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               Sales Training or Business Growth Mantra

Day by day, youth or talented staff are making a distance from sales jobs because of numerous reasons. Especially one to one selling and this is the big worry for the organisation. Last many years, the staff of sales executives has gone down, and few industries are affected very badly while sales are one the brilliant skills. A large portion of folks are searching for an office Job -This opens the doors of opportunity because demand is high, and supply is low. If now one develops sales skill, he creates a significant mark in the industry. 


The Answer is Everyone, one must be shocked with this answer in light of the facts because commonly people believe sales executives require sales training but irrespective of your profession everyone requires sales training.

Let us understand it 

•    Doctor’s required sales training or not – Do they sell their clinic or themselves or not 
•    Political leaders required sales training or not – Do they sell their party or themselves or not
•    A job seeker required sales training or not – During a Job interview, Do they sale themselves or not 
•    A housewife required sales training or not – Do they sell their idea or not 
•    Religious guru required sales training or not – Do they sell their ideology or not
•    If you are a teacher, trainer, businessman, start-up, entrepreneur, student everybody requires sales training. 




Life is nothing but sales and marketing


1. Way to become millionaire and billionaire - One common skill required to become millionaire and billionaire. Every millionaire and billionaire possess sales skill because even when they develop a product, they keep sales in mind.

2.  One most required skill – If you know how to sell and you are good at that then you are the most required person in any industry.

3.  A person who is good in sales and marketing can live his life happily because he knows how to build the relationship, how to identify others' needs, how to present his thoughts,how to influence others or convince others, how to create a win-win situation.

4. Making a good product is different but selling this product is a big task. Many companies with a good product could not do anything while…

5.  Companies' growth completely depends upon the ability of the sales team. 

6.  Many times, companies make that mistake. They hire good talent at the top, but the field team is not that effective. At the same time provide skill enhancement training to top management but not to the field force. The person in the field is the real image of the organisation so companies must conduct an effective sales training programme on a regular basis.

7. Hiring an unskilled or not building skill into them is an even more costly affair. A blunt axe takes more time and energy to cut the tree, but a sharp axe can perform the same job efficiently.

 8. Sales team is the backbone of any organisation, but they are not treated well by the organisation and society. Build their confidence and feel them proud of their job. 

                                             WHY CHOOSE US 


Man, behind the product - Pragya Institute of Personality Development’s sales training curriculum is one of the finest sales courses. Our course is designed by Mr Saurabh Jain (Famous sales trainers, Corporate sales trainer, and Business Coach) who is 16+ year’s experienced professional. Having vast experience in sales and marketing training. Worked with a national and multinational company as a front-line manager. Awarded as Best the entrepreneur year 2019-2020 by ICF. Having a great experience with a new product launch. 
Huge experience of how to sell Low price segments to premium price segment products. Master of Concept selling.


Our sales management training Programme is a very wide course, but we customized it according to the need for participants and organization. 

A.    Step 1. Generate high will – A salesman minus enthusiasm mean another clerk
1.    Resolve concern
2.    Change their negative belief
3.    Build a collaboration amongst team members
4.    Building a self-motivated team 
5.    Conviction about company and product

B.    Step 2. Generate high skill
1.    Effective planning and Excellence in execution 
2.    Decision making
3.    Segmentation and targeting
4.    Consumer behaviour
5.    Communication skill
6.    How to make an effective call
7.    How to get the result in every call
8.    Most effective characteristics of a sales executive 
9.    How to win customer
10.  Sales and Marketing strategy model
11.  Build a strong market intelligence 
12.  How to build territory to territory customised strategy 


Our methodology makes us the best sales training programs provider that is why our training Programme comes under top sales training programs in the world.


Do We Provide Online Sales Training?

Yes, we do. Our world-class equipment helps us to provide full HD quality video and studio-quality sound. Training platform used by us is also world-class. Our online sales training programme is the best online sales training.


What makes us so special – Along with conventional sales strategists, Mr Saurabh Jain is a renowned digital sales strategist and our Pragya Academy of Digital Marketing helps sindividuals and organisations in a big way.


Our world-class infrastructure equipped with all training amenities


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