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Proven Spoken English Course 
which will make you really fluent even if you are from Hindi Medium School

Imagine yourself working at the job you always dreamed of. You are heading an entire department, that too for an entire state of India. Being the top-performing employee of your company. You are successful. You have job security. Well, by 4th April 2011 I had experienced all this. I was working with the world's second-largest pharmaceutical company, MSD as the Area Sales Manager for the entire state of Rajasthan. You must be thinking that it's either because I was born with a silver spoon or I was very talented. To surprise you, I don’t fall into either of those categories. On the contrary, after qualifying for RMAT(which is an alternative for the CAT exam in Rajasthan), I barely passed the college entrance interview – because I was not fluent in English. Here is my story...

When I was preparing for RMAT (which is an alternative for the CAT exam in Rajasthan), I thought I would get selected in a good college. My hard work paid off and I got a good rank in RMAT. I was getting calls from several good MBA colleges in Rajasthan. My seniors told me that a hard-working student like me could make 4-5 Lakhs a year if I could get a good college. That blew my mind because my parents even did not make that much. I would never have to worry about money again. I would dream about getting a good job, marrying a girl from a good family, having kids, and settling down. 
However, I had a weakness that would not allow me to get into a good college. To get into college, I had to give a final interview in English. And I was not fluent in English. I went to one of my friends, who was good at English for some advice. He told me that he cannot make me fluent in English in just a few weeks. But he can bring my English to the level required to just pass the interview. For 3 weeks, I read English newspapers in front of him. As I read the newspaper, he corrected my pronunciation, grammar, and taught me new words to improve my vocabulary. He also told me that after the interview is over, request the panellists that if they select me, I will work on my English during the 2 years of MBA.
Fast forward to the day of the interview. I was sitting in front of 3 panellists, with my palms all sweaty. I was nervous. The panellists were asking questions in English. And I was facing several issues while speaking in English. Firstly, I could not come up with the right words to frame sentences because I had a poor vocabulary. Secondly, I could not pronounce words properly because I had studied in a Hindi Medium school.  Lastly, as I spoke, I took long pauses because I had to check the rules of grammar before I spoke any sentence. 
I answered most of the questions during the first 40 minutes of the interview. In the end, one of the interviewers mocked me by saying - “I like your HINGLISH Saurabh.”
Hearing this, all the interviewers started laughing. 
The interviewer continued, “Do you know that the whole curriculum of MBA is taught in English?”.
As soon as he said that I started thinking that perhaps everything I spoke in English was grammatically incorrect.  Or I have used the wrong word. Or I have mispronounced some words. I became sure that I would get rejected.
I mumbled “Ye… Yes Sir.” 
He said, “Where are you from?”.
I told him - “Sir, I live in a village near the small town of Kotputli”. 
His next question was – “You come from a Hindi medium school. Right?” 
I said, “Yes Sir”. 
He said “Although your English is not up to the mark, we can understand what you are saying. I do not want to reject you just based on English. Your answers tell me that you are very mature. On top of that, you have a lot of knowledge. However, the bitter truth is - as long as you can’t communicate what you think, you will face problems. And English is the new norm everywhere. Just look around yourself. You need English to get into any good college. You need English for government exams, like Bank PO, SSC-CGL, etc. You need English to get any good job – be it a call centre job or a sales and marketing job. If you have children, you need to help them with their English homework. In case you are starting your own business, you need English. If you are travelling to foreign countries – you need English. I would encourage you to develop a strong command of English. And as far as the selection goes, you will get to know about it within a week. Your interview is over.”
As I was walking out of the interview room, I was feeling depressed. I could have performed better. I wished I could impress them by talking fluently in English. At that time, I made the decision– I would become fluent in English – AT ANY COST. 
(By the way, I cleared the interview. 😃)
Fast forward to the final year of my MBA. I was the topper of my college. And I also grabbed a job in a good pharmaceutical company. And from that point on, I have never looked back. I have been a soft skill trainer and I have also handled overseas clients in the Corporate Industry - for 17 year
I know what difficulties students coming from Hindi Medium Schools face. I know how it feels like to come from a rural background. That’s why, at Pragya Institute, we focus on providing quality education with world-class standards. We don't rely on a single faculty for our premium Spoken English Course.  I, Saurabh Jain, teach soft skills and communication-skills part. Whereas, our other faculty, Mrs Dipika Bajaj teaches the Spoken English part.  My 17 years of corporate world experience has shown me the easiest and quickest way to be good at communication skills.  And Mrs Dipika Bajaj has 15 years of experience in training students to become fluent in English. We promise outstanding results, no matter how weak the student is, in a very small amount of time.

Are you facing any of these problems?
●    You could respond to this inquiry, yet your English is poor.
●    You feel mediocre or low certain once you visit my child's school since I'm bad at English.
●    English has become a boundary in your professional development and advancement.
●    Fear of visiting outside nations, where the maternal language is English.
●    In conferences or meetings, you have been afraid of speaking in English.
●    You can inquire in English but you make grammatical mistakes.
●    You feel inferior when you are talking to your friends in English.
●    English is the only problem that hinders your professional growth.
●    You are unable to visit foreign countries because you are not fluent in English.
●    You are unable to get the best job because not so good at English
●    Fear of meeting higher authorities because you are not so good at English
●    Faced awkward situation because of poor command over the English language
●    Sometimes unable to make friend due to poor confidence in English Speaking
●    You have knowledge but am unable to precise my thoughts in English.
●    You feel inferior amongst peers simply because my English isn't fluent.
●    You can understand but unable to talk.

●    You are scared of job interviews simply because they might ask you something in English and you won’t be able to express yourself clearly. 

If any of the above Answer is Yes? Join us now

1.       English speaking has become the preeminent skill in many personal, social, and professional fields.
2.       English is an imperative job skill.
3.       Usages of English is increasing day by day.
4.       English is a global business language.
5.       English commonly required when we need to deal with cross-nation. English add value to your personality.
6.       Nowadays in many fields English is used as a primary language.
7.       A person who can achieve fluency in English is considered a cool personality
8.       Opens the door to new and different career opportunities
9.       We are living in digital/ internet world – most used language is English
10.   It also helps you to watching Hollywood movies
11.   Most higher studies are in English
12.   It will enhance your confidence because many times people feel inferior because they are not good in English
13.   For abroad studies it is mandatory
14.   For many entrance exams you need to clear English paper
15.   Learning the second language improve your brain capacity

 Who needs an English communication course?
Reasons may vary yet everybody requires a command over the English Language.

●  Student - Many courses are available in English only.
●  Businessman - If you are fluent in English, you can leave a good first impression on others and it also improves your personality.
●  Housewife - Speaking in English would boost your confidence, and if you use English while talking to your friends especially in Marriage Functions, then you would be perceived as high status.
●  Entrepreneur - It would be helpful for your startup as you could take job interviews in English and you could communicate with your clients without relying on your colleagues.
●  Working Ladies - It prep and add certainty to the visual correspondence.
●  Professional - It opens an ocean of opportunities in domestic as well as international careers and jobs.
●  Government officer - Many places in life communicate in English isn't nee English is needed.

1. Hindi Medium - Don't Worry - Our chief trainer Saurabh Jain is also from Hindi Medium
2. Rural Area -No Problem -  Our chief trainer Saurabh Jain is also from Rural Area
3. Family Atmosphere - Forget it - No one in Saurabh Jain's family speaks English
4. English medium not fluent - Now it's a cakewalk - Our chief trainer Saurabh Jain has trained few thousand people with the same issue
5. Lack of confidence -Forget it - Our chief trainer Saurabh Jain not only a trainer but also he is a world-renowned motivational speaker
6. Fear of making mistakes - No need to worry - We allow you to mistakes because We are committed to supporting all our participants
7. Translation (Think in Hindi, speak in English) - Now not a big issue - Our chief trainer Saurabh Jain is a certified NLP coach. He knows well how to fix these issues.
8. Can understand and write but unable to speak - No worries - It's a matter of time you will become so fluent
9. Fear of Grammar - It's nothing - Grammar has very little role in speaking English
10. Pronunciation - You are welcome - You will have a drastic improvement in accent and pronunciation 

Don't Worry; You Have Come 

To The Right Place!!


Why Choose Us - Reason 1. 

World-Class Curriculum: Prepared after deep scientific research, under the guidance and supervision of World-Class Trainers. Highly Structured and Comprehensive curriculum

Why Choose Us - Reason 2. 

World-Class Novel Training Methodology, 100% Practical Approach

Basic Course of English Communication

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great Zig Ziglar

● Tricks to learn a second language
● Basics of English
● Why English and why you want to learn English
● Confidence gaining exercise to change belief – Excuse or execute- Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt
● Use of observation skill and how to create an English environment around you
● Basics of conversation skills
● Grammar - WH Family, Parts of Speech, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verbs, Adverbs, Interjection, Articles, Prepositions, Determiners, Tense, Modals, Conjunctions, Phrasal Verbs, and other related topics are covered in Grammar.
● Forming simple and complex sentence with proper sentence structure
● Forming special sentence with proper structure
● Asking simple and complex questions with proper sentence structure
● Pronunciation, phonetics, and accent neutralization
● Telling stories

Intermediate Course of English Communication

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney
 ●      Ways to expand vocabulary
●      Translation Exercise
●      Techniques to stop translation
●      Confusing Similar Words
●      One Word Substitution
●      Sentence Correction Exercises
●      Idioms & Proverbs
●      Spotting errors
●      Comprehension
●      Telling stories


Advance Course of English Communication

Learning is not a spectator sport. – D. Blocher
●      Expand vocabulary through multiple world-class techniques that you will never forget
●      Ways to recall words you learn
●      Take pronunciation and ascent to the next level
●      Ways to take fluency to the next level
●      Most used effective words and sentences
●      How to speak the same sentence in multiple effective ways
●      Telling long stories

1.      Classroom training/ Workshop - Interactive session: World-Class PowerPoint Presentation with world-class learning content, Jokes, Stories, Videos, and Movies, etc.  
2.      Comprehensive workbook/ worksheets of each topic
3.      Logbook to measure progress
4.      Pre- and post-assessment
5.      Multiple games/ activities on each topic
6.      Psychometric test to know your current level on each skill
7.      Case study-based learning - Case studies discussion
8.      Situation analysis to establish cause and effect relationship
9.      Group Roleplays/ Skit
10.  Mono acting
11.  Pantomime 
12.  Extempore
13.  Panel discussion
14.  Group discussion
15.  Current affairs
16.  Debate
17.  Story Telling
18.  Presentation
19.  Speech and Express ideas
20.  Formal and informal conversations
21.   A lot of fun activities
22.   Brain Activities
23.   Creative and innovative exercise on a daily basis
24.   Quiz
25.   Myth and Facts
26.   Hand holding to weak participants
27.   One to one focus on each participant - Only 10 to 15 participants in each batch
28.   Friendly and learning environment 
29.   Promote participant participation 
30.   Resolve concern - Full freedom to ask their doubts and queries 
31.   Customized the approach according to the need of individual or group of participants
32.   Assignments/ Fun work and responsibilities to improve different skills
33.   A lot of awards and rewards to participants
34.   Individual counselling sessions - based on the requirement 
35.   Motivational Seminars
36.   Laser sharp focus on Implementation
37.   Follow-ups - Celebrate success and share in the community
38.  Lifetime support to our participants 

Buy Now and Get – 

  • Fluency in English like a CNBC news anchor even if you are from a Hindi Medium school and the mere thought of speaking English makes you scared.
  • The magic trick to speak English non–stop, where you don’t think and words flow out of your mouth. (And get rid of the habit of pausing after every sentence.)  
  • The 30-minute technique will change your habit of forming sentences in Hindi and then translating them into English. (You will talk as if English was your mother tongue) 
  • The magical hack that only 1% of people know to pronounce every word in English correctly.


Also, Learn - 

  • How to develop an intuitive sense in English that will tell you what is right and what is wrong. You don’t need to remember the rules of grammar anymore. 
  • Tons of new English words and develop your vocabulary even if you hate reading English books and Newspapers. We promise you will become a walking dictionary.
  • How to get rid of your accent and talk like employees of MNCs who handle international clients. 

Other Benefits - 

  • Your social and professional image will improve
  • You will be able to crack a job interview easily 
  • It will help you to grow your business nationally and internationally 
  • You will be able to explore multiple careers opportunity
  • It will boost your confidence 
  • You will be able to crack competitive exams
  • Your foreign trips will become more easy for you

Why Choose Us - Reason 3. 

World-Class Soft Skill Trainer and Certified English Speaking Coach

1. Saurabh Jain - Director and Chief Trainer - Pragya Institute of Personality Development - Bharat's First and Best Personality Development and Life Skill Management Institute 
2. Global Career Counsellor from the University of California L.A. 
3. World Record Holder for the longest non-stop speech on Personality Development. 
4. Featured in Josh Talks.
5. Worked with Discovery Channel as All India Coordinator for their Documentary named "Belief."
6. Awarded as "Best Entrepreneur" by ICAN Foundation (for the year 2019-20)
7. Faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI, ICMAI, ICSI.
8. Registered soft-skill trainer for Navodya Leadership Institute
9. Certified Memory Coach
10. Certified NLP Practitioner
11. Highly experienced trainer with more than 17 years of professional experience
12. Awarded as "The university of Wisdom."
13. Awarded as a "Personality development guru."
14. Awarded as "Innovator of practical motivation.
15. Corporate trainer for many national, Multinational, and public sector organizations.
16. Keynote speaker at many national conferences.
17. Given speeches in many esteemed places like Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, Central Jail Jaipur, etc.
18. "Saurabh Jain Motivational Speaker" Google Page has 800+ 5-Star reviews.
19. Pragya Institute's Google page has 1350+ 5-Star Reviews.

Why Choose Us - Reason 4. 

World-Class Infrastructure and Learning Environment 

Introducing  Pragya Institute oPersonality Development 

Known As

"Kingdom of Wisdom"


"Excellence की पाठशाला"

"We don't produce freshers; we produce professionals."

Bharat's first & best comprehensive personality development & life skill management institute 
Rajasthan's first soft skill institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University

1. We Believe in Training Environment

•       Interactive Panel in the classroom.
•       World-class podium
•       Exemplary sound system
•       Auditorium Quality Chair
•       Burger on Each Chair
•       Classic Boardroom
•       A class of podium
•       Separate Activity Room with 100+ Games
•       Talk Show Sofas
•       Air Conditioner Classrooms
•       Ambience through light is amazing
•       Walls Designed According to World-Class training method
•       200+ Games available to improve different skills

2. We Believe in Learning
•       World-class library with books worth more than few lacks rupees
•       Kindle available for reading unlimited books

3. We Believe in Quality

•       ISO Certified Institute 
•       Only 10 to 15 Participant in one batch

4. We Believe in Technology 

•       Two-way live session facility
•       Online session facility available
•       Free Wi-Fi (300mbps) for participants.

5. We Believe in Safety and Security

•       Complete fire safety arrangement with A, B, C type and Electricity
•       Highly secured premises – Complete premises under CCTV surveillance

6. We Believe in Hygiene and Health

•       A wholly modular and highly hygienic washroom
•       Focus on providing fresh air -non-polluted air flow plant
•       High-quality acupressure instrument available to keep participant energetic
•       High-grade weighing machine available provide 14 significant reports related to health
•       Complete aromatic environment
•       Live fresh air plants all around the premises

7. A Class of Cafeteria

•       Tea, coffee, cookies, detox water, cotton candy, Bhelpuri, Water-Balls, Juice, popcorn, 50+ different edible available for refreshment!

8. Other Facilities 

•       24*7 Power backup

Why Choose us - Reason 5.
100% Customer Satisfaction - We Value Your Time and Money - 2000+ 5 Star Reviews

Why Choose Us - Reason 6.

   Special Features

For whom is this course not for?
We expect all our students to know at least 6th Grade English (the medium of school doesn’t matter). Of course, we can not teach you the very alphabet of English
Okay, how does it work?
Our classes are held 5 days a week. You pay a monthly subscription fee and join our classes.
How do I know this will be helpful? 
Hundreds of students have taken our courses. Please check google and read their testimonials. Some of them are posted on this page.
There are a lot of Free Resources on Youtube.
Why should I Join the Pragya Institute?
Here are some reasons – 
  • You don’t get personal attention from an expert if you study from Youtube. No one is there to correct your mistakes if you study from Youtube.
  • You need a group, where you can practice your English speaking skills. Learning English is more about speaking than reading/memorizing.
  • We teach a lot of tricks and tips, so you learn English at the fastest pace possible.
  • Youtube won't give you certification.
  • We will also help you with public speaking and personality development – provided you join the ADVANCED course. This will in turn help you when you face interviews, talk in front of a large group of people, group discussions, and other related situations.
OK, how do I sign up? 
First, you can click on the “Apply Now” button on the top of the page. Then, you’ll be prompted to log in to the website. Please log in via your Facebook ID. Then, choose the payment method (either Debit Card or Credit Card). After processing, we will contact you via email and phone within 24 business hours, giving you the schedule of your upcoming batch.
What if I want to cancel?
You can cancel within the first 3 classes. You will get a no question asked refund.

1. You will receive a certificate on course completion 
2. Language: Hindi and English Mix. - According to the need of the participants
3. Sessions are activity-based 
4. Size of the batch:- 10 to 15 Participant 
5. 100% Session taken by world-renowned trainer Mr Saurabh Jain
6. 5 Days week - Saturday and Sunday off

7. Who Can Join? The answer is very simple, anyone who wants unstoppable success and growth in lif

a. Students
b. Professionals
c. Businessmen
d. Entrepreneurs
e. Job Seeker
f. Job Holders
g. Sales Executives
h. Coach/ Mentor/ Trainer/ Speakers
i. Political Leaders
j. Business Leaders and Managers
k. Working Women 
l. House Makers
m. SME/ MSME/ Startups
n. Government officials
0. Retired from work

We have designed our courses in such a way that people of any age group irrespective of their profession can join us.

Free an hour 1 to 1 coaching with Saurabh Jain, where you can get career counselling, discuss interview tips, salary negotiation strategies, or how to overcome your obstacles.

If you feel that this course is not the right fit for you,
we insist you get a 100% refund.
(Duration-2 Months)
NOW for 2 EASY PAYMENTS of Rs 4000/-
Pay The Entire Course Fee
(Rs 16,000 for 4 months)
and get a 10% Discount 


So, if you are interested in enrolling in this course, call us today at- 



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"A Good Decision not Taken on Right Time is a Bad Decision" 

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