•   Never Stop Growing: Constant Learning with Our Membership

    Never Stop Growing: Constant Learning with Our Membership

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    To create people with Genius Mindset, we follow the 360-degree approach. Here you can enjoy Personality Development/ Soft-Skill Development, Life-Skill Development, Business Skill Development, Employability Skill Development, English Speaking, Counselling, Consultancy, NLP, Memory, Profile Building, and Self Design Courses. All the skills required to be a Genius -
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    “We do not produce freshers; we do not produce professionals; We Produce Passionate Professionals.”
    "जिसको बेस्ट बनना है - वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है"
    World-class curriculum, world-class trainer, world-class training methodology, and world-class infrastructure.
    Bharat's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute.
    Known as
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    “Excellence की पाठशाला "
    We have initiated a movement towards creating legends
    Rajasthan's first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University.

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    Stay Ahead of the Curve: How Pragya Institute Membership Offers Uninterrupted Learning

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    Conclusion: Invest in Your Continuous Learning with Pragya Institute Membership

    If you are searching for the most comprehensive personality development course in Jaipur, look no further than Pragya Institute of Personality Development & Life Skill Management. Under the mentorship of highly experienced trainer Mr Saurabh Jain, we offer the city's best personality development and soft skill courses.

    At Pragya Institute, we take pride in being known as Excellence की पाठशाला, Kingdom of Wisdom, and 360 Degree Growth Academy. We are an ISO-certified institute and have been awarded 200+ eminent titles. Global media has covered our exemplary work in soft skills, life skills, personality development, and digital marketing as news headlines.

    What sets us apart from others is our world-class comprehensive curriculum. We cover everything from A to Z of personality development and life skill management. This curriculum is crafted under the supervision and guidance of the world's best trainers. Our approach is 100% practical, where implementation is our religion.

    1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our institute offers a world-class comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of personality development and life skills. From communication skills to leadership development, our courses provide a holistic approach to personal growth.

    2. Practical Training Methodology: We believe in the power of implementation. Our courses focus on practical learning, allowing students to apply the concepts they learn in real-life situations. This hands-on approach ensures effective skill development and long-term retention. Our Methodology is an excellent blend of Science and Psychology

    3. Experienced Trainer: Our chief trainer, Mr Saurabh Jain, is a nine-world record holder and widely recognized as the world's best soft skill and life skill mentor. Under his guidance, students benefit from his expertise and extensive experience in the field. His intellectual brilliance ensures that our students receive the highest quality training.
    Mr Saurabh Jain is the founder of the Jaipur Learning Festival "Learning & Motivation का महाकुम्भ" In this event, Mr Saurabh Jain delivered a 24-hour non-stop (no water, no bio break, without the help of notes) speech. He presented his speech in the presence of more than 15,000 prominent audiences. 200+ national & international media houses published his success story.
    Mr Saurabh Jain is also the founder of the "Kingdom of Wisdom."
    Mr Saurabh Jain, Founder of Pragya Group of Institutions
    Soft Skill Trainer – Mr Saurabh Jain has upskilled over 10,000 students, business leaders & business owners. He is faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI/ ICSI/ ICMAI. He takes sessions on more than 350+ topics.
    Personal Growth Trainer/Self-Help Speaker – Everyone wishes to build their career, but what about growing as a person? Saurabh Jain took more than 250 sessions on personal growth—an exemplary contribution to eternal transformation. Saurabh Jain is a great counsellor; he understands people's real-life problems and has a solution-focused mindset. These qualities make him the best self-help speaker.
    Life Skill Mentor – Saurabh Jain is a person who leads by example. As of now, he has addressed more than 20,000 audiences and facilitated them to transform their lives. His observations are meticulous.

    4. World-Class Learning Environment: Pragya Institute has state-of-the-art training facilities, creating a learning environment at par with international standards. Students can expect a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for their growth journey.

    5. Customer Delight: Our Core Value is to give more. Our 4150+ students have given 5 Star ratings and excellent reviews. Testimonials by our students speak about our Excellence and commitment.

    6. Individualized Attention: We maintain small batch sizes to ensure personalized attention and complete hand-holding for every student. This one-on-one focus allows a deeper understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, leading to customized skill development.

    7. Sustainable Solutions: Our courses focus on the root causes behind various challenges and provide sustainable solutions. We help students understand the cause-and-effect equation to address issues at their core, leading to long-lasting personal growth and development.

    8. Exclusive Worksheets and Activities: As part of our curriculum, we provide exclusive worksheets and activities related to each topic. These resources enhance learning and reinforce key concepts, allowing students to practice and apply their skills practically.

    9. Celebrating Life & Pragya Award Night: 
    At Pragya Institute, we celebrate life and our student's accomplishments. We organize Pragya Award Night, where students are recognized and celebrated for their progress and achievements throughout their journey with us.

    Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and unlock your true potential.
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    We don't just produce freshers or professionals; we produce passionate professionals ready to excel in their respective fields.

    Remember, "जिसको बेस्ट बनना है, वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है" (Those who want to be the best, choose the best).

    Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and unlock your true potential. Join Pragya Institute of Personality Development today!
    Conclusion: Through Self-Improvement and Personal Development, Embrace the Journey of personal growth. World-Class Curriculum, Training Methodology, Trainer, Infrastructure & Learning Environment at the Most Affordable Price

    Overview: Pragya’s Personality Development Courses
    For Complete Details - Must Read - Our Curriculum - Methodology - Learning Outcome

    Module: 1- Learn & Achieve Excellence: Key to Unstoppable Growth - "Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow. Learn As If You Were To Live Forever" - The only way to achieve limitless growth in life - is beyond your wildest dreams. "Excellence is not an act; it’s a habit."

    Module: 2 - Learn & Develop Intelligence- "It Takes Something More Than Intelligence To Act Intelligently"

    Module: 3 - Learn & Develop Curiosity: Sign of Wisdom - "Curiosity Is The Wick In The Candle Of Learning" - Curiosity is The Hunger of the Human Mind - Improve relative thinking.

    Module: 4 -  Be A Natural Influencer: Master Stroke & Game Changer - "A Mentor Is Someone Who Allows You To See The Hope Inside Yourself" is the essential quality of a leader, develop a flawless approach to dealing with people.

    Module: 5 -  Be A Charismatic Personality: Great Personality Attract Success - "A Beautiful Appearance Will Last A Few Decades, But A Beautiful Personality  Will  Last A Lifetime" A P J Abdul Kalam. “Your Personality Will Define Magnitude, And Altitude of Your Success.” Saurabh Jain.

    Module: 6 - Overcome Comparison: Stop Killing Yourself for No Reason - “A Comparison Is An Act Of Violence Against The Self" Iyanla Vanzant.  “Comparison is the biggest trap to spoil life.” Saurabh Jain.

    Module: 7 -  Constitution of Life: Law of Nature - Most Effective Ways To Manage Life - "The Human Body Is The Best Picture Of The Human Soul" Tony Robbins - The best fundamental and natural ways to stay healthy. Top secrets of healthy life.

    Module: 8 - Adaptability: If ALive Be Dynamic - "Change Is No Longer Just An Event Or Process- It Is A Skill" - Overcome rigidity - develop flexibility and become adaptable. Learn ways to overcome - your comfort zone.

    Module: 9 - Belief Systems - Change Belief - Change Outcome - "Endless Possibilities Exist Beyond Your Belief System" - Negative Beliefs are the most significant roadblock - remove all roadblocks- Be an optimistic personality.

    Module: 10 - Boost and Achieve Photographic Memory: fewer Efforts, More Results - Level - 1 - "Mastering Others Is Strength, Mastering Yourself Is True Power” - "I forget" syndrome is enough to like many of your dreams and can reduce your efficiency. Achieve photographic memory and laser-sharp focus.

    Module: 11 - Boost and Achieve Photographic Memory: fewer Efforts, More Results-  Level - 2 - "Mastering Others Is Strength, Mastering Yourself Is True Power” - "I forget" syndrome is enough to like many of your dreams and can reduce your efficiency. Achieve photographic memory and laser-sharp focus.

    Module: 12 - Develop Powerful Habits of Winner: Habits Decide Habitat - “Motivation Is What Gets You Started, Habit Is What Keeps You Going." Jim - Your habits become your attitude, and your attitude decides the course of success or failure. Develop Powerful Habit of Winners.

    Module: 13 - Learn to Stay Positive: Life Begins at The End of Negativity - "Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life. " Saurabh Jain - Learn the Art of Staying Positive in Challenging Situations.

    Module: 14 - Know About Yourself - Uncover Secrets – Unlock Potential - Beginning of Wisdom- Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom " Aristotle. Any action without knowing yourself will not produce great results. The best way to enhance productivity is to “Know Yourself.”

    Module: 15 - Career Planning & Objective Setting – Legends Plan before Doing - "The Future Starts Today " Saurabh Jain - Life is like an uncontrolled car. Without planning and objective, Know the best suitable career options for you, plan them, and achieve them.

    Module: 16 -  Identify and Turn Your Passion into Profession – “Life Without Passion Is Slavery “ Saurabh Jain - In the beginning, motivation is required for continued passion.

    Module: 17 -  Strategic Goal Setting: Research - Analyze -  Adopt - Plan to Achieve - “Setting a vision is the first step of achieving a vision. Turn Invisible into visible and dreams into reality.” Saurabh Jain  

    Module: 18 - Achieve Strategic Goal – Turn Excuse into Execute - "Vision Without Execution Is A Hallucination" - Overcome all ways and means of “Execution Failure”  

    Module: 19 - Financial Literacy: Earn VS Spend VS Invest – Develop Mindset of Rich People - "Money Is The Wise Man’s Religion" - What Makes You Rich? The answer is Financial Literacy. Learn - Ways to earn more, Spend Intelligently - Invest Wisely.  

    Module: 20 - Learn & Develop Innovation Skills - Follower or Leader - "The Secret Of Change Is To Focus All Of Your Energy, Not On Fighting The Old But Building On The New " Religion - Innovative thinking creates the difference between followers and a leader. Choose to become a leader.

    Module: 21 - Problem-Solving Skills - Solution Oriented Mindset - Winners Mindset - "Best Way To Escape Your Problem Is To Solve Them" Robert Anthon - There are two types of people - Problem Focused - Always in trouble, Solution Focused - Enjoy Each Situation. Develop a solution-oriented mindset.

    Module: 22 - Risk Management = Growth Management - "If You Take No Risks, You Will Suffer No Defeats. But If You Take No Risks, You Win No Victories." Richard - The biggest regret - “I Would Have Tried.” Learn and develop the ability to take calculated risks.

    Module 23 - Fear Management: Learn - Listen to Your Heart - "Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.” Suzy Kassem - Fear is something that does not allow it to begin. Learn - Listen to your heart and overcome fear.

    Module 24 -Failure Management: Dare to Dream - Failure Is The Closest Friend Of Successful People." Saurabh Jain - “Failure Is the Closest Friend of Successful People." Saurabh Jain. Develop courage and learn the art of failing successfully.

    Module: 25 - Build Self Confidence: Best Feeling - Self Belief - "As Soon As You Trust Yourself, You Will Know How To Live." Johann - Nothing can be achieved without confidence. Build self-confidence and Aim High - Achieve More.

    Module: 26 - Learn & Develop Creativity: Sign of Liveliness & Existence - "The Most Talented, Thought-provoking, Game-changing People Are Never Ordinary. " Richard Branson - Want to be an outstanding one - develop creativity. Turn the habit of copying into creativity.

    Module: 27 - Learn & Develop Patience: Waiting till Right Time - Sign of Wisdom - "Patience Is Not About Waiting But The Ability To Keep A Good Attitude While Waiting.”Joyce Mey - Right Move, Right Direction, Right Time is called patience - A sign of Wisdom. Learn and Develop Patience.

    Module: 28 -  Learn & Develop Consistency: Define - Dream or Daydreaming - "People Are Rewarded In Public For What They Practice For Years In Private." Tony Robbins - Consistency is the essential requirement of grand achievements, and in most cases, this is missing. Learn and Develop Consistency.

    Module: 29 - Relationship-Building - Building Foundation of Comprehensive Success - "If You Would Be Loved, Love, And Be Loveable." Benjamin Franklin - Improve Your Social Connectivity Score

    Module: 30 - Relationship Management - Art of People & Self Management - “They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.” Carl W. Buechner - For achieving impeccable success, learn the Art of Relationship Management.   

    Module: 31 -  Learn and Develop Empathy - Neither “I” Nor “You” It is We - "If We Can't See Eye To Eye, Let's Try Heart To Heart." Saurabh Jain - The fundamental requirement of effective communication and sign of Being Human

    Module: 32 - Learn Basics of Communication Skills: Make or Break Skill - Effective Communicators Lead the World "Effective Communication Is The Bridge Between Confusion And Clarity." Nat Turner

    Module: 33 - Learn & Develop Influential Skills: Critical Winning Factor - "The Key To Successful Leadership Is Influence, Not Authority. " Ken Blanchard - Impressing others is a short-term game, but influencing others is a long-term game - Saurabh Jain.

    Module: 34 - Learn and Develop Active Listening: Understand VS Understood - "Listening Is An Art That Requires Attention Over Talent, Spirit Over Ego, Others Over Self. " Dean Jackson - Active listening is an art that can turn an argument into a discussion, Misunderstanding into Understanding, Understanding into understanding.

    Module: 35 -  Learn and Develop Observation Skill - Sign of Critical Learner- "To Acquire Knowledge, One Must Study, But To Acquire Wisdom, One Must Observe." Marilyn Vos Savant - Observers make relatively more minor mistakes

    Module: 36 - Perception Management: Thermometer or Thermostat - "What Is Behind Your Eyes Hold More Power Than What Is In Front Of Them." Gary Zukav. This game runs between - Your Truth, My Truth, and The Truth. Learn Perception Management to know the truth.

    Module: 37 - Basics of Verbal Communication Skills Level - 1- Mirror of Your Thought Process & Your Thought Process is Mirror of Your Destiny- "If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All” Thumper From Bambi. Improve your intentions and presentations. “The weight of your word has more impact than the volume of your voice!” - Saurabh Jain. - Be an effective communicator 

    Module: 38 - Basic Of Verbal Communication Skills - Level -2 - One Skill - Many Achievements - "Wise Men Talk Because They Have Something To Say; Fools Because They Have To Say Something" Plato. Learn the Art of Come + You + In + Action

    Module: 39 - Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP): Connection Between Outside and Inside World - "Language Is The Dress Of Thought; Every Time You Talk, Your Mind Is On Parade." - Johnson. Learn the best way to build a heart-to-heart connection with yourself and others

    Module: 40 - Learn Advanced Verbal Communication Skill - Level - 1 - Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary "Effective Communication Is 20% What You Know And 80% How You Feel About What You Know." - Learn to speak intelligently - Right Words, Right Tone, Right Time, Right Place, Right Energy, Right Intention.

    Module: 41 - Learn Advanced Verbal Communication Skill - Level - 2 - Different strokes for different folks- "Every Act Of Communication Is A Miracle Of Translation. " Ken Liu - Each individual is unique; you can’t follow the same style as everyone. Learn the Art of Different Strokes for Different Folks.

    Module: 42 - Different Style of Verbal Communication Skills - Turn Unfavorable into Favorable- “Be Calm, Yet Assertive. Be Meek; Yet Courageous. Be Gentle, Yet Bold. Be Kind, Yet Strong." Charles F Glassman - Now, managing difficult people and situations is easy because you can achieve mastery in the 8th wonder, i.e., Communication.

    Module: 43 - Power of Body Language - Language of Subconscious Mind - "The Most Important Thing In Communication Is Hearing What Isn't Said" Benjamin Franklin. Body language speaks louder than your words and voice. Achieve Excellence in reading body language and self-improvement.

    Module: 44 -  Art of Negotiation - Learn to Create Win-Win Situation - "No Response Is A Response, And It’s A Powerful One." Saurabh Jain. Players of negotiation “get the best and give the best.”

    Module: 45 -  Learn Basics of Public Speaking - Spot Light Effect Skill - "It's Alright To Have Butterflies In Your Stomach. Just Get Them To Fly In Formation." Rob Gilbert - History is evidence good speakers rule the world by winning the heart of people. Learn heart-winning skills and rule the world. 

    Module: 46 - Know Your Audience: Famous or Furious - "Speakers Who Talk About What Life Has Taught Them Never Fail To Keep The Attention Of Their Listeners." Dale Carnegie - Preparing a speech without knowing the audience's needs is like serving non-veg to a vegetarian. 

    Module: 47 - Reputation Building: Win the Heart Then Easy to Win the Brain - "Our Language Is The Reflection Of Ourselves. A Language Is An Exact Reflection Of The Character And Growth Of Its Speakers." Cesar. Failed to build reputation = Failed to Influence. Learn reputation-building skills.

    Module: 48 - Content Design - Game Plan - Mirror Image of Your Preparation "Designing A Presentation Without An Audience In Mind Is Like Writing A Love Letter And Addressing It: To Whom It May Concern." Ken Haemer - Give an “X” Factor to your content that can make your speech ten times more effective.

    Module: 49 - Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Your Confidence = Audience Confidence in You - "The Best Way To Conquer Stage Fright Is To Know What You're Talking About." Michael - Everyone is a good Public Speaker - The biggest roadblock is fear of the Stage, Mike, and the Audience. You do not speak; your confidence speaks. Be confident and say bye-bye to the fear of public speaking.

    Module: 50 - Public Speaking Techniques: Speak What You Love to Listen- "You Can Speak Well If Your Tongue Can Deliver The Message Of Your Heart." John Ford - How you speak is more important than what you say - Learn Intonation

    Module: 51 - Advanced Public Speaking Techniques: Champions Prepare Well Before Execution "If You Have Made Up Your Point, Stop Talking." Diana C- If you can fly, then why walk - Learn to leave an everlasting impact

    Module: 52 - How To Get Paid Speaking Gigs: Marketing of Skills - Become A High-Paid Speaker. Public Speaking is Arts and Science - First, Learn Art and Science, and then Commerce will follow you. Saurabh Jain"The Success Of Your Presentation Will Be Judged Not By The Knowledge You Send But By What The Listener Receives." Lilly Walters

    Module: 53 - Learn Advanced Presentation Techniques: Engagement will lead to Mileage - "If You Think Presentations Cannot Enchant People, You Have Never Seen A Perfect One." Learn to give the most engaging presentation and add the wow factor to your presentation skill.

    Module: 54 -  Learn the Art of Storytelling: You will be Remembered for Your Story - "Great Stories Happen To Those Who Can Tell Them." Ira - Stories create a long-lasting impact that stands true for a storyteller too.

    Module: 55 - Group Discussion: Learn to Respond, Not React - "A Good Discussion Increases The Dimensions Of Everyone Who Takes Part." Randolph - Your biggest responsibility is to Learn to respond - Ability to discuss - define the person's maturity. Show your maturity and learn the art of discussion.

    Module: 56 - Learn & Develop Debate Winning Skills - Defend Your Idea Without Hurting Others - "Debate- Intellectuals Debate Idiots Just Argue." Dani Reynolds - Learn a great art, “Be Bold but Politely.

    Module: 57 - Learn & Develop Extempore Winning Skills – Fast & Best Will Be The First "Your Heart Is The Size Of An Ocean. Go Find Yourself In Its Hidden Depths." Rumi- Learn to think fast and best under pressure, give structure to thoughts and deliver your best.

    Module: 58 - Anchoring: Create Significant Difference - "Powerful Bridge Between Organizer And Audience " Saurabh Jain - Anchoring is a powerful social skill that creates a significant difference. Learn to think spontaneously and interact with the audience.

    Module: 59 - Theatrical Activities: Life Is a Theatre – Master Theatrical Skill - "Tell Me, And I Forget. Teach Me, And I Remember. Involve Me, And I Learn." Benjamin - The best way to improve body language, and expressions and overcome hesitation.

    Module: 60 - Dressing Sense – First Impression - "Wearing The Correct Dress For Any Occasion Is A Matter Of Good Manners." Loretta Young - Dressing Sense adds additional value to your personality. For powerful social and professional impact -one must dress well.

    Module: 61 - Social Etiquettes: True Meaning of Education – Manners & Behaviour  - "Things That Money Can’t Buy Like Manners, Morals And Integrity- " Saurabh Jain - Few things you cannot buy – one is etiquette. Learn and Improve Social Etiquettes.

    Module: 62 - Official Etiquette: People Are Hired for Skill and Fired for Behaviour - "Civility Costs Nothing And Buys Everything. " Mary - Two major wheels of professional growth Skill and Behaviour. Be good at both.

    Module: 63 - Giving Feedback – Mandatory for Growth, but Roller Coaster Ride - “I Think It’s Essential To Have A Feedback Loop, Where You’re Constantly Thinking About What You’ve Done And How You Could Be Doing It Better.” Elon Musk - Giving Feedback is the basic need for growth, but it can become the primary reason for degrowth if not used properly.

    Module: 64 - Receiving Feedback – Legends Love It, Idiots Run from It. - "We Can’t Drive People, We Teach And Lead " Saurabh Jain - Most of the time, feedback is free, but it adds value to millions. Everyone Must Learn It.

    Module: 65 - Art Saying Yes & No – Shortest Word but Longest Impact – Use Judiciously - These two words define the quality of your life,

    Module: 66 - Learn & Improve English Speaking: Level - 1 – Small Start Leads to Great Achievements - In the digital world, ear of globalization, good social appearance, and professional growth - are essential to learn

     Module 67 - Learn & Improve English Speaking: Level - 2 – Dream It and Achieve It - "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It. "  Walt Disney - In the digital world, the ear of globalization, good social appearance, and professional growth are essential to learning.

    Module: 68 - Learn & Improve English Speaking: Level - 3 – Efforts Convert Talent into Achievements - "Learning Is Not A Spectator Sport." D. Blocher - In the digital world, ear of globalization, good social appearance, and professional growth - essential to learn

    Module: 69 - Learn & Develop Discipline – Sign of Passion with Purpose - “Disciple turns goals into achievements.”  Saurabh Jain, The fundamental prerequisite for winners.

    Module: 70 - Developing Focus Approach – Distractions Finally Lead to Frustration - "Don’t Focus On What You See, Focus On What You Want To Be" Saurabh Jain - Focus - Improve productivity, self-satisfaction, and lead to great achievement.

    Module: 71 - Earn Credibility – Most Powerful Currency – Earn It - "Credibility Is A Leader’s Currency. With It, He Or She Is Solvent; Without It, He Or She Is Bankrupt." John - Credibility is the biggest achievement. Learn It, Earn It, Enjoy It.

    Module: 72 -Learn and Develop Ethics, Integrity, Morality, Honesty – Sign of Visionary Person - "Right Is Right Even If No One Is Doing It; Wrong Is Wrong Even If Everyone Is Doing It." Saint Augustine - If you want to create a legacy, learn it.

    Module: 73 - Earn Trust, Loyalty, Respect – Now Miracle is Possible - "Respect Those Who Deserve It Not Those Who Demand It" Saurabh Jain - For creating personal brand value - consistent quality delivery.

    Module: 74 - Art of Parenting – Work on Creating the Biggest Assets  - "If You Have Never Been Hated By Your Child, You Have Never Been A Parent." Bette Davis - The opinion difference between parents and kids leads to emotional distance. Resolve it – Learn the Art of Parenting.

    Module: 75 - Learn & Develop Emotional Intelligence and Quotient Management - Level -1 – Biggest Friend or Biggest Enemy- "Control Your Emotions; Otherwise, Your Emotions Will Control You." Saurabh Jain - Emotions are our best companion if you know- How to deal with them. In your success and failure, emotions play a vital role.

    Module: 76 - Learn & Develop Emotional Intelligence and Quotient Management- Level -2 – Control Emotions or Emotions Will Control You- "The Only Way To Change Someone's Mind Is To Connect With Them From The Heart. " Rasheed Ogunlaru - Emotions are our best companion if you know- How to deal with them. In your success and failure, emotions play a vital role.

    Module: 77 - Learn & Develop Emotional Intelligence and Quotient Management- Level – 3 – Emotional Intelligence Define Quality of Life - "To Increase Your Effectiveness, Make Your Emotions Subordinate To Your Commitments." Brian Koslow - Emotions are our best companion if you know- How to deal with them. In your success and failure, emotions play a vital role.

    Module: 78 - Learn & Develop Emotional Intelligence and Quotient Management- Level – 4 – Help Your Emotions, See the Miracle happening around you - "How To Neutralize Inconsistent Emotions - When Dealing With People, Remember You Are Not Dealing With Creatures Of Logic, But With Creatures Of Emotion." Dale Carnegie - Emotions are our best companion if you know- How to deal with them. In your success and failure, emotions play a vital role.

    Module: 79 - Anger Management - Energy Use It or Abuse It - "Anger Is A Wind That Blows Out The Lamp Of The Mind." Robert Green Ingersoll - Anger is a powerful energy source. Energy has the power to create or crash. Decide “What You Want to Do with Your Energy.

    Module: 80 - Guilt Management – Past Mental Baggage Steal Your Present - "Let's Not Burden Our Remembrance With A Heaviness That's Gone." Shakespeare - The past often starts controlling the present, and it is challenging to overcome mental baggage. Learn Guilt Management.

    Module: 81 - Ego Management – Ego is Enough to Spoil Everything – “The Killer” - "Impressing People Is Utterly Different From Being Truly Impressive." John Boyd - Ego - Strong Emotion. The biggest hurdle is self-insight—the biggest roadblock in inner and outer growth. Remove the Roadblock.

    Module: 82 - Stress Management – Stress = Life in Trash - "The Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another" William James - Manage Life automatically; you will be able to manage stress. Learn to Manage Life.

    Module: 83 - Happiness – Purpose of Life - Happiness is a powerful habit. Few live happy in all adversities and few are unhappy in all luxuries. Develop the habit of Happiness.

    Module: 84 - Develop Positive Attitude – Best in Handling the Worst - "To Be The Best, You Must Be Able To Handle The Worst." Ziad K. Abdennour - Your attitude mirrors your ability to handle the worst. Learn to look at the bright side.

    Module: 85 - Stay Self-Motivated – A Whisper “You Can Do It.” is as powerful as a nuclear bomb - "If You Are Born Poor, It’s Not Your Mistake, But If You Die Poor, That’s Your Mistake." Bill Gates - When passion and purpose are merged, a baby is born named “Self-Motivation.” Best friend in the difficulties.

    Module: 86 - Learn & Improve Critical Thinking – 360 Degree Approach to Establish Cause and Effect Relationship - "If There Was One Skill Everyone On The Planet Needed, It Was To Think With Critical Objectivity." Josh Lanyon - Look beyond and deep into what others can’t.

    Module: 87 - Learn & Improve Decision-Making Skill – Level -1 – Decision Decide Destiny - "The Right Decision Is The Wrong Decision If It’s Made Too Late." Lee Iacocca - Turn your confusion into clarity, then clarity into the decision. In a dynamic world, quick decision-making is essential.

    Module: 88 - Learn & Improve Decision-Making Skill – Level -2 – Decision Decide Destiny - "Your Life Changes The Moment You Make A New, Congruent, And Committed Decision."  Tony Robbins - Turn your confusion into clarity, then clarity into a decision. In a dynamic world, quick decision-making is essential.

    Module: 89 - Time Management = Life Management - "The Bad News Is Time Flies. The Good News Is You’re The Pilot." Michael Altshuler - Many times, people are confused between Punctuality and Time Management. Learn Time Management. People speak that time is precious but don’t value it.

    Module: 90 - Enhance Productivity – Success is Not the Outcome of Hard work; it is the outcome of Productivity - "Productivity Is Being Able To Do Things That You Were Never Able To Do Before." Franz Kafka - Have you seen a few people work less and achieve more? Do you want to learn this secret?

    Module: 91 - Learn Basics of Entrepreneurship Level – 1 – Game of Uncertainty with Innovation and Creativity - "The True Entrepreneur Is A Doer, Not A Dreamer." Nolan Bushnell - I love to experience and explore life and be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a spectator sport. Learn It

    Module: 92 - Learn Basics of Entrepreneurship Level – 2 – Turn Invisible into Visible - "There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Someone Who Goes Out Of Their Way To Make Life Beautiful For Others." Mandy Hale - I love to experience and explore life and be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a spectator sport. Learn It

    Module: 93 - Entrepreneurship: Learn & Develop Business Acumen Level – 1- Vision with Execution - "An Entrepreneur Tends To Bite Off A Little More Than He Can Chew, Hoping He’ll Quickly Learn How To Chew It." Roy Ash - Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Learning Improves Performance. Learn for a better outcome.

    Module: 94 - Entrepreneurship: Learn & Develop Business Acumen Level – 2- Work for Yourself, Work on Yourself -  "Build Your Dreams, Or Someone Else Will Hire You To Build Theirs." Farrah Gray - Learn to Create Legacy – Work for Your Dreams, Work on Your Dreams.

    Module: 95 -  Entrepreneurship: Learn & Develop Business Acumen Level – 3 – To Get More - "People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It." Simon Sinek - Three fundamental principles to grow a business – Solve Existing Problems, Solve Upcoming Problems, and Add Value. Learn Business Acumen.

    Module: 96 - Entrepreneurship: Sales and Marketing Mantra – Level – 1 – Business Growth = Customer Acquisition, and Retention - "The Best Marketing Does Not Feel Like Marketing." Tom Fishburne - Modern marketing and sales combine “Art, Science, and Commerce.” Learn it and execute it.

    Module: 97 - Entrepreneurship: Sales and Marketing Mantra – Level – 2 – Work on Customer Need, Not on Your Greed - “It’s Not About Having The Right Opportunities. It’s About Handling The Opportunities Right.”Mark Hunter - Modern marketing and sales combine “Art, Science, and Commerce.” Learn it and execute it.

    Module: 98 - Entrepreneurship: Hire to Retire – Training & Treatment = Employees Performance - "Always Treat Your Employees Exactly As You Want Them To Treat Your Best Customers." - Modern Employees cannot be treated in conventional ways. Learn the modern method to get the best out of employees.

    Module: 99 - Entrepreneurship: Data Security - A Wrong Step Can Vanish… - "You Only Have To Do A Few Things Right In Your Life So Long As You Don’t Do Too Many Things Wrong." Warren Buffett - In the 21st century, data is everything. If you have data, you can rule the world. Secure Your Data - Secure Your World.

    Module: 100 - Team Building – Level – 1 – Best Thing You Can Create – Champion Team - "Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork And Intelligence Win Championships." Michael Jordan - It’s not about having a champion team; it’s about creating a champion team. Learn to create a champion team.

    Module: 101 - Team Building – Level – 2 – Team Spirit Decides the Team's Fate.- "None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us." Ken Blanchard - The team is beyond working for a common objective – It’s more about Trust and Respect - Sync and Synergy between each other.

    Module: 102 - Delegation – Delegation is Navigation - "Delegation Requires The Willingness To Pay For Short Term Failure To Gain Long Term Competency." Dave Ramsey - Dependency creates more independence, but few don’t believe in this. Very few believe in this, and they grow faster.

    Module: 103 - Conflict Management – Conflict Sign of Intelligence – Resolving Conflict Sign of Wisdom"Most People Don’t Listen With The Intent To Understand; They Listen With The Intent To Reply." Stephen R. Covey - Nothing terrible, in conflict if you know - how to take advantage of it and resolve it. Learn It.

    Module: 104 - Learn & Develop Leadership Skill – Level – 1 – Inspire Through Character, Not Words - "Leadership Is The Capacity To Translate Vision Into Reality." Warren Bennis -  Leadership is not a title, position, or designation – It’s much beyond because Leadership is an inspiration.

    Module: 105 - Learn & Develop Leadership Skill – Level – 2 – One Who Initiates – Sustain – Conclude- "Management Is Doing Things Right; Leadership Is Doing The Right Things." Peter Drucker - Success – Team in the First Place, Failure – Team in the Last Place. It takes courage. Learn It.
    Diamond Plus Pro

    Module: 106 - Job Interview Preparation – Scale Your Skill for High Pay Scale - "Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy." -  It is not about getting a job; it’s more about getting a dream job. Prepare for the best.

    Know About Curriculum:

    You will learn world-class skills
    Money Does Not Make You Rich; Skills Make You Rich
    “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    After long research and experience of years, Pragya Institute of Personality Development, "The initiator of A to Z of personality development and life skill management," developed highly customized and highly effective Personality Development Courses. This course is designed Under the guidance of world-renowned Personality Development Guru and World Record Holder- Mr. Saurabh Jain. 
    • Our team has done robust scientific research. The curriculum is designed under the guidelines of the world's best coaches and mentors.
    • Our chief trainer Mr. Saurabh Jain spent about 35,000 hours learning all these skills, and approximately he paid Rs. 32 lacks to learn all these world-class techniques.
    • Saurabh Jain has read more than 1000 self-help books written by world-renowned authors. He used all his learnings in designing this course.
    • Saurabh Jain has used his 19+ years of professional experience in designing this course.
    • Saurabh Jain holds a higher designation in many social organizations. He has used all his social experience in designing this course.
    • Saurabh Jain has taken over 5000 interviews; he used his experience in designing this course.
    • Saurabh Jain has taken 5000 + sessions and touched more than 150000 lives
    • Saurabh Jain has used all his learnings and vast experience to develop such a fantastic course.
    • We can guarantee that our course is something beyond your imagination. If you are looking for the best, stop searching anymore because you are at the right place.
    "Our course is merely not a course; It is a way to Exponential Growth."

    Complete Training Methodology
    Learn World-Class Skills
    "Tell me, and I will listen; Teach me, and I'll remember; Involve me, and I will learn." 
    Benjamin Franklin

    1. Classroom training/ Workshop - Interactive session: World-Class PowerPoint Presentation with word-class learning content, Jokes, Stories, Videos, Movies, etc.  
    2. Comprehensive workbook/ worksheets on each topic
    3. Logbook to measure progress
    4. Pre- and post-assessment
    5. Multiple games/ activities on each topic
    6. Conduct Psychometric tests to know your current level on each skill.
    7. Case study-based learning - Case studies discussion
    8. Situation analysis to establish cause and effect relationships.
    9. Group Roleplays/ Skit
    10. Mono acting
    11. Pantomime        
    12. Extempore
    13. Panel discussion
    14. Group discussion
    15. Current affairs
    16. Debate
    17. Story Telling
    18. Presentation
    19. Speech and Express ideas
    20. Formal and informal conversations
    21. A lot of fun activities
    22. Happy news concept
    23. Brain Activities
    24. Learn through observation
    25. Creative and innovative exercise daily
    26. Quiz
    27. One question must ask yourself daily method
    28. Myth and Facts
    29. Hand-holding to weak participants.
    30. One-to-one focus - Only 10 to 15 participants in each batch
    31. Friendly and learning environment.
    32. Diversity method - Learn from each other
    33. Promote participant participation.
    34. Resolve concerns - Full freedom to ask their doubts and queries.
    35. Adapt a customized approach according to the need of an individual or group.
    36. Constant Review – Feedback – Improvement mechanism
    37. Self-Training mode
    38. Give Assignments/ Fun work and responsibilities to improve different skills.
    39. Social learning method – Learn from real life
    40. A lot of awards and rewards to participants
    41. Organize individual counseling sessions - based on the requirement.
    42. Motivational Seminars
    43. Laser-sharp focus on Implementation
    44. Internship based on the requirement
    45. Follow-ups - Celebrate success and share in the community.
    46. Lifetime support to our participants
    47. Our Specialty: Our Talk Shows
    48. Our Specialty: Talk Show with SJ

    Saurabh Jain: Our Honorable Director & Chief Trainer

    Mr Saurabh Jain is a live example of transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs. He encountered enormous challenges losing his father when he was Nine. Due to impoverished conditions, Mr Saurabh Jain completed his academics at a government education institute. He started his professional career as Medical Representative on 3rd November 2003. and today has the Nine World Record in his name. He is a hard-core believer in excellence and declared many more to come—35:00 Hours Non-Stop Speech in the Year 2025.
    Mr Saurabh Jain has rich experience in pharmaceutical sales, training, event management, and startup.
    Mr Saurabh Jain is the Founder & Chief Trainer at Pragya Institute of Personality Development. It was painless for him to start Spoken English classes because people used to pretend Spoken English classes as Personality Development classes. He initiated A to Z of personality development & life skill management.
    Pragya Institute of Personality Development is Bharat’s First and Best Comprehensive Personality Development and Life Skill Management Institute.

    Awarded by eminent titles like:
    1. Excellence की पाठशाला 
    2. Kingdom of Wisdom
    3. 360 Degree growth academy
    4. Laboratory - Man turns into a Human.
    Awarded with 30 + Prestigious Titles

    Mr Saurabh Jain is the founder of the Jaipur Learning Festival “Learning & Motivation का महाकुम्भ” In this event, Mr Saurabh Jain delivered a 24-hour non-stop (no water, no bio break, without the help of notes) speech. He presented his speech in the presence of more than 15,000 prominent audiences. 200+ national & international media houses published his success story.

    Mr Saurabh Jain is also the founder of the “Kingdom of Wisdom.”

    Mr Saurabh Jain provides training in various domains:
    1. Transformational Public Speaker – Mr. Saurabh Jain motivates and ensures transformation through inspiration & motivational strategies. He is an expert, motivational strategist and success coach. As a keynote speaker, He has addressed more than 200 regional & national level conferences. Saurabh Jain can address thousands of people simultaneously. He has experienced addressing up to 20,000 people at once. Give speeches at Rajasthan Vidhansabha, Central Jail Jaipur, and Income Tax Department. He has a powerful winning story from his life. Saurabh Jain is a person who is driven by excellence and counts success as a by-product, so he opens the door for continuous success in life. He always leaves a strong impact.

    2. Corporate Trainer - Mr. Saurabh Jain has imparted his learnings with 50+ National, Multinational & Public Sector Organisations. He has been serving for more than 19 years. He has practical experience handling sales operations for more than 16+ years. Start from Sales Executive to Director of Sales and Marketing. He incorporated 500+ games & activities in his sessions. Ensure transformation & business growth.

    3. Soft Skill Trainer – Mr. Saurabh Jain has upskilled over 10,000 students, business leaders & business owners. He is faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI/ ICSI/ ICMAI. He takes sessions on more than 350+ topics.

    4. NLP Practitioner – Mr. Saurabh Jain could help more than 100 people to become influential personalities by developing a positive attitude

    5. Super Brain Coach – Mr Saurabh Jain has taken over 500 sessions and helped people optimize their brain’s potential, learn faster and build photographic memory. He delivered his 24-hour Non-Stop speech without the help of any notes

    6. Silva Ultra Mind Method Instructor– Mr. Saurabh Jain trained more than 1000 people to reach the alpha state and improve their intuitive ability.

    7. Business/ Startup/Entrepreneurship Coach – Mr. Saurabh Jain has taken 100 sessions for startups and entrepreneurship and enabled business owners to excel in their businesses. Saurabh Jain is an expert in driving business strategy and building a strong business mindset. 100% Practical approach and ensure implementation. Saurabh Jain is a personality who quit his job at a multinational company. He was on a handsome package and higher designation, initiated his startup- learn from mistakes, and finally, “Pragya Institute of Personality Development”, India’s first and best comprehensive personality development institute. From developing the skills and attitude of an entrepreneur, Saurabh Jain Initiated an outstanding program named “Junior MBA.”

    8. Hire to Retire Expert – Mr. Saurabh Jain is an expert in the hiring, talent retention, & retiring process. Apart from this, his students have a 100% selection rate in Job Interviews.

    9. Global Career Counsellor from the University of California- Mr. Saurabh Jain guided more than 2000 students in creating their career map & achieving their best-fit goals

    10. Relationship Counsellor: Mr. Saurabh Jain Assisted more than 200 families and ensured a better understanding.

    11. Child Counselling – Mr. Saurabh Jain, through his golden words, aided about 500 children in overcoming addictions and other mental health issues.

    12. Personal Growth Trainer/Self-Help Speaker – Everyone wishes to build their career, but what about growing as a person? Saurabh Jain took more than 250 sessions on personal growth—an exemplary contribution to eternal transformation. Saurabh Jain is a great counselor; he understands people's real-life problems and has a solution-focused mindset. These qualities make him the best self-help speaker.

    13. Life Skill Mentor – Saurabh Jain is a person who leads by example. As of now, he has addressed more than 20,000 audiences and facilitated them to transform their lives. His observations are meticulous.

    14. Spiritual/ Happiness Mentor– Mr Saurabh Jain follows high self-control. This is his area of interest. He loves to talk about this & inspire people to inculcate spirituality.

    15. Talk Show - He is a masterpiece of talk shows. His answers are at par excellence. Conducted 100+ talk shows. Live answers to the audience's questions

    16. Storyteller & Add Humour - Saurabh Jain is an expert in the art of storytelling & adding humor. He has a collection of more than 5000+ great stories and fun elements. This skill of Mr Jain makes him very special.

    17. Train the Trainer - Saurabh Jain believes in building a future that can be done by developing future trainers. He helped more than 100 people in becoming future trainers.

    18. Teachers Training Program – It’s widespread in the corporate world to upskill their employees; at the same time, it is very uncommon in the education system to upskill teachers. Mr Saurabh Jain has created an advanced course, “Teacher of the 21st Century.”

    19. English Language Mentor – Mr Saurabh Jain came from a rural area and studied in government schools (Hindi Medium). He has created and collected proven techniques for Speaking English Subconsciously, Effectively, and Flawlessly. He has assisted 500+ participants in achieving the next level.

    20. Mental Health – Mental health is becoming a severe cause of concern in all age groups. Mr Saurabh Jain is working on the cause-and-effect relationship concepts and helping many people through his expertise.

    Mr Saurabh Jain spent about 35,000 hours and paid Rs. 32 lacks to learn all these world-class techniques from a world-class trainer. Saurabh Jain has read more than 1000 self-help books written by world-renowned authors. He has spent more than 19 years in the process. Still, every day he spent approx. 6 to 8 in improving himself.

    Here is the list of a Few Awards in his name:
    1. 4.9* Ratings by 2000+ people on the Google business page of Saurabh Jain.
    2. 5* Ratings by 2500+ people on the Google business page of Pragya Institute of Personality Development
    3. Awarded as “Vaishya Gaurav” by the CM of Rajasthan, Honourable Shri Ashok Ji Gehlot. This award was given to the 25 most influential personalities of Rajasthan from the Vaishya Community
    4. Awarded as The University of Wisdom
    5. Awarded as a Personality development guru.
    6. Awarded as an Innovator of practical motivation.
    7. Awarded as Best Entrepreneur by ICF
    8. Awarded with Lifetime Achievement Award
    9. Awarded as All-Rounder
    10. Awarded as The Saurabh Jain
    11. Awarded as Unique Edition
    12. Awarded as Throne of Soft Skill Training
    13. Awarded as Smilographer
    14. Awarded as The Legend Guiding Star
    15. Awarded as The Jewel in the Crown
    16. Awarded as Self-Excellence
    17. Awarded as Youth Icon
    18. Awarded as The Savior Ship
    19. Awarded as “Gyan Muni.”
    20. Awarded as “सरस्वती पुत्र.”
    21. Awarded as “JSG वाचस्पति.”
    22. Awarded as Best Teacher by Lions Club Jaipur
    23. Awarded as Jin Shasan Pravakta
    24. Awarded as Jain Samaj Gaurav
    25. Awarded as Rajasthan Jain Yuva Mahasabha Gaurav
    26. Awarded as JSG Mahanagar Gaurav
    27. Awarded as Anupam Guru Bhakt
    28. Awarded as Sangh Chintamani
    29. Awarded as Shravak Shreshth
    Awarded with 200+ Eminent Titles

    1. Worked with Discovery Channel for a documentary named Belief.
    2. Faculty President LBS College Kotputli 2000 – 2001
    3. Awarded as Best Co-Educational Boy of The Year - LBS College Kotputli 2000-2001
    4. Vice-Captain Inter College Cricket Team

    Social Representation:
    1. Founder President of Shraman Shrut Seva Sansthan,
    2. President of Tapobhumi Praneta Welfare Foundation
    3. Nominated as Assistant Trainer Rotary International District 3054 2023-2024
    4. Secretary-General of Digamber Jain Muni Seva Sangh
    5. Secretary Rajasthan Jain Yuva Mahasabha
    6. Vice President of JSG Pearl – 2017 – 2019
    7. Coordinator Leadership Committee JSGIF 2019-2021
    8. Chief Coordinator Chatrurmas committee Barkat Nagar since 2010

    Saurabh Jain is the person who can help you identify your uniqueness, come out of your cocoon, and flutter your wings to fly high in your life.

    Mr Saurabh Jain is an inspirational person. He has faced all odds in his life. A person who studied in government and Hindi medium schools spent his childhood and teenage years in a small village. Now he is Nine World Record Holder.

    He is a person who knows "how to convert adversities into opportunities."
     His Journey speaks louder than words.

    1. We Believe in Training Environment
    Interactive Panel in the classroom.
    World-class podium
    Exemplary sound system
    Auditorium Quality Chair
    Burger on Each Chair
    Classic Boardroom
    A class of podium
    Separate Activity Room with 250+ Games
    Talk Show Sofas
    Air Conditioner Classrooms
    The ambiance through light is impressive.
    Walls are Designed According to World-Class training methods.

    2. We Believe in Learning
    World-class library with books worth more than a few lakhs rupees
    Kindle is available to read unlimited books.

    3. We Believe in Quality
    ISO Certified Institute 
    Only 10 to 15 Participants in one batch

    4. We Believe in Technology 
    Two-way live session facility
    Online session facility available
    Free Wi-Fi (300 Mbps) for participants.

    5. We Believe in Safety and Security
    Complete fire safety arrangement with A, B, C type and Electricity
    Highly secured premises – Complete premises under CCTV surveillance

    6. We Believe in Hygiene and Health
    A wholly modular and highly hygienic washroom
    Focus on providing fresh air -non-polluted airflow. Air Purifiers & Fresh air plants
    High-quality acupressure instruments are available to keep participants energetic.
    A high-grade weighing machine available provides 14 significant reports related to health.
    Complete aromatic environment

    7. A Class of Cafeteria
    Tea, coffee, cookies, detox water, cotton candy, Bhelpuri, Water-Balls, Juice, popcorn, and 50+ edibles are available for refreshment!

    8. Other Facilities 
    24*7 Power backup

    Awards & Recognition:
    • Affiliation – Rajasthan’s first soft skill institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD skill university.
    • We were awarded Excellence की पाठशाला – For developing a unique training methodology and focusing on implementation. We do not believe in success; we believe in continuous growth. We strongly cultivate Excellence in the blood of our participants.
    • We were awarded as the Kingdom of Wisdom – For our 100% practical approach, Pragya Institute is cited as the Kingdom of Wisdom.
    • We were awarded “The Best Personality Development Institute” – For our culture and environment. We involve our participants in a way that they become part of Pragya Parivar and Say, “HUM Hain Pragya Wale.”
    • We were awarded Best Innovator in soft skill development – For our comprehensive course design. We have initiated A to Z of personality development and life skill management.
    • Pioneer – While everybody was misleading people by running English-speaking classes for personality development. We took the initiative and started an actual personality development institute.
    • ISO Certified 

    Something more…
    1. Multidimensional Development – Yes, we teach growth formulas, but we have a strain on morality, humanity, spirituality, ethics, and integrity. We focus on the holistic development of a person.

    2. Support in career planning and mapping – Our honorable Director, Mr. Saurabh Jain, is a Global Career Counsellor from the University of California LA. Our personality development modules for the student are unique, where we guide them about career planning and career mapping.

    3. Motivation and Inspiration – Motivation gives you speed, and Wisdom gives you direction.

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. 1. Do I receive a certificate after course completion?
     Ans. You will receive a certificate on course completion. 
    Q. 2. Which language is used by the trainer during training? 
    Ans. The language used by the trainer is a Hindi and English Mix. - According to the need of the participants

    Q. 3. Is classroom training like a workshop?
    Ans. Our training is like workshops - Sessions are activity-based. 

    Q. 4. How many students do you take in one batch?
    Ans. We strongly believe in delivering quality, so we take only 10 to 15 Participants in one batch.  

    Q. 5. Who is the trainer? Does he take all the classes?
    Ans. Our trainer is a world-renowned personality, Mr Saurabh Jain. He takes 100% of sessions. 

    Q. 6. Duration of classes?
    Ans.  5 Days a week - Saturday and Sunday off. 2 Hours/ Day 

    Q. 7. Is any interest-free EMI option available?
    Ans.  On courses longer than three months 

    Q. 8. Is there any money-back guarantee?
    Ans.  Yes, on courses for more than six months. If the candidate full-fill the terms and conditions. Like 95% above attendance, complete all assignments in a given time. 

    Q. 9. How do I know this will be helpful?
    Ans.  Thousands of people have taken these courses. Check their experience. We can guarantee this is going to be a lifetime experience for you. 

    Q. 10. Are any demo classes available?
    Ans.  The first two classes are free. On the 3rd day, you need to deposit your fee. Subject to Decision by Management*

    Q. 11. Do you provide online and live classes?
    Ans.  Yes, we do provide it, but we recommend offline classes. 

    Q. 12. What if I want to cancel?
    Ans.  You can cancel within the first two classes. No question asked for a refund.

    Q. 13. Do you take mixed batches or separate them according to need, occupation, and age?
    Ans. Customized Batch Plan - The benefit of our personality development class is our batches are tailor-made; for example - in the kids’ batch, only kids are sanctioned.

    Q. 14. There are a lot of free resources on youtube. So why should I join the Pragya Institute?
    Ans. Here are a few reasons -
    ☑️Youtube is an excellent source of learning, the world's largest platform.
    ☑️You will get speeches but not training. Very few structured courses
    ☑️You will not get a dedicated mentor - Who can tell you what to do and how to do
    ☑️There is no continuous feedback mechanism.
    ☑️You may get the answer to your questions or may not. When you get the answer to your question, it is not sure.
    ☑️You will not get any tailor-made course designed according to your need.
    ☑️Consistency is an issue from your side or the speaker's side.
    ☑️You will not get personal attention.
    ☑️Video uploaded a few months or years back may not be relevant in the current scenario, or you may miss the updated knowledge.
    ☑️For developing and improving soft-skill, you need a group and environment where you can practice public speaking, group discussion, debate, extempore, one-to-one conversation, etc.

    At Pragya Institute of personality development, we provide a World-class curriculum, trainer, training methodology, and learning environment.
    OK, how do I sign up? 
    Click the “Apply Now and Purchase Now” buttons on the top and mid-page. Then, you will be prompted to log in. Then please log in. Then choose the payment method (e. After processing, we will contact you via email and phone within 24 business hours.

    Alternatively, you can come to our institute and pay the fees in cash or through Google Pay or Paytm.

    Who Can Join?  
    The answer is straightforward, anyone who wants unstoppable success and growth.
    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Businessmen
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Job Seeker
    • Job Holders
    • Sales Executives
    • Coach/ Mentor/ Trainer/ Speakers
    • Political Leaders
    • Business Leaders and Managers
    • Working Women 
    • House Makers
    • SME/ MSME/ Startups
    • Government officials
    • Retired from work
    We have designed our courses so that people of any age group, irrespective of their #profession, can join us.

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