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NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP Methods of Communications :- "Language is the dress of thought; every time you talk your mind is on parade" - Johnson 


1. Basics of NLP:-

  • NLP Definition
  • Conceptual learning v/s tactical learning
  • Generative Model and Discriminative model
  • Deep Understanding of Cause-and-effect relationship
  • 4+1 Step success formula
  • 7 Traits of success in NLP


2. Overcoming habits through NLP:-

  • Theory of Mind - Neurological Level 
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Reframing
  • Finest ways to overcome habits like over-eating


3. State:-

  • What is state
  • Contrastive analysis
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Importance and impact of state
  • How to change yours and others state


4. Goal setting and ultimate success formula:-

  • Goal / Outcome
  • TOTE Model
  • V2MOM
  • Keys to an achievable outcome
  • Integration Exercise
  • 5 Steps to an achievable outcome
  • Responsibility for goals


5. Check Post – Thoughts:-

  • Perception and projection
  • Responsibility of Value
  • Presupposition


6. Rapport:-

  • Definition of rapport
  • Why do we need rapport?
  • Defining need – - Metaphor in NLP
  • Cheating Metaphor
  • Establishing Rapport quickly
  • Elements of rapport
  • Gaining rapport in life


7. Representational Systems:-

  • Representational System preferences
  • The metaphor of Representational System
  • Physiology & Representational System
  • Rapport replies for AVK Syste


8. Calibration and Accessing Cues:-

  • Eye accessing and eye & eye pattern chart
  • Eye pattern question
  • syntax analysis or parsing


9. Hypnotic language pattern:-

  • Milton model
  • Meta Model


10. Agreement Frame:-

  • Use of chunking communication model
  • Male-Female Integration
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Cognitive Strategies
  • Internal Conflicts


11. Anchoring:-

  • What is anchoring
  • How to create an anchor for yourself and others
  • Stacking of Anchor
  • Be Decisive with the help of anchor
  • Deal with rejection and get success through anchoring
  • Overcome grief - Collapsing anchoring
  • Loving relationship and Anchoring Technique


12. Modelling:-

  • Defining Modelling
  • Importance of Modelling in NLP
  • 6 Power techniques to achieve excellence


13. Coaching Skills:-

  • 10 Powerful ways to use NLP in improving your coaching skills



Activity And Exercise:-

  • Comprehensive workbook/ worksheets on NLP
  • Logbook to measure progress 
  • 11 Games/ Activities to improve understanding about NLP
  • Psychometric test to know your NLP SCORE
  • 3 Case studies - Case studies discussion
  • Situation analysis to establish cause and effect relationship
  • Roleplays 
  • Classroom training/ Workshop - two-way discussion
  • Panel discussion 
  • Debate 
  • Pre and post-assessment
  •  9 Assignments/ Fun work and responsibilities to implement NLP in your life.  
  • Implementations follow up - Celebrate success and share in the community - resolve concerns 


Learning Out Come:-

 The five biggest challenges that a person faces during communication are - 

  • Lack of thoughts/ideas
  • Unable to recall the right thing at the right time
  • Proper construction, structuring and delivery of thoughts
  • Unable to understand the right time for delivering his thoughts
  • Trying to influence others before building rapport 


In the last couple of years, different techniques of NLP have emerged as some of the finest methods of communication. Through this, you can excel in your communication skills like anything. Or you can become a pro communicator. NLP techniques establish a good connection between your brain and tongue or what you speak and what you are supposed to speak. In this module, you will learn the most proven, authentic, research-based and world-class NLP techniques which will help you in becoming a master at communication, who can influence others very easily. And you can become a person whom everybody appreciates. For a good communicator, decision making, and creativity are two essential pillars.


 If you do not learn this module, then :-


 Why one must learn this module :-

  • You will be able to clearly define your vision, purpose, and values
  • You will be overcome your limiting beliefs
  • It will enhance your confidence
  • You will be able to manage difficult people
  • You will be able to influence people
  • It will improve your leadership quality
  • It will improve your problem-solving skills
  • You will be able to overcome decision fatigue
  • You will be able to overcome the pain of memories
  • It will help you to develop a positive mindset
  • It will help you in breaking the behavioural patter
  • You will be able to build a strong relationship
  • It will improve your communication and presentation skills
  • It will improve your observation skills
  • It will help you over prejudice mindset
  • It will improve your coaching skills
  • You can handle the unexpected situation in life
  • It will improve your team and organizational performance
  • You will become energetic, enthusiastic but relax tooIt will improve your sales/ business acumen It will develop the mindset of successful people

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