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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
 Mark Twain
Get Pragya Institute's Franchise and launch yourself in Personality Development and Self-Help Industry.
We will help you to create multiple sources of income - through our various courses (Online as well as Offline)
You can change your life and become the Franchise Owner of Bharat's Best Self-Grooming Classes. You are just one click away, and you can change your life and become the Franchise Owner of Bharat's Best Self-Grooming Classes. We should never postpone our good plans.
Suppose you are looking for exceptional and unstoppable growth in growth in life. Here is the franchise offer - You cannot afford to say "No." – Here, you will get “Bharat’s First and Best Personality Development Franchise.”  
We Do Not Produce Freshers; We Do Not Produce Professionals; we Produce Passionate Professional
"जिसको बेस्ट बनना है - वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है"
We Are The Initiator Of “A To Z Of Personality Development And Life Skill Management.”
World-class Curriculum, World-class Trainer, World-class Training Methodology, And World-class Infrastructure
 Bharat's First And Best Comprehensive Personality Development And Life Skill Management Institute
Known As
"Kingdom Of Wisdom”
“ Excellence की पाठशाला."
We Have Initiated A Movement Towards Creating Legends
Rajasthan's First Soft Skill Training Institute Affiliated And Approved By Rajasthan Ild Skill University.
Future of Personality Development, Soft Skills, and Self-Help Industry
The global personal development market was valued at around 38 BILLION US DOLLARS in 2019. And it is expected to grow to USD 56 billion by 2027. So it showcases that there is a huge business opportunity in this field.
Increased skill gap -This industry will provide a sustainable result because of two significant reasons.
 A. our education system failed to provide real education in the past few years. We have produced freshers but not professional
 B. Soft skill training is becoming a mandatory part of each curriculum in the coming years. Many courses have already incorporated it.

Corporate Training - In a survey, it has been clearly stated that big companies provide regular training to their employees. However, even small companies do provide training at the time of induction.

Academic & Education – Among children and parents, the awareness of personality development and soft skills is increasing day by day. However, parents also feel that theoretical knowledge will not help their kid's overall growth. Parents and kids seek exclusive personality development and personal grooming classes to bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world.

Government Projects - Under the "Skill India" project, the government has taken many initiatives. Yes, most of these initiatives are towards technical skills, but soft skill training will soon be a part.
What sets as Bharat's No.1 Soft Skill Training Institute
1. World-Class comprehensive curriculum: Our institute is the pioneer in offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers A to Z of Personality Development & Life Skill Management. Our curriculum has been carefully crafted under the supervision and guidance of the world's best trainers, ensuring our students receive the highest quality education.
2. Practical Training Methodology: We believe in the power of implementation. Our 100% practical approach ensures that our students learn the theory and actively apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. This hands-on approach sets us apart from institutes focusing solely on theoretical concepts. Innovation and Implementation is our religion
3. Expert Chief Trainer: Our institute harnesses the intellectual brilliance of Mr Saurabh Jain, a nine-world record holder and the world's best Soft Skill and Life Skill Mentor. With his guidance and expertise, our students receive top-notch training from the best in the industry.
4. World-Class Learning Environment: At Bharat's Best Soft Skill Training Institute, we prioritize providing a learning environment at par with international standards. Our institute is equipped with the latest and most advanced training facilities, ensuring that our students have access to the best resources for their development.
5. Customer Delight: We take pride in the satisfaction of our students. With over 4150 students giving us a 5-star rating, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring our students have a delightful learning experience.
6. Small Batch Size: We believe in personalized attention and one-on-one focus on each student. With small batch sizes, we can provide individualized support and complete hand-holding to weak participants, ensuring no student is left behind.
7. Focus on Root Cause: We understand the importance of addressing the root cause of any issue. Our training programs focus on identifying the underlying causes of skill gaps and providing sustainable solutions to overcome them. By addressing the root cause, we empower our students to make long-lasting improvements.
8. Exclusive Worksheets and Activities: To enhance the learning experience, we provide exclusive worksheets and activities related to each topic. These interactive tools help our students practice and apply their skills, making the learning process engaging and effective.
9. Celebrating Life: At Bharat's Best Soft Skill Training Institute, we believe in celebrating life. We create a positive and vibrant learning environment where our students can grow, explore their potential, and enjoy the journey of self-improvement.
We pioneered Comprehensive Personality Development, Soft Skill Development, & Life Skill Management Courses in India.
The Initiator of A to Z of Personality Development & Life Skill Management”
A - Adaptability, Art of negotiation, Attitude, Analytical skills
B - Belief System, Body language
C - Communication skills, Creativity, Confidence, Control of your Brain, Critical Thinking, Counselling, Corporate Training, CSR, Creating a business model
D - Decision Making, Delegation, Developing a sense of humour, Discipline, Dressing Sense
E - Entrepreneurship, English speaking, Email writing, Employee retention formula, Employability Education or Experience
F - Feedback, Focus, Feedback Giving/ Receiving
G - Goal Setting, Growth formula, Group discussion
H - Happiness, Honesty, Health tips, Handsome
I - Interview Preparation Giving/Taking skills, Influence others' decision-making.
K - Know yourself, Kaizen theory, Knowledge
L - Law of karma, Leadership, Law of compensation, Law of value, Learn More, Earn More, Leaving comfort zone, Loyal
M - Marketing Mantra, Myth, and Facts, Mentally strong, Moral Value, Motivation
N - Never give up, Network/ connection building, Need or Greed
O - Overcome fear, Overcome toxic relationships/ breakup, Organize parties at home, Overcome overthinking, Overcome laziness
P - Public Speaking, Planning, Passion for the profession, Patience, Perception Management, Power of unconditional love, Presentation skill, Public Speaking
Q - Questioning skills, Quit addiction, Quotient Management
R - Relationship building, Risk-taking ability, Responsible, Religious
S - Sales skills, Success Mantra, SWOT Analysis, Self-talk, Stress management
T - Team management, Time management, Trust but verify Team building
U - Uniqueness, Unbiased
V - Vision and Mission
W - Willpower, Wisdom, Write your destiny
X - Xenophilic
Y - Youthful Forever
Z - Zen, Zesty, Zippy

80+ Certification Courses - Irrespective Of Age And Occupation

Why Franchise
“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
Ralph Marston

1. Proven business model - Since our franchise is a proven business model, it significantly reduces risk.

2. Established brand - The most significant trouble in a business is establishing brand value. Pragya Institute is an established brand.

3. Big market research and updated product - We developed our products and services after solid market research and years of hard work. Apart from that, this is an ongoing process, and we update our products and services regularly.

4. Most Updated Product - the Initiators have a big team and experience so that they can provide the most competent and updated product and service.

5. Jobseeker or willing to start your business - slowly and steadily, a growing startup trend. Most people go for a job because they don't want to risk. Franchising reduces risk and is a golden opportunity for people willing to start a business.

6. The outcome of arduous efforts - Running a business is challenging, but establishing a business is the biggest challenge. By taking our franchise, you will get an opportunity to associate with a well-established organization.

7. Provide initial training - Training is fundamental to business growth. Yet, if we look at the non-franchise business model, they hardly go for business training.

8. Provide continuous training - It is just about initial training for sustainable growth. One has a constant and rigorous training.

9. For BHARAT, the best-fit business model - looking at the current business scenario - the franchise business model is the best-fit model because this is cost-effective. Yes, you must pay a certain amount to the franchise owner as a royalty, but this is still the most cost-effective model and reduces operating costs. Only some people may wonder why we should pay franchise owners, but they ignore that developing all these things on your own is a time-consuming and costly affair.

10. Local Vocal and Global - We strongly believe in and promote world-class products/services; if it's "MAKE IN INDIA," we must go for it.

11. Rapid Expansion - Franchise helps you expand your business rapidly because multiple things, like course content, website, brand value, etc., are already well established.

12. Exclusive Marketing support and strategy - The franchise owner will provide you with tools and techniques to market your franchise and help you grow your business in your local area.

Ways to Select the Best Franchise
“The grass is greener where you water it.”
Neil Barringham

1. Understanding profitable business - In the 21st century, profitable business does not mean a business with short-term business opportunities. Instead, the world is looking for a Business Model with tremendous future business opportunities.

2. The sustainable result - One must not look at the short-term aspect of the business but rather think for the long run, and the sustainable result must be your primary focus.

3. Understanding of ROI (Return of Investment) – The ROI of our franchise is tremendous, so we encourage you to take your franchise.

4. Understand the local market and needs – Every product/ service may not fit all markets. Therefore, you must understand your local market and choose the best fit.

5. Best match with profile – Before owning a franchise, you must check. “Why Me or Why Not Me”

6. Help to grow self, society, and nation - Soft skill training is a noble profession. Being a Noble professional is the biggest blessing. You get an opportunity to touch the lives of people. Take a step toward creating a "Happy Bharat.”

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