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The story of creating legends begins, years back. A fine day when our honourable Director Mr Saurabh Jain's elder daughter asked him a question from her science book and he was unable to answer the question. In the night when he was thinking about the incidence. He asked himself, why could he not answer the question? He realized after graduation, he never comes across what he read in the graduation. The same way he realized throughout his academics, whatever he learned hardly 1% of it, comes into practical usages. That is the case with everyone. Hardly 1% of our classroom studies are implementable in real life e.g. Maths - Sin, Cos, and Tan. History - in which year etc. but for the same, we spent almost more than 25 years and million and crore of rupees, but the result is? that day Mr Jain has initiated Pragya Institute of Personality Development. Where we cover almost 150+ major and 200+ minor topics. At the same time, Our Director Mr Saurabh Jain - World Record Holder for the longest non- stop speech on personality development, he has redefined personality development. Personality development is just not about English Speaking, it is much beyond. That is the reason, he has initiated India's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute. Pragya Institute is a pioneer in the field of comprehensive personality development hence Pragya Institute of Personality Development initiated A to Z of personality development. Our motto - We do not produce freshers, we produce professionals. A step towards creating legends. We will not take years, lacks and crores of rupees. Our course starts with one month to one year and the fee is just a few thousand rupees-less than a branded school.

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  • One day session on Behavioral aspects was conducted @ Zinc smelter Debari, HZL by Mr. Saurab Jain. It was indeed a very heartening session as the topics covered throughout the session was very much required by the target audience such team building, integrity, respect which collide with our organizational values. Thank you for such inspirational session..!!... Read more

    Akansha Dwivedi
  • Hi all, I am Deepanshu Bansal. It is well said that teachers show you the light and the biggest example is Saurabh sir, by whom I have learned English speaking. His lectures were so innovative and engaging that made me to attend all the classes. I have never seen a teacher like him yet. His dedication for his profession is really remarkable. Also, he made us aware of the common mistakes that each one of us make and then, helped us to learn from those. He is so passionate about his work and it can be easily seen in his eyes. The effort which he puts into his task is really worth looking at. So, my dear friends, take an opportunity to learn from him and take your life towards a better end.... Read more

    Anushtha Bansal
  • I urge everyone to join this institute to learn basic life skills, soft skills which should be taught in schools essential to become a better person... we all think that we know so much but there is so so much more to learn. I learnt this in pragya institute by Mr.Saurabh jain and Ms. Rupali.. I thank pragya institute for making me learn life changing skills... Read more

    Parya Sharma
  • आज तक मेनेजो कुछ सीखा हैउस सेमेरेअंदर काफी बदलाव आए हैजजनको देख कर मैंओर मेरेमाता पिता काफी खुश है। I appreciate the way of teaching of SAURABH SIR. I am very lucky that I have a teacher like him in my life to guide me in a best way that he can. Thank you so much sir for giving me the bestest learnings of my life that I will be unable to learn from anywhere else. (Translated by Google) From what I have learned till date, there have been many changes in me, which my parents and I are very happy to see. I appreciate the way of teaching of SAURABH SIR. I am very lucky that I have a teacher like him in my life to guide me in a best way that he can. Thank you so much sir for giving me the bestest learnings of my life that I will be unable to learn from anywhere else.... Read more

    Kinjal Jain
  • This institute is top institute for personality development and life skill management as they focus on A to Z of real personality development. This includes basic life skills, soft skills, communication skills, business skills etc. And whatever is need of the day... Mentor, Mr. Saurabh Jain and Ms. Rupali focus on needs of every individual in the class and train them accordingly. Whatever they teach you, they also train you how to implement it in your life. Many of us think that we know so much... the reality is that there is so much to learn and improve to be successful (at any age...) Mentor, Saurabh Jain Sir is Polymath yet a learner. All should attend this life changing magical course...And Success is sure to follow.... Read more

    Dr. Stuti Thaper
  • A real motivation, most inspiring person ever met. The way to look at the things is completely changed and i am totally new person compared to that i was before joining the course. I would say he is THE UNIVERSITY OF WISDOM. Must join classes for any age group... Read more

    Chinmay Jain
  • According to me , Saurabh Jain sir has plethora of knowledge and experience . As first impression matters a lot so, he in his very first lecture talked about the feeling of gratitude , and believe me after that lecture I myself called my parents to say thanks for all the things . My parents were totally speechless at that time. But it was totally his motivation that forced me to do so. Now I can feel rapid change in my personality that too all because of him . So I am very much thankful to him.... Read more

    Shashank Agrawal
  • After attending your session I can notice in myself that I have developed a positive approach towards life.. I can see many positive changes in my personality and code of conduct.. You helped me to bring out the best in myself.. From a shy girl you helped me to become jhasi ki rani😂😂 If I had the chance to recommend someone I would recommend everybody from child to old aged.. You own the perfect score.. Each word from you is like a medicine to heal our personality.. You are a real hero.. Your session was worth the cost; and time Really had a wonderful experience Thank you sir for your inspiring words.. I will surely be back next year..not only me but my friends and family too..... Read more

  • Saurabh sir is good motivation speaker. I am doing 12 days course of PD and Spoken English. He is experienceful and full of good topics, thought , stories,etc. One thing which I like is that sir start the session with National Anthem. He is very very very focused to find solution not problem. I want to give Saurabh sir a big round of applause for his talent and for motiving me. Thank you, By Vaibhav... Read more

    Vikas Nemani
  • Saurabh sir is really so good and amazing...i have shared a very learning experience with him....he has not only changed my view about life.but also has broadened my leaning skills and way of thinking.....he has taught me how to be a better person in my life.....i really really liked the classes of saurabh sir....this was really a time of my life where i learnt lot of things....thank you so much sir for personality development classes..... Read more

    Hansini Gupta Bba regular
  • “A brilliant course overall! I have thoroughly enjoyed the advanced course of personality development and life skill management. Saurabh Sir and Team, have been fantastic, professional, encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable! I have been so impressed by the depth and content of the material, the programme is demanding and anyone signing up to it should know that it is not an easy ride, but it is a motivating, experiential and life changing ride. I thank you for this.” Saurabh Sir you are really a great personality.... Read more

    Sanskrit आचार्य सुमित शर्मा
  • Suraj ki garmi se jalte hue tan ko mil jae taruvar ki chaaya.. Aaisa hi sukh mere maan ko Mila hai mein jab se sharan teri aaya..... Saurabh sir, saurabh sir, saurabh sir.... Thank you sir for telling us the true meaning of personality development(thinking process)... you taught me how to appreciate people that is honestly and the best things that i learned from you was first try to understand the speaker and then put up your opinion and instead of setting a big target we should begin with a little and we will surely achieve the big one too... The last but surely not the least that first I will change myself instead of changing the world... Thank you sir for such motivational sessions.... Regard, Manisha and Sanya... Read more

  • I must say he is one of the best motivational speakers in India. He gave me a lot of confidence and changed my thought process completely , he made me think in positive way . also he prepared me well for my first interview and guess what i got selected. Only i want to say is he will make your life not less than a miracle! I must say U should spend your money for getting your vaastu done for your mind not for your houses.... Read more

    Kriti Agarwal
  • If you really want to enjoy "wow" factor in your life meet an extraordinary personality. None other then Saurabh Sir. University of wisdom. His signature style is interaction with participants. Sir you have really transformed my life. Million thanks to you. "Guru Dakshina" is due sir. My life is yours. You are an angel to lighten the life of people like us.... Read more

    Gaurav Jain
  • Saurabh Jain is truly an extraordinary speaker, his content, approach, voice, command on language, connection with audience, subject knowledge, answering skills, articulation, positive aura he is really university of wisdom. Strongly recommend... Read more

    Rahul Vishnawat
  • Excellent interactive session on all the aspects of business and personal Life and personality development. An erudite speaker on soft skills and personality development to Excel in career path. Looking forward for next concrete session on lifestyle and career goals achievements.... Read more

  • One of the best motivater in India, best person for corporate motivation. Very very effective speaker and consultant for problems we face. Have great understanding of people and their problems. Develop leadership qualities. Very helpful to corporate world �... Read more

    Rahul Anand
  • Mr Saurabh Jain is a very good motivational speaker and have vast experience of motivational talks. I attended his classes in my office training program.he is fantastic speaker and have vast positive wisdom. his knowledge is commanding. The way of he speak is wonderful marvelous inspirational. he talks very practical and motivate everyone in a very practical way... Read more

    Nikhil Khatri
  • Pragya Institute Of Personality Development, Saurabh sir motivated through his seminars. After the class mentors supported me every day. I improved my communication skills 👍👍👍👍 Pragya Institute is Kingdom of Wisdom and Saurabh Jain is University of wisdom.... Read more

    Kanika Bakshi
  • because of Saurabh Jain Sir help, guidance, and effort because of which I am achieving good Job, I shall be forever indebted to you. Pragya Institute is Kingdom of Wisdom and Saurabh Jain is University of wisdom.... Read more

    Sarita Jagwani
  • Feeling motivated and got a proper direction in life to reach towards my aim. I would recommend to everyone to attend this atleast once in life time. The answering style of our questions by saurabh sir relevant to us is amazing... Read more

    Kumar Saurav
  • Great pleasure to heard u sir . You told us so many things to improve our communication skills as well as interview skills. Even u have motivated us in your session which will help us in near future. Thank u again�... Read more

    Akshita Jain
  • I was attended his classes in my gail GTI training program.he is fantastic motivational speaker . The way of he speak is wonderful marvelous inspirational. he talks very practical and motivate everyone in a very practical way.NO words to express their capability.... Read more

    Suneel Saini
  • Out of 50 students in our class 44 bunked before sir even came into our classroom. And they started messaging us to come outside and join them, i was in dilemma that whether to bunk or continue with class. Then i decided to give it a shot and decided to stay. And now i can proudly say that after 3 hour session i got to learn so many things. And i can assure you leave all other work you are doing just join the session you will found out that it will have a great impact on your life.... Read more

    Nikul Sharma
  • The way of explanation with real life example is adorable and how he listen the individual problem in between the session and try to solve it up to its best is favolus... Read more

  • Saurabh sir is an updated version of humanity. The whole environment around them is always positive and pleasant. Saurabh sir has so much knowledge,including spiritual, moral and religious... and so on different type.Sir always out of the box and think deeply.Truly Saurabh sir is an Extraordinary Positive Personality. To be my teacher wholeheartedly ♥️ Thank you♥️ **Saurabh Sir**.... Read more

    Rahul Vaishnav
  • A person who is ready to help for ur future and this help u to grab opportunity..u can learn what r u doing in ur life..just because of by one speech.. Thank u so much sir... Read more

    Harshita Gupta
  • A person who is ready to help for ur future and this help u to grab opportunity..u can learn what r u doing in ur life..just because of by one speech.. Thank u so much sir... Read more

    Prathmesh bhardwaj
  • Excellent motivation sir....I am very thankful to you for those grate inspirational speech... .RAMKUMAR ... Read more

  • Saurabh Jain Mean Never Give Up. He is my son and I am a proud mother. My age is 59 years I attended 45 days workshop and it was really an amazing experience. In this age also I learned so many things from Best Motivational Speaker - Saurabh Jain. He connect to your life and resolve almost each issue of your life. One must join Best Personality Development Classes Of Jaipur.... Read more

    Lecturer Government Of Rajasthan Sunita Jain
  • If u want to change your life join Pragya Institute Personality Development . Today I have completed 30 days workshop. I really felt n number of positive changes in me . Course content , design , speaker and familiar environment. Saurabh Sir Best Mentor. He become my idol. I want to become like him. ... Read more

    Photo and Video Editor Rahul Vishnavat
  • I really don't have words about Pragya Institute Of Personality Development. It was really life changing experience with Saurabh Jain Sir. He is absolutely amazing personality. One must join 45 Days Workshop. Sir I will always remember " GURU DAKSHINA " is due on me. I am sure i will touch the new heights because you taught me SKY IS THE LIMIT.... Read more

    Er Pushpendra Hadia
  • First of all I would like to thank sir saurab jain for being a friend cum mentor of mine.Before joining here I was in dought that is my decision right to join here or not? But i believed him and started my classes. He just not helped me in clearing my campus but also gave me some important understandings of life. He is a person who creates such a friendly environment that you grasp each and every lessons with ease and in learning mode. I just came here to groom up myself to clear my campus.... Read more

    Vinit Gupta
  • Advanced personality development is very effective and value for money course. Saurabh Jain Sir best guide and life coach. He will completely changed my view towards life and work. I will strongly recommend this course. Best Classes Of Personality Development In Jaipur Pragya Institute Of Personality Development. ???? ??????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????? Magical Personality ... Read more

    Air Pistol Shooter Rajesh Chaudhry
  • This is a excellent mind opening workshop in that u know about different aspects of life you can see the things in other or in your own way.In this workshop u can also solve your own or practical life can be motivated to fulfilling your dreams and to become a successful in your life.I had a great experience in those 30 days. Thank You Saurabh Jain Sir ... Read more

    Student Ashutosh Sharma
  • Pragya Institute Of Personality Development has been the institution that has taught me how to enlighten the spark within our self. PIPD is the temple that enlightens amongst us the positive approach, self esteem, never give up attitude even under the most difficult circumstances of life. Best Motivational Speaker left no stone upturned to transform my personality . Best P D Classes In Jaipur... Read more

    C.A Chinmay Jain
  • This was a life changing experience for me.I shared my problems and found their solutions too. I would like to go again for my career. This was a wonderful experience. . Thanks Pragya Institute Of Personality Development. Best Personality Development Classes In Jaipur and Excellent Motivation Speaker Saurabh Jain.... Read more

    Student Shelly Mittal
  • I m founder of comapny, I got everything at one place what I was looking for. Really such a great Personality , Trainer And Motivational Speaker. Friendly Atmosphere. I would recommend everyone must join Pragya Institute Of Personality Development #Best institute of my Life Best teacher of my life .All the things that I needed to learn most in my life taught me everything by my Saurabh Jain sir ... Read more

    Founder CEO Prodeals Ranveer Maurya
  • Once I Joined I felt that the things i was knowing about my self and others were limited but now feeling great ready to achieve my goals. Strongly recommend everyone must join. Will definitely find a change in yourself. By the workshop you will be motivated, and able to achieve your dreams and goals. helping hand from our Mentor Mr. Saurabh jain sir. Sir thanks for inspiring me to achieve my goals and helping me to believe myself. ... Read more

    Student Madhur Goyal
  • Res ... Guru is Great than god it realiaze here after session also national Proud and Family unity is also indrict motivated... Very ...session 1do some dissociation session also of personal problem of audiances... Best of luck Manish yadav... Read more

    Manish Yadav
  • I am a Tutor- I couldn't attend the complete workshop but excellent performance .After joining Pragya Institute Of Personality Development, I can say Best Personality Development Class Of Jaipur. Now life look quite positive. I am extremely happy given new direction to my life. Thank You Saurabh Sir Best Motivational Speaker... Read more

    Director Pragya Tuition Classes Pooja Jain
  • Being C.A was't that easy but cracking an interview was even more difficult task for me. An introvert, poor communication, lack of confidence, English speaking like nightmares and many more but Motivational Speaker and Trainer Saurabh Jain Sir transformed me in way that I attempted for one and cracked that one itself. Thanks Pragya Institute Of Personality Development ... Read more

    C.A Rishab Jain