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Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Unlocking the Key to Healthy Relationships: Discover the Best Relationship Counselling in Jaipur
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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your relationships? Do you long for a deeper connection and understanding with your partner? Look no further than Jaipur's premier relationship counselling services. Unlocking the key to healthy relationships is within your reach, and our expert counsellor, Mr Saurabh Jain, is here to guide you every step of the way. With his years of experience and compassionate approach, Mr Saurabh Jain will help you navigate the challenges and uncover the tools and techniques for building a solid and fulfilling partnership. Whether you face communication issues or trust concerns or want to enhance your bond, our relationship counselling in Jaipur is tailored to meet your unique needs. Don't settle for mediocrity in your relationships when you can have extraordinary love and connection. Take the first step towards a brighter future and discover the best relationship counselling in Jaipur today.

Understanding the Importance of Healthy Relationships
Healthy relationships form the foundation of a fulfilling and joyful life. They bring us happiness, support, and a sense of belonging. We feel more confident, secure, and fulfilled when our relationships thrive. On the other hand, when our relationships are strained or unhealthy, they can cause immense stress and anxiety and even impact our overall well-being. Understanding the importance of healthy relationships is the first step towards unlocking their true potential.
A healthy relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and effective communication. It involves mutual understanding, empathy, and the ability to navigate conflicts constructively and respectfully. When these elements are present, relationships flourish and create a sense of harmony and connection. However, it is essential to recognize that no relationship is perfect, and challenges are bound to arise. This is where relationship counselling can be crucial in helping couples overcome obstacles and strengthen their bond.
Relationship counselling provides a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their emotions, identify behaviour patterns, and develop healthier ways of relating. It offers guidance and tools to enhance communication, rebuild trust, and cultivate intimacy. By addressing underlying issues and learning new skills, couples can transform their relationships and create a solid foundation for long-lasting happiness. If your relationship could benefit from professional guidance, it may be time to consider relationship counselling.
Signs that Indicate the Need for Relationship Counseling
Recognizing when to seek relationship counselling can be challenging, as every relationship is unique. However, some common signs indicate it may be beneficial to seek professional help. These signs include:

1. Communication breakdown: If you find it difficult to express your needs, feelings, or concerns to your partner, or if you constantly argue without resolving conflicts, it may be a sign that communication in your relationship needs improvement.

2. Trust issues: Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. If trust has been broken due to infidelity, dishonesty, or other reasons, relationship counselling can help you rebuild trust and restore the bond between you and your partner.

3. Intimacy and connection issues: If you feel disconnected from your partner, lack intimacy, or are experiencing a decline in physical or emotional closeness, relationship counselling can help you explore the underlying causes and find ways to reconnect.

4. Unresolved conflicts: If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of repetitive arguments or have unresolved conflicts that continue to resurface, relationship counselling can provide the tools and techniques to break these patterns and find a resolution.

5. Life transitions and significant changes: Major life transitions such as marriage, having children or career changes can strain relationships. Relationship counselling can help navigate these transitions and provide support during challenging times.
Recognizing these signs and being open to seeking help is a positive step towards improving your relationship and creating a healthier and more fulfilling connection with your partner.

The Benefits of Relationship Counseling
Relationship counselling offers many benefits for couples seeking to enhance their relationship. Here are some critical advantages of relationship counselling:

1. Improved communication: Relationship counselling provides a safe and neutral space for couples to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. It helps improve communication skills, enabling couples to better understand each other's perspectives and needs.

2. Enhanced conflict resolution: Relationship counselling equips couples with effective conflict resolution techniques. It helps them learn how to navigate disagreements, find compromises, and resolve conflicts constructively and respectfully.

3. Rebuilding trust: Trust is vital in any relationship. Relationship counselling helps couples rebuild trust after trust has been broken due to infidelity, betrayal, or other reasons. It provides a supportive environment for both partners to express their emotions and work towards healing.

4. Strengthened emotional connection: Relationship counselling helps couples deepen their emotional connection by exploring and understanding each other's needs, desires, and vulnerabilities. It promotes empathy, compassion, and a sense of closeness.

5. Improved intimacy and passion: Relationship counselling can reignite the spark in a relationship by addressing factors that may have contributed to a decline in intimacy and passion. It offers tools and techniques to enhance physical and emotional intimacy.

6. Healthy problem-solving skills: Relationship counselling equips couples with problem-solving skills that can be applied to various aspects of their lives. These skills help couples overcome challenges, make decisions, and create a shared vision for their future.

These are just a few of the many benefits that relationship counselling can offer. It provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment for couples to work through their challenges, grow as individuals, and build stronger partnerships.

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Exploring the Role of a Relationship Counsellor: How They Can Help You

What is Relationship Counseling?

To understand this, first, we need to understand who a relationship counsellor is.

  • A relationship counsellor has vast experience in resolving such issues, or a Relationship counsellor is an expert in this domain.
  • Relationship counsellor has a deep understanding of resolving such issues
  • Relationship counsellor has an unbiased approach – A third-party approach
  • Relationship counsellors are neither judgmental nor suffer from any preconceived notion
  • Relationship counsellors listen to you carefully, and ultimately – their approach is highly empathetic
  • Relationship counsellor is compassionate and flexible, but at the same time, they are firm in their approach
  • Relationship counsellors are reasonable observers, so they observe your pattern of behaviour with each other
  • Relationship counsellors give equal opportunity to everyone to share their point of view
  • Relationship counsellors have an excellent command of behavioural and life skills so that they can guide their clients effectively
  • A relationship counsellor maintains a high level of privacy so one can feel free to share all his thoughts without hesitation because hiding your problem with the doctor does not help.
  • A relationship counsellor provides an environment where one can feel like self-talk.
  • Relationship counsellors may be clinical doctors or may not be clinical doctors – It is non-medical counselling.
Now, let’s understand what relationship counselling is. – Relationship counselling is an attempt by an expert to remove all negativity and bitterness from the relationship by using all his expertise as mentioned above. You would be surprised to know in 90% and above cases, the results are highly encouraging. If you are suffering from any relationship issues rather than making them weirder, you can seek the help of a relationship counsellor

Myths About Couple Therapy

Myth # 1 Couple therapy means the relationship is in the worst phase or very close to divorce or the last chance to improve
Reality: Couple therapy may mean the relationship is not passing through a good phase, but the bright side is you are

Myth # 2 Couple therapist will take a side
Reality: A couple of therapists will give a “Statement of Fact.” One may feel he is taking a side

Myth # 3: Our information will be public
Reality: Your information is entirely confidential

Myth # 4 Couple therapy will lead to divorce
Reality: No, It is organized to avoid divorce

Myth # 5 Couple therapy is a very costly affair
Reality: Nothing is more expensive than a poor relationship. If the therapy fee is also very nominal

Myth # 6: It does not work
Reality: The success rate is more than 90%

Myth # 7 Changes are not possible
Reality: Only change is constant - Behavioural changes are very much possible with little conscious efforts

Myth # 8 Couple therapy will make the situation more vulnerable
Reality: There is no such reason if they approached a therapist after mutual consensus. If by force may be another reason to point out each other

Myth # 9: No further benefit, only digging past
Reality: Yes, understanding the past will reveal the reasons why this is happening - essentially required for a therapist, but it is not like digging into the past - it is more about building a bright future

Myth # 10: Only crazy people need all this; we can solve it on our own
Reality: If you can solve it independently, do it as early as possible, but suppose you cannot solve it independently - Accept the fact. In the second case, if not visiting a therapist, that sounds something crazy. It is like your ship is sinking in front of your eyes, and you are watching like a mannequin.

Myth # 11 Couple therapist can’t solve all our problems
Reality: We need to understand problems are part of life. Yes, the therapist will not be able to solve all your problems, but the therapist will solve all your major problems, and that is also with your due support during therapy.

Myth # 12: It takes a very long time
Reality: It depends on multiple factors. A Few quite common factors are
1. Attitude of the couple
2. Attitude of the family members
3. Expertise in counsellor
4. Severity of the issues
5. Duration of the issues – how long issues are persisting because one issue not resolved on time leads to multiple problems
6. It depends upon the issue itself - What is the problem and importance of the problem in their life
 7. People involved in the issue – Their mindset and their influence on a couple

The Importance of Relationship Counselling: The Process Which Can Improve Your Relationship

What Are The Most Common Reasons for Poor Relationships?

काओ ( क + अ + आ + उ + ओ )  
काओ is the most common reason of poor relationship

क - कम्युनिकेशन गैप
क - कम्पेरिजन
क - कमेन्ट
क - कम्प्लेन
क - कमियाँ निकालना
अ - अपमान
अ - अटैचमेंट
अ - अहंकार
अ - अपेक्षा
अ - अड़चन
अ - अविश्वास
अ - अनावश्यक सलाह / ज्ञान
आ - आवेश
आ - आरोप
आ - आलोचना
उ - उपेक्षा
ओ - ओपिनियन डिफरेंस


Are The Reasons, as mentioned earlier, Responsible For Marriage Failure?

Yes, these reasons are applicable in all relationships, including marriage, but the failure of marriage has some more reasons.

Here is the list
Preference to career over family - Especially in working couples Poor time management Adaptability - Unable to adapt to cultural differences Interference of in-laws/ outsiders Tone of voice Abusive/ Poor language Physical/ Sexual/ Emotional/ Social abuse Severe mood swings - Sometimes, medical issues Possessiveness Compatibility with each other Careless Impatient/ Poor tolerance Limiting freedom Taking for granted Financial conditions Social obsessions - Decisions under social pressure Love marriages have one additional reason - fake/ over-commitment Lack of physical/ sexual attraction Infidelity: Bhartiya ethos gives principal significance to the holiness of marriage and severely dislikes Infidelity. However, a milestone administered by Supreme Court in 2018 said-"Infidelity is not, at this point, a criminal offence.” After this decision, a lofty flood of dating application clients was seen. A most recent review by an Extra-Marital Dating App, "Gleeden", uncovers that Seven out of ten ladies in India undermine their life partners to escape misery and disregard in marriage. Weakness appears to pose a potential threat to Bhartiya relationships, according to the Hotstar "Out of Love" study, which uncovers that 45% of Indians need to check their accomplice's telephone without their insight, and 55% have effectively done so. Betrayal is regularly a consequence of a physical, enthusiastic, or mental void the individual attempts to fill.
Why Are Divorces Increasing In Bharat?
In Bharat, marriage is considered sacred and quintessential, with an element of divinity that “Marriages are made in Heaven” and the presumption that the bond is everlasting-“Till death do us part.”
Enhanced Divorce Rates: Divorce is seen in Bharat in extreme cases of unbearable cruelty, infertility, infidelity, or mental illness. India still has the lowest divorce rates in the world. While non-marriage is extremely rare in India, divorces have doubled over the past two decades, according to the United Nations report "Progress of the World’s Women 2019-2020: Families in a Changing World".

Dating app Truly Madly has witnessed a 200% increase in profiles that openly uphold their status as divorced, widowed, or single parents. Women are no longer helpless pawns; they are independent, have economic autonomy, are well educated, and can think and make life decisions.

Divorce is no longer a social taboo or a sign of failure. Divorcees are no longer looked down upon or judged, “There must have been something wrong with this person.” Women from small towns where divorce was unheard of also do not hesitate to walk out of marriage. It is not unusual to see young couples filing for divorce (primarily mutual consent) in their first year of marriage.

All the above reasons lead to emotional distancing. Finally, it leads to the separation. 


How to Solve All These Problems?

Work on the cause rather than the event if you need substantial results. Most of the time, people talk about events. This has happened, but I will insist you know “Why This Has Happened if you can remove “WHY” - Job has done—otherwise, temporary results.

Take care of all the points mentioned above, and you can have a healthy relationship in life.

The best answer in words is “Me to We”

The remedy is to resolve your issues yourself, but if you cannot, You must take the help of a relationship counsellor. Consult as early as possible - Delay will increase the vulnerability.

Does Relationship Counseling Work?
Research by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists indicates that relationship counselling works effectively in more than 90% of cases. Let’s make it clear why it works so effectively.  
  1. The counsellor is unbiased because S/He is a third party - Zero probability of favouritism.
  2. Relationship Counselors state the obvious – whether you like it or not
  3. In many cases, there are no problems - minor understanding-related issues - In the presence of a wise person, can be resolved easily
  4. Both parties have trust in the counsellor because - A counsellor is a neutral person
  5. Relationship counsellor knows well “How to proceed because he is an expert” His approach is highly empathetic
  6. Relationship counselling helps through specific desired behavioural changes
  7. Both get equal opportunity to put their point of view
  8. The counsellor provides a safe and neutral place where they can discuss their concerns
  9. Relationship counsellor is not judgmental – First, understand the story without building perceptions. That’s why able to resolve issues
  10. A relationship counsellor is a reasonable observer - He observes multiple behavioural patterns like interacting with each other. Recent past photographs with each other.
  11. May ask several questions to understand the situation better - Sessions with relationship counsellors are highly interactive.
  12. A relationship counsellor is capable enough to bring them out of this mental state that – “I am always right, and You are always wrong” because no relationship can be based on right or wrong. It can be based upon respecting each other’s opinions.
Is It Entirely Depends Upon The Counselor, or Does A Couple Also Has To Play Some Role?
Both have their critical role in this process if you visit the best doctor in the world for any reason, don’t take prescribed medicines, and do not follow the precautions he suggested. What will be the outcome? Same here
A relationship counsellor is here to help, guide, support, and correct you, but if you don’t want to improve, nobody can’t help. कहते हैं ना भगवान भी उनकी मदद करता है जो खुद अपनी मदद करते हैं
We face both cases; sometimes, couples must visit and deliberately want to meet. However, people who genuinely wish to improve their relationship get substantial results with the help of a relationship counsellor.

If It Is So Helpful, Then Why Do People Not Visit A Relationship Counselor?
A morning walk is good for health; so why does everyone not go for a morning walk
Junk food is not suitable for health, why does everyone not leave it
ये कुछ ऐसा ही सवाल है
लेकिन चलिये आगे समझते हैं ये कुछ ऐसा है जैसे – Psychiatrist या Psychologist के पास जाने का मतलब आप पागल हो -  Society has their own perception about many things, but I would recommend you need to work on your relationship rather social perception.

Fear - If anybody comes to know about that it will ruin our social image. Be rest assured, all your information is confidential. Relationship ठीक नहीं करोगे तो एक न एक दिन  दुनिया को पता चल ही जायेगा की अब रिश्ता टूट रहा है या टूट चुका है  -  इससे तो ठीक करने की कोशिश के बारे में पता चलना बेहतर है लेकिन You can have trust on a professional relationship counsellor your informations are absolutely confidential

For Best Results, What To Do?
Don’t Be Fake
Don’t Hide
Follow The Guidelines
Accept and Improve
Can We Avoid All These Issues?
I strongly recommend pre-marriage counselling or education about roles and responsibilities post-marriage.

What Are The Benefits of Couple Counseling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy

  1. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will bridge the communication gap. 
  2. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn comparison into coordination and correlation.
  3. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn negative comments into compliments.
  4. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn complaints into appreciation.
  5. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn disrespect into respect for each other.
  6. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn the attachment into love.
  7. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn ego into forgiveness.
  8. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn expectations into support for each other.
  9. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn distrust into faith.
  10. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn unasked advice into positive feedback.
  11. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn anger into calmness.
  12. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn criticism into gratitude.
  13. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn ignorance into love.
  14. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn opinion differences into mutual understanding.
  15. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn rigidity into adaptability.
  16. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn impatient into the patient.
  17. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn possessiveness into self-satisfaction.
  18. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will help to set priorities.
  19. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will reduce the unwanted interference of outsiders.
  20. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will bring freedom with trust.
  21. Couple counselling/ Relationship Counselling/ Couple Therapy will turn “Emotional Distance into Emotional Harmony.”

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