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Ask All Your Questions - Pragya's Premium Expert Panel

जो लोग सवाल नहीं उठाते; वो पाखंडी हैं,
जो लोग सवाल नहीं कर सकते; वो मूर्ख हैं,
और जिनके ज़हन में सवाल उभरता ही नहीं; वो गुलाम हैं. George Gordon Byron

Curiosity is basic human nature. It’s a god gift - You must have seen a child is curious – keep on asking so many questions, but as he grows – he stops asking questions. Do you know why?
Two things might happen
1. Curiosity is buried
2. Still curious, but do not ask questions.
As per my various analysis, the second option seems to be a more relevant reason because
1. If video titles on social media can generate curiosity, then be able to attract more viewers.
2. होता है ना अगर लिखा हो यहाँ मत देखना तो लोग झाँक - झाँक कर देखते हैं | If any movie has some sort of dispute then people want to see what was the dispute
3. As a speaker, people love to attend interactive session rather than monologue mean they love to ask questions
3. Web series are trending after one episode. People are crazy to know what is next. Bahubali - 2 -Why Katappa killed Bahubali - First day 122.03 crore
4. I witnessed that when I start my session with a question – I can engage more number of the audience
Knowing “Why Katappa Killed Bahubali” and “Conclusion of Web Series” will not help you in your life. Instead, use your curiosity - An exceptional talent, for your growth.
Everyone is curious, and one must be, but now question why they do not ask their questions.
1. Social Factors:  Whenever they asked the questions because of various reasons they were asked to keep silent –“चुप बैठो” By Parents/ Teachers/ Society - They faced statement like “तुम अपने आप को बहुत होशियार समझते हो” “अभी इतने  बड़े नहीं हुये हो” “अपने काम से काम रखो” बड़ों के बीच में नहीं बोलते” “अब तो तुम हमारे भी बाप हो गये हो” “इतने फालतू सवाल तुम्हारे दिमाग में आते कहाँ से हैं” “जैसा कहा गया है - वैसा करो - ज्यादा सवाल मत करो” “अब एक और सवाल पूछा तो…”  
2. Trust Issues: They did not rely on the people for two reasons
A. They always get biased answers according to individuals' perception
B. They don’t find an expert – who can answer their question
C. People offer a lot of unwanted “GYAN” - Whenever they show courage to ask their question, instead of getting a reply to their question - Either they face more questions or Unwanted GYAN
3. Fear whether my question is relevant or not – What people will think about my question
4. Society wants to create followers: Many times, raising questions hits personal and social beliefs

You can get guidance on various topics like Relationships, Career Counselling, Interview Preparation, Personal, Professional, Social Issues, Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality, Religious, Social Myths, Entrepreneurship/ Startup, Life-Skill, Soft-Skill, Personality Development, Team Management, Parenting, NLP, etc.
Ask all your “why's” and “Why Not” - “Why Me” and “Why Not Me” - “What If” and “What If Not” - “When” and “When Not” - Right or Wrong - Good or Bad. Move from confusion to clarity.


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