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  • World Record Longest Non Stop Speech On Personality Development

    • 20-Aug-19

    Question  1.  You  16  did Cunha inspired speaking world record for more than an hour  ?

    Answer  1.  This was a self-motivated (self Motiveted) Step  |  Always wanting to do something new and bigger inspired to make this thinking I World Record  |

    Question  2.  Who would you like to credit the world record for  ?

    Answer:  2.  I always believe that the person is most responsible for his success and failure, then always consider myself responsible for every good and bad thing that happens in my life, and I would also like to give credit to myself. But certainly in your success a lot of people have a great role in which the first is my Gurudev Pragya Sagar Ji Muniraj whose inspiration and Bless always encourages me always ,  the idea of ​​life without Gurudev is also incomplete ,  my mother who has seen such practices in her life which is difficult to describe, but I have never let any trouble ,  my maternal grandfather and my wife , As much faith as I do not have on my abilities, my faith is more than me ,  She is my motivational speaker  With - with my previous companies where I worked there most prominent  A "MSD INDIA" Such Great Company To Work And Extra Ordinary Focus Toward Grooming Of Employees   |  All partner institutions ,  coordinator ,  sponsor ,  audience could be successfully organized the program in collaboration with all  |


    World Record Longest Non Stop Speech On Personality Development