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1. Proven business model - It reduces the risk to a great extent. Franchise business is a proven business model for years.

2. Established brand - Biggest trouble in a business establishing brand value, opportunity to get an established brand.

3. Big market research and updated product - After strong market research and years of hard work, product and service are developed and this is an ongoing process, time to time keep getting the most updated products.

4. Jobseeker or willing to start your business - Slow and steady concept of a startup is increasing, most people go for a job because they don't want to risk as mentioned above and franchise reduces risk and for the people, those are willing to start a business it's a golden opportunity

5. The outcome of extremely hard efforts - Running a business is a challenge but establishing a business is the biggest here so you get an opportunity to associate established business.


6. Provide initial and continuous training - Training is fundamental of business growth if we look at the non-franchise business model, they hardly go for business training throughout their life but here not-only product is updated but-also you.

7. For BHARAT, best-fit business model - looking at the current business scenario franchise business model is the best fit model because this is a cost-effective business model. Yes, you have to pay a certain amount to franchise owner and royalty as well but still, this is the most cost-effective model and it reduces operating cost as well. Few people may think why to pay franchise owner but if you go and develop all these things your own it’s a huge time consuming and costly affair.

8. Local Vocal and Global - We strongly believe and promote if a world-class quality product/ service is available and it is "MAKE IN INDIA" we must go for it. Franchise in India Franchise for India Franchise by an Indian.

9. Rapid Expansion - This helps you to expand your business rapidly because multiple things are already well established.

10. Exclusive Marketing support and strategy - Franchise owner provide tools and techniques, how you can grow your business in the local area.



1. Understanding of profitable business - In the 21st-century profitable business does not mean the business which has short term business opportunities. The entire world is looking for a Business Model that has a tremendous future business opportunity.

2. The sustainable result - One must not look at the short-term aspect when it’s come to business, long run and the sustainable result must be the primary focus. This is one area where you can get fruits for long.

3. The best business model for ROI (Return of Investment) – Fastest growing segments offer the fastest return so clearly understand that segment is a growing or not.

4. Understand the local market and needs – Every product/ service may not be fit for all markets, first, understand your local market and it's needed and choose the best fit.

5. Increased skill gap - This industry will provide a sustainable result because of two major reasons.
A. In the past few years, our education system failed to create real stuff. We could produce freshers not professional
B. Soft skill training is going to a mandatory part of each curriculum in the coming years in many courses it is already incorporated.

6. Help to grow self, society, and nation - Soft skill training is a Noble profession. Being part of such Noble profession is the biggest blessing, here you get an opportunity to touch the lives of people. A step toward creating "Happy Bharat".


Process-driven - A Franchisee should be process-driven. It should have a clear set of goals to be achieved through a well-researched methodology. 
Strong vision - The franchise should have a strong vision to provide the highest quality of service to its clients/customers. Quality of service should never be negotiated.
Value system - The ethics and value system of a franchise business should never be compromised. The client’s/customer’s trust should never be broken. 

The global personal development market was valued at around 38 BILLION US DOLLARS in 2019... And it is expected to grow to USD 56 billion by 2027... On one hand, people nowadays are looking for the pursuit of happiness, living their passions, and having fulfilling relationships and on the other hand, they also crave success in their professional life. 
Self-Help Coaches are benefiting from podcasting, Vlogging, courses, books, Public Speaking in Corporate Events & Seminars, and one-on-one counseling.


Indians are becoming more and more aware that they cannot rely on the Indian Education System. They are seeing that those who are getting single-digit ranks in exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, Chartered Accountant, etc. are not able to secure the highest paying packages when they leave their college. The so-called geeks, nerds, and toppers of any college cannot get high salaried jobs when they sit for placements because the education system does not teach them communication skills, leadership, personality development, etc. They know that in order to get the high paying job that they dream of, they need to possess both - sound academic knowledge and great communication skills. Also, I would like to remind you of the following points-
The K-12 (or 10+2) education system is designed for creating factory workers - people who were meant to do repetitive work, where no creative labor is required. It is designed to create students who are disciplined - who will work like robots, while not applying their intellect and creativity. The education system is creating nerds with no creativity.
Students are not taught the practical aspects - they are graded majorly on the basis of theory. Also, essential life skills, like public speaking, negotiations, body language, communication skills, how to be an entrepreneur, and personality development are never taught in schools. 
The highest-paying positions in any field are leadership positions - and leadership is never taught in our education system.
People are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of soft-skill & personality development. The size of this industry is increasing day by day - in both rural areas as well as metropolitan cities. 
People hiring for big companies and corporations are paying more emphasis to emotional intelligence. They want their employees, especially those in management, to have empathy. However, no one teaches about emotional intelligence and empathy in schools and colleges. 


Imagine a condition that makes a person irritable, depressed, and self-centered. Imagine too that in industrialized countries around 1 person in every 3 is affected by this condition. Imagine that your income, education, gender, and ethnicity does not protect you from this contagious disease - and this disease is very common in metropolitan cities. Such a condition exists — and it is called loneliness. This disease has created a huge demand for people who teach communication skills, public speaking, personality development, and relationship counseling (especially after breakups). People have thousands of followers on Social Media, but they don’t have even a single friend to share their personal problems with.


Once people become successful, once they climb the corporate ladder, once they are financially independent, they realize that money is not the answer to their life’s dissatisfaction. They were searching for completion in their lives and feeling of fulfillment through money - only to realize that money was not the answer. What brought them completion were some basic things that are taught by personality development and self-help gurus - like having gratitude for what they have, following their passion, being mindful or present to the moment, and having healthy relationships. 

Future of Personality Development, Soft Skill and Self-Help Industry -

The global personal development market was valued at around 38 BILLION US DOLLARS in 2019. And it is expected to grow to USD 56 billion by 2027. This showcases that there is a huge business opportunity in this field. 

Corporate Training - In a survey, it has been clearly stated that big companies provide regular training to their employees. Even small companies do provide training at the time of induction.

Academic & Education – Among children and parents, the awareness of personality development and soft skills is increasing day by day. Parents also feel that theoretical knowledge is not going to help their kids for overall growth. Parents and kids are looking for exclusive personality development and personal grooming classes that can bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world.

Government - Under the project named "Skill India", the government has taken many initiatives. Yes, most of these initiatives are towards technical skills, but very soon soft skill training is also going to be a part of the same


Are you one of those people who wants to leave a legacy before they die? Do you want to be remembered for making an impact over the world - and change people’s lives? Do you want to help other people? Do you want to be the guru; the mentor; and the friend who helps people in achieving the perfect life - the life they always dreamed of? Have you been through personal hardships or traumatic events in life - which has made you stronger, wiser, and has given you the inner intuition to navigate through the challenges of life? Have these hardships taught you to work hard, hustle, and take massive action towards achieving your dreams? Or perhaps you were the quirkier ones - the not so cool kid with great intellect and a different approach towards life. Your out-of-the-box thinking and great intellect have helped you to solve other people’s problems very easily...


Do you want to launch yourself in Personality Development and the Self-Help Industry but you don’t know where to start? Are you confused by the books, the courses, and the ocean of online resources (like blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channels, etc.), that are available? Or are you confused about how to start this business of yours, how to brand and market yourself, how to handle the legal side of starting your business, and perhaps you need a mentor, a well-established business partner who could guide you through everything and help you in establishing your own business and institute?


If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, then you have come to the right place. Because I, Saurabh Jain, is on the personal mission of helping as many people as possible - of helping people in leading a successful and fulfilling life. I have designed many courses on topics like personality development, communication skills, public speaking, etc. 

I am looking to expand Pragya Institute across India - in both rural as well as urban areas via the Franchise model. 


Cater to All Age Groups - A franchise owner can cater to different age-groups with power-packed courses, training, and programs. 

Run Various Courses - A Franchisee center can run the various courses in its center. Some of them include personality development, communication skills, public speaking, Spoken English, leadership & entrepreneurship training, NLP, and sales training. The course content and PowerPoint presentations for the above-mentioned courses will be provided by Pragya Institute. You will have the rights to use our complete curriculum along with our A+ class PowerPoint presentation.

Business Consulting - A Franchisee owner can provide Business Consulting.

Career counseling and Relationship counseling  - A Franchisee owner can also provide Career counseling and Relationship counseling to people.

Organize Events -A Franchisee owner can organize events, corporate training, and organize seminars for educational institutions (like schools and colleges).

Create Online Presence - A Franchisee owner can start his own Youtube Channel, Podcast, and participate in other brand awareness activities like free events, talk shows, Josh Talks, Ted Talks, etc.


Some aspects of Pragya Institute -

1. Pragya Institute has a well-proven Business Model

2. Pragya Institute has been built as a brand

3. Our courses are built after deep market research

4. We regularly update our courses 

5. We are a very profitable business. Our business model has a very high ROI.

6. Certificate – Pragya Institute is an ISO certified institute.

7. Association - Pragya Institute is Rajasthan’s first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by RAJASTHAN ILD SKILL UNIVERSITY.

8. Awards - We are holding more than 150 awards.


Sustainable Business Model - Our business model is sustainable. You will never encounter a situation where you exhaust customers in your location and run out of prospects.

Deep Understanding of Indian Markets - We have a deep understanding of Indian Markets. We know how to make an Indian customer happy.

One in one area - We are noticeably clear about our policy that there will be one and only one institute in any town or city affiliated to Pragya Institute.

Relationship - We involve participants in a way they become part of "Pragya Family" and say "HUM HAIN PRAGYA WALE".

1. Rights - Rights to use our complete curriculum along with our A+ class PowerPoint presentation.

2. KAIZEN - Monthly curriculum update with new insight and a more refined approach. Quarterly minimum of 2 days learning and development Programme. 

3. Training - Initial train the trainer or live classes any option or both the option can be adopted. We have online business model as well; one can opt this option as well.

4. Complete guidance - Continuous guidance, how to make a remarkable impact on your participants.

5. Our online training platform for all your students - We will provide user id and password to each participant, where they can access world-class - training material in form of video, pdf, quiz, psychometric test, case studies along with action plan.

6. High incentive - Based on performance high incentive will be Offred by us.

7. Awards – Apart from the local award, what you offer to your participant. Pragya Award will be given to best participant based on standards set by us.

8. On the spot support – Director visit on big occasion according to his availability to address participant.

9. Marketing Support - 

A. Customized website according to your area
B. Google business page, Facebook page according to current digital marketing need.
C. Strategy formation for the local area
D. Basic training on digital promotion

Looking at all above mentioned aspect Pragya Institute of Personality Development best franchise to own

SUPPORT from Pragya Institute -

Help you in Initial Establishment - We will help you with every step of establishing your business

Updated Course Material - Well-researched and constantly updated modules infused with activities and psychometric tests.

Training of the trainers - Continuous guidance and mentorship will be provided to franchise trainers of the Pragya Institutes by our Director Mr. Saurabh Jain.

Advertising and Digital Marketing Support - We will help you to market your franchise through the following ways...
1. Handling Social Media Pages
2. Creating ads
3. Building social media presence
4. Customized website according to your area.
5. Google business page, Facebook page according to current digital marketing trend.
6. Strategy formation for the promotion in your local area.
7. Basic training on digital promotion.

1. Organize PR Activities - We will hold PR Activities for the branding of your Franchisee.

2. Providing expert coaches - We will provide expert coaches to deliver workshops and organize events at your Franchisee center

3. Life-Time Support - We will offer Life-Time Support for the smooth functioning of your center.

4. Infrastructure selection  - We will help in Infrastructure selection for the center.

5. Certification - We will provide you with the certification of students completing the course from Pragya Institute.

6. Our online training platform for all your students - We will provide user id and password to each participant, where they can access all the training material in form of video, pdf, quiz, psychometric test, and case studies.

7. High incentive - Based on the performance of Franchise owners, we offer high incentives.

8. Awards – Apart from the local award, what you offer to your participant is a special Pragya Award. This will be given to the best participant based on standards set by us.

9. On the spot support – The director, Mr. Saurabh Jain will visit on big occasions according to his availability to address participants.

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1. One in one area - We are noticeably clear about our policy that there will be one and only one institute in any town or city affiliated to Pragya Institute.

2. Give more than what we take and offer massive value - We believe in that to overcommit and overdeliver the mantra to success in this world of cutthroat competition. 

3. Create a win-win-win situation - We believe in creating a situation where Pragya Institute wins, you as a franchise owner win, and your clients/customers also win.

4. Regular Updation - We update our self on a daily basis

5. Creating Legends - We believe in creating legends.

6. Develop Professionals - We do not produce freshers, we produce professionals.

7. Build Relationship - We focus on building relationships with people. We don’t focus on creating customers/clients. Rather, we focus on creating members of Pragya Parivaar.

8. Learn, Earn, and Return - We believe in growing together collaboratively, and returning the members of Pragya Parivaar a thousand folds of what they pay for.

Why Choose Us?

1. Pragya Institute is affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University.
2. Pragya Institute is ISO Certified.
3. Mr. Saurabh Jain is a Global Career Counselor from the University of California L.A. 
4. He is World Record Holder for giving the longest speech on Personality Development.
5. Saurabh Jain certified NLP coach.
6. He is featured in Josh Talks.
7. He is a Registered Soft Skill Trainer for Navodaya Leadership Institute (where he trains newly joined lectures).
8. He has worked with Discovery Channel as All India Coordinator for their  Documentary named “Belief”.
9. He has been awarded as “Best Entrepreneur” by ICAN Foundation (for the year 2019-20).
10. He is a faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI, ICMAI, ICSI.
11. Trained employees of companies like - John Deere, GAIL, ARL Infratech, SBI etc.
12. Mr. Saurabh Jain has 150+ Awards.
13. Mr. Saurabh Jain has 17+ years of experience.
14. Mr. Saurabh Jain has taught 1,00,000+ people.
15. Trained over 1,00,000+ individuals on soft-skills.
16. 650+ 5-Star reviews on Saurabh Jain Google Page.
17. 250+ 5-Star reviews on Pragya Institute Google Page.

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If you are looking for franchise Opportunity your search Ends here.


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Our Story : It is not a success story it is a winning story.  





The first 10 franchise owners will get a discount of 50% on the total fee we take for providing our Franchise.

You may have seen in your life that you have missed several golden opportunities because either you think too much or you are paralyzed by fear. Don’t think much… Don’t be afraid of the unknown…  Avail this offer before it’s too late and become our Franchise partner.  

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Investment Required - 

Franchise Fee - We require an initial franchise fee -

Rights to use our brand – Rs. 200,000

Kaizen – Time to time update – Rs. 150,000 / Annum

Complete training content and methodology – Rs. 500,000

Train the trainer Programme – Become a certified trainer – Rs. 150,000

Online training platform for all students – Rs. 200,000

Conducting exams and issuing certificate - Rs. 50,000

Awards, incentive, on spot support - Rs. 75,000/ Annum

PR Activities, time to time guidance, digital marketing support – 175,000

Total Rs. 15,000,00 but we are offering in Just Rs. 500,000 and intial 10 after 50% discount in Just Rs. 250,000 + GST

For first 20 participants no royalty fee but after first 20 participants 50% of first month fee and all yours. 


Infrastructure - Basic quality infrastructure is needed as per the guidelines of the Pragya Institute.

A. Training room with following facilities

1. Training room size Min 400 sq. feet

2. Sitting facility for 20 participants with auditorium chairs

3. Good quality A/V System

4. Podium

5. Stage/ Classroom on auditorium pattern

6. Training ambience of training room

7. Air conditioner 


B. Pantry for students and staff

1. Tea, coffee, Alkaline water, Candies, and cookies etc.


C. Library cum discussion room

1. Minimum 50 Self-help books – we can recommend, or you can purchase according to your choice

2. Conference table with conference chair with minimum capacity of 8 members


D. Activity Room

1. Activity room size Min. 400 sq. feet

2. Approximately 50 mandatory training games – according to our recommendation


E. Washroom

 1. Completly hyegenic washroom 


F. Other requirements

1. High speed internet

2. High resolution web cam

3. Studio quality sound


Note: - As business grows – Infrastructure needs further improvements and We may suggest few more requirements according to need of time.

Completely hygenic and corporate office like environment.

Promotion & Marketing - You need some promotion in your local area - in order to get you a good start…

if you are interested in starting your own Pragya Institute, Call us today at- 

📱9799996500📱    OR    📱7073188666📱

Or Fill the application form. We will review it and give you a call.

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