constantly Thinking About What You’ve Done And How You Could Be Doing It Better.” Elon Musk - Giving Feedback is the basic need for growth, but it can become the primary reason for degrowth if not used properly.

🔵 Module: 21 - Receiving Feedback – Legends Love It, Idiots Run from It. - "We Can’t Drive People, We Teach And Lead " Saurabh Jain - Most of the time, feedback is free, but it adds value to millions. Everyone Must Learn It. 

🔵 Module: 22 - Art Saying Yes & No – Shortest Word but Longest Impact – Use Judiciously - These two words define the quality of your life.

If you are searching for the most comprehensive Certified Communication Skill Course in Jaipur, look no further than Pragya Institute of Personality Development & Life Skill Management. Under the mentorship of highly experienced trainer Mr Saurabh Jain, we offer the city's best Certified Communication Skill Course.

At Pragya Institute, we take pride in being known as Excellence की पाठशाला, Kingdom of Wisdom, and 360 Degree Growth Academy. We are an ISO-certified institute and have been awarded 200+ eminent titles. Global media has covered our exemplary work in soft skills, life skills, personality development, and digital marketing as news headlines.

What sets us apart from others is our world-class comprehensive curriculum. We cover A to Z of the Certified Communication Skill Course. This curriculum is crafted under the supervision and guidance of the world's best trainers. Our approach is 100% practical, where implementation is our religion.

Our program stands out for the following reasons:

1. Comprehensive & Customized Curriculum: Our program covers all aspects of Certified Communication Skill Courses, from relationship building to constructive criticism. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that ensures you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a radiant personality. Our curriculum is entirely research-based.

2. Practical Training Methodology: We believe in the power of implementation. Our courses focus on practical learning, allowing students to apply the concepts they learn in real-life situations. This hands-on approach ensures effective skill development and long-term retention. Our Methodology is an excellent blend of Science and Psychology. This hands-on approach enables you to develop the confidence and competence required to deliver the best. 

3. Exclusive Worksheets and Activities: As part of our program, we provide exclusive worksheets and activities related to each topic. These resources help you reinforce your learning, practice your skills, and deepen your understanding of the concepts taught during the course. This hands-on approach ensures you can immediately apply what you learned in your training sessions.

4. Experienced Trainer: Mr. Saurabh Jain, a highly experienced and renowned Communication Skill mentor, leads our Certified Communication Skill program. With his expertise and intellectual brilliance, you can be assured of receiving top-notch guidance and training. Mr. Saurabh Jain. The instructor of Communication Skill the Course Harnessing the intellectual brilliance of the nine-world record. He is undoubtedly the world's best Mentor for Communication Skill courses. Students and professionals are benefited from his expertise and extensive experience in the field. 

Mr. Saurabh Jain is the founder of the Jaipur Learning Festival "Learning & Motivation का महाकुम्भ" In this event, Mr Saurabh Jain delivered a 24-hour non-stop (no water, no bio break, without the help of notes) speech. He presented his speech in the presence of more than 15,000 prominent audiences. 200+ national & international media houses published his success story.

Mr Saurabh Jain is also the founder of the "Kingdom of Wisdom."
Mr Saurabh Jain, Founder of Pragya Group of Institutions

🔶 Soft Skill Trainer: Mr Saurabh Jain has upskilled over 10,000 students, business leaders & business owners. He is a faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI/ ICSI/ ICMAI. He takes sessions on more than 350+ topics.

🔶 Transformational Public Speaker – Mr. Saurabh Jain motivates and ensures transformation through inspiration & motivational strategies. He is an expert, motivational strategist, and success coach. As a keynote speaker, He has addressed more than 200 regional & national level conferences. Saurabh Jain can address thousands of people simultaneously. He has experienced addressing up to 20,000 people at once. Give speeches at Rajasthan Vidhansabha, Central Jail Jaipur, and the Income Tax Department. He has a powerful winning story from his life. Saurabh Jain is a person who is driven by excellence and counts success as a by-product, so he opens the door for continuous success in life. He always leaves a strong impact.

5. World-Class Learning Environment: Pragya Institute provides a world-class learning environment with the latest training facilities. Our institute adheres to international standards, ensuring you receive a seamless and immersive learning experience from Classroom to cutting edge. Technology in Training: In today's digital age, EVERYONE must be familiar with various tools and technologies to enhance training delivery. We cover multimedia, online platforms, and other technologies to create interactive and engaging training experiences. Students can expect a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for their growth journey.

6. Ongoing Support & Customer Delight: Ongoing support and customer Delight: Our commitment to your success continues after the course. We provide ongoing support and follow-up sessions to ensure continuous implementation. 4150+ customers, 5-star ratings, and excellent reviews demonstrate our commitment to Excellence.

7. Small Batch Size for Facilitating Personal Attention: We maintain small batch sizes to ensure personalized attention and complete handholding for every student. This one-on-one focus allows a deeper understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, leading to customized skill development.
We understand the importance of individual attention and personalized guidance. That's why we maintain small batch sizes, allowing us to focus on each student and provide complete handholding to those who need it. You can be confident that you will receive the attention and support you need to succeed.

8. Focus on Sustainable Solutions: Our courses focus on the root causes behind various challenges and provide sustainable solutions. We help students understand the cause-and-effect equation to address issues at their core, leading to long-lasting personal growth and development. This approach ensures that the improvements you make are long-lasting and have a lasting impact on your training effectiveness.

9. Constant Feedback & Review Mechanism: Breaking the Mold of Traditional Education: Pragya Institute's Constant Review Drives Exceptional Learning Outcomes

10. Celebrating Life & Pragya Award Night: At Pragya Institute, we not only focus on professional development but also celebrate life. We believe that personal growth and happiness are essential for overall success. Our program encourages self-discovery, confidence-building, and personal empowerment, enabling you to excel in your training career and live a fulfilling and joyful life. Pragya Award Night - A Night of Success: Honoring Excellence with Certificates at the Pragya Award Ceremony

11. Placement Support: From Classroom to Career: Pragya Institute's Placement Support Helps Our Students Land Their Dream Job/ Business

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and unlock your true potential. Join Pragya Institute of Personality Development today! Let us help you become a passionate professional and stand out. If you want to master your soft skills and stand out from the crowd, there's no better choice than the Pragya Institute of Personality Development. 

We don't just produce freshers or professionals; we produce passionate professionals.
Remember, "जिसको बेस्ट बनना है, वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है" (Those who want to be the best, choose the best).

By choosing the Pragya Institute of Personality Development for your Certified Communication skill Course, you decide to transform your personal & professional growth. Our program will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively communicate. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your personality and become the best version of yourself. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming the best in your field.

Conclusion: Through Self-Improvement and Personal Development, Embrace the Journey of Personal Growth: World-Class Curriculum, Training Methodology, Trainer, Infrastructure, and Learning Environment at the Most Affordable Price.