Intermediate Course of Personality Development and Life Management


A Step Towards Better You

Not being able to succeed in the career life when being technically skilled? Well, there are many other factors which are taken into consideration to earn the success in professional life. Whether you are technically skilled or not, it is very important to have a good behavior with excellent communication skills. These skills are exclusively acknowledged as personality development skills with which you will be able to communicate with complete efficiency and there will be a different you.

Pragya Institute gives the aspirants a great opportunity with our Intermediate Course Of Personality Development and Life Management. Our professionals will assist you with wide range of opportunities. From different programs to workshop, we have got you covered as per your convenience and need. You will be assisted with different sessions in the workshops which will certainly make your attitude better towards the professional life. Our expert consultants will make you learn to understand the situation and the act accordingly! The students and the participants will be able to acknowledge what they want to achieve with the help of our programs and workshops. The respective sessions are organized in such a way that you will be able to work with better managerial skills. Its a dynamic, practical, and insightful program prepared for aspirants from any field. So, if you want to learn how to build relationships and also influence people, this program is just the perfect solution for. This program will allow you to enhance your communication and time management skills which play a very important role in succeeding. Take a look at our Intermediate Course Of Personality Development and Life Management.

v All Sessions Are Activity, Case Study Based

v Lot of Psychological Test Almost on Each Topic

v Work on Developing Civic Sense and Moral Values

v Lot of Fun Each Day, Quiz to Increase Mental Ability

v Biography and Motivation Each Day

v Daily Discuss Myth and Facts that Increase Logical Thinking

v Current Affairs on Daily Basis

Ø Day 1 – 2 - What is Personality, How to Become an Impressive Personality

· First Impression is Not the Last Impression but How?

· To Earn More You Need to Learn More, How Keep Yourself Updated

· Know Your Own Importance and Don’t compare yourself with others

· Advantage and Disadvantage of Extrovert, Socialize Is Good or Bad? How to Make a Perfect Balance?

· Shyness Is Good but How to Overcome Extreme Shyness? Life Changing Tips for Introverts

· Success Through Excellence Is Real Way to Achieve

· Questioning is Science, Be Curious

· You Are Already A Billionaire, Want to Know How?

· Yes, Indian Education System Has Lot of Flaws Being A Part of This You Can Do Miracle, Student to Professional

· Class Room to Outside World

· Best Investment…….

· One Day or Day One

· How and How Much to Use Google

· How to Physically Fit and Mentally Relaxed

· Personality Test

Ø Day - 3 - Change Is Most Essential Part of Life - Change Yourself and Become a Great Personality

· Know the Biggest Truth of The Universe

· Time is Changing Very Fast How to Cope Up with Changing Environment

· Make a Choice You Want to Become Powerful or Fool

· Understanding Law of Survival of The Fittest

· How To come out from your comfort zone – How to Comfortable in Uncomfortable

· Winners Never Quit Or / Both Winners Always Quit

· How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

Ø Day – 4 - 5 - How to Change Your Pessimistic Belief into Optimistic Belief

· Practical Aspect of Law of attraction and How It Work, A Move from Illusion to Reality

· Check Who Is Your Mental Travel Partner? It has Lot of Impact in Your Life

· How to Control Your Brain or Programming of Brain

· Why Mother Is Always So Caring, Understand Through Programming of Brain

· Power of Belief System is Extraordinary, It’s Life Changing

· Positive Powerful Thinking Is Key, How to Overcome from Negative Thoughts, Is Social Media Really a Major Culprit and How Manage it

· Why Optimistic Not Realistic

· Only Positive Thinking Is Not Enough, What Else You Need

· Know Why You Born, Is Really God Will Help You?

· Overcome from class room life importance of soft skill training?

Ø Day – 6- Discover your potential - You are Born to Become a Winner

· Choose the Work that Suits Your Talent / Interest

· Importance of Self Talk

· Best Time to Learn, it is Extremely Important to Know

· Problem Solving Skills, How to Solve Your Own Problems?

· How Keep Balance Between Pleasure and Pain

· Best Approaches to Manage Worst Time of Life When You Don’t See Ray of Hope

· You Are Stronger Than You Think Must Know About Yourself, Knowing Yourself Is Beginning of All Wisdom

· A Glimpse of Soft Skill and Hard Skill

Ø Day – 7- Choose the Correct Location on Life’s GPS

· SWOT Analysis - An Impeccable Way for Success

· Goal Setting, How Set Goal of Your Life

· Just Not Follow the Crowd Design Your Own Path

· Hear the Unhear

· How to Identify Opportunities in Life and Drive Best Result of These Opportunities

· If Not Selected Don’t Worry, Let’s Understand What to Do

Ø Day -8- Various Aspect, How to Look at Life?

· Check Have You Made the Right Choice of Your Life

· Personality Development Programme

· Work for Cause Not for Applause

· Be Cautious in Making Friends

· Hidden Facts Behind Companies Logo

· How I Become Smilographer

· Don’t Expect the Good Things from Bad People

· Check Are Member of Club Of 99

Ø Day - 9 - Ignite Your Passion to Be A Winner

· Ways to Find Out Your Passion

· How to and Why to Follow Your Passion

· How to Convert Your Passion into Profession

· Why People Feel Tiered and Need Vacations

· Work Without Passion Is Slavery

· Hard Working V/s Smart Working V/s Result Orientation

· Being Lazy Also Good but How at The Same Time How to Overcome Laziness

· How to Get Adequate Results of Your Efforts?

· Know What Is Your USP

· Meaning of Life and A Step Towards How to Live It? You Will Be Known for What You Have Done

· How to Develop Strong Will Power

Ø Day -10- Work on The Cause Not on The Symptoms, Craft Your Life with Effective Planning, Planning Plays A Vital Role in Your Success

· Is More Information Leads to Confusion or Clarification?

· How to Build Yourself As A Good Product?

· Difference Between Planning and Strategy

· Planning Is Good or Bad

· Power of Delegation - Key Points Needs to Remember Before Delegation

· Optimal Utilization of Resources

· What Is More Important? Effective Planning or Fastest Excellence in Execution

· Major Cause of Failure in Life, How to Overcome from Such Challenges?

Ø Day -11- A Perfect Guide on Effective Planning and Fastest Excellence Execution

· Idea is just a seed, How to Nurture Your Seed and Make It a “KALPVRIKSH”,

· Be Fast Mover but How?

· Understanding of Improvisation as well Here and Now.

· Financial Planning for Financial Peace

· Why Women Empowerment is So Important and Best Ways to Do It

· How to Overcome from Overthinking

Ø Day -12- How Parents Make Their Kid Overweight,

· You Are the Salt of The Earth and Light of The World, You Are Unique Live This Uniqueness,

· Not Taking Risk Is Biggest Risk, How to Take Calculated Risk?

· Clear or Smart Goals for life.

· Day – 13 - What Makes Man Perfect? Perfect Practice but How?

· Process of Perfect Practice and How to Do It?

· How to Focus on Your Goals

· Law of Paying the Price

· Want Good Fruits Create Good Roots, Patience is The Key to Success but Do You Really Know What Is Patience? Patience is Not About Waiting

· What is 8th Wonder and How it Work?

· Nothing to Prove Everything to Improve

· There are Four Type of People, Check Who Are You?

· Things Which Converts Your Weaknesses to Strengths.

· Social Recognition or Professional Recognition

· What Taste Do You Leave in Others Mouth?

Ø Day 14-15-16 Unveil Secrets of Effective Communicators, Do You Want to Become an Effective Communicator?

· Why Communication Is Most Important Part of Our Personality

· How to Convert Your Network into Connection

· Relationship Building Skills How to Build Strong and Long-Term Relations. Relationship IS Key to Success Not Networking

· Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, Need Is More Important Than Want and It Leads to Results

· How to Convert Argument into Discussion

· Perception Management Skills and How to Build Perception

· Active Listening, Observation Skills, Hand Shake, Eye Contact, Power of Body Language

· Power of Smile

· Fake It till You Make It

· Match the Mood

· It’s Not Sympathy, It’s Empathy Which Works

· Power of Word Detective

· Verbal Communication – Power of Positive Words – Change the Word, Change the World

· What to Speak, When to Speak and How to Speak, How Much to Speak

· Avoid Waffle Words in Your Communication

· Art of Negotiation

· DO'S and Don'ts about Social Media Messaging

· Phone Etiquettes Must Remember – Power of Phone Etiquettes - T-Con and Web Conference

Ø Day – 17- Public Speaking, Say No to Fear of Mike

· Have A Dressing Sense but How? Which Suits to Your Personality.

· Importance of Debate and Best Ways to Present Your Thoughts During Debate

· How to Make Significant Impact During Group Discussion

· How to Start and Keep Conversation Going

· Questioning is an Art, How to Become Expert in it?

Ø Day - 18 – Best and Practical Methods to Improvise English Communication Skills.

· Speaking Multiple Languages Increase, Power of Brain Let’s Understand

Ø Day – 19 – Power of Imagination

· Best Method of Learning is Observation, How to Increase Your Observation Skills?

· Learn from Things Around Us

· Power of Silence

· Facts Beyond Science

· It is Always Great to Know People by Their Name but So Know the Ways to Remember Name

Ø Day – 20 – By Default Human Nature to Focus on Negative Be Cautious

· Good Intentions behind Pointing out Mistakes is Never Harmful, How to Give Negative Feedback Positively, Giving Feedback Is an Art, It Decide You Will Go Upward or Downward, Must Learn

· We Are Brainwashed that People Are So Bad, Let’s Understand the Facts

· How to Become Lovable?

· Honest Appreciation Is Biggest Motivation

· World Look How You Look at It, Change Your Vision, Is That So Easy? Yes, it is

· Quality of Your Thoughts Become Quality of Your Life

· How to Improve Your Quality of Life

Ø Day -21- Things You Must Do After Someone Highlights Your Mistake, A Step Toward Success… Want to Grow in Life?

· Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

· Life Is Not About How Good You Are, It’s All About How Good You Want to Be

· How to Stop Taking Things Personally

· This is How to Say "NO", Stop Suffering Now, Big Problem but Simple Solution

· How To “YES” Do You Know Perfect Way?

Ø Day – 22 - How to Start Your Day? Start Determine the End

· Power of Silence

· Power of Affirmations

· Power of Visualization

· Power of Exercise

· Power of Reading

· Power of Scribe / Writing

· Face Your Truth

· Tips to Fall Sleep Quicker and To Take Sound Sleep

· 3*1/2 Minutes Rule Of The Night

· How to Energize with The Rest of Few Minutes Only?

Ø Day – 23 - Being Organized and Committed is the True Definition of Discipline

Ø Easy but Effective Way to Follow Discipline in Your Life

· You Have Maximum Opportunities to Earn

· Tips to Glue Your Eyes on Your Goals, Focus Is the Key, How to Stay Focus?

· Be Driver of Your Own Life Not Passenger

· The Go Giver – A Curriculum for Making Difference

· Law of Value

· Law of Compensation

· Law of Influence

· Law of Authenticity

· Law of Receptivity

· Developing Sense of Humor

· Stop Saying Start Doing, Millimeters Makes Kilometers

· How to Increase Your Credibility?

· Do What You Want

· How to Increase Your Concentration and Memory?

· How to Control Your Sense Organs? A Brief and Useful Tool

· Forgetfulness is A Sign That You Are Intelligent

Ø Day - 24 - Dining Table, Party Etiquette

· How to Organize A Party at Home?

· Mirror Concept of Life and Don’t Die Before Your Death.

· Aim High, Achieve More

· What You Are Storing?

· Reason Why We Can’t Print Unlimited Currency?

· Meet with Smartest People I Know

Ø Day - 25 - This is it! You Need to Know How to Fight Back from Failure

· Life is Nothing, but Choice You Make. Life is Nothing but Between B and D

· Journey from Worrier to Warrior

· Own the Responsibility of Your Life Stop Blaming

· Failure Is Part of Success Not Opposite of Success, Wear Your Failure as Badge of The Honor, Let’s Move on But How?

· Art of Failing Successfully

Ø Day – 26 - Learner Is A Way to Become Good Earner - Learner 5 Characteristics

· Intense Efforts

· Intense Focus, How to Manage Distraction in Life

· Alert Approach

· Nature Is Biggest Teacher but How to Use It?

· Leave Comfort Zone

· Tips to Score Outstanding and How to Be an Influential

· How to Become A Good Teacher?

· Are You Spiritual OR Religious?

Ø Day – 27 - 28 - Make Your Anger Your Strength

· Why We Get Angry? Psychology or Science

· Let’s Understand How We Can Maintain Our Mental Peace

· Anger Is A Powerful Emotion Use It

· If Anger Is Out of Your Control Flush It Out

· Law of Nature

· Price of Love in Your Life

· Most Selfish Word Is Expectation – Managing It, Key of Happiness

· Insult Is Good but How?

· How to Handle Bullies

· How Manage a Situation When Someone Ignoring You

· Emotional Intelligence – EQ / IQ / LQ – Extremely Important to Understand in Current Scenario

Ø Day – 29 – 30 - Most Poisons Word Is Ego, How to Manage Ego?

· What is The Difference in Self Esteem and Ego

· Art of Living that You Don’t Have Ego and Your Self Esteem Is Also Not Compromised

· Why We Need Money, Let’s Understand the Facts

· Forgive and Gratitude, Accepting! Biggest Challenge | How to Admit Your Mistakes. Power of Magical Words Will Change Your Life

· Biggest Mistake of Life, Never Do This

· Power Of forgiveness

· Law of Gratitude

· Art of Admitting Your Mistakes

· How to Overcome Guilt

Ø Day – 31 - Is Honesty the best policy even in today's world?

· Trying to Cheat Other? Find How You Are Cheating Yourself

· Loyalty Is the Key, Do Want to Get It

· Professional Honesty Is Key to Long Term Growth

· Cheating Is Choice Not A Mistake

· How to Overcome Trust Issues in Relationship

· What is it Respect? You Should Know, Everyone Want It but only you can earn it?

· Is It Fear of The Authority or Respect of The Authority

· Trust but Verify

· Branded V/s Generic Medicine Truth Behind It, Important to Know for Your Health,

· Swadeshi or Videshi How to Look at It?

· Meaning of Cool and Smart Personality for Sure You Can, Do You Want to Be

Ø Day – 32 - Are You Creative? Understand Creativity as Per Current Scenario, How You Can Become More Creative

· Never let the Fear Hover over Your Head, Let’s Understand Psychological and Physical Fear

· Perfection Also Cause Fear, How to Overcome It?

· Live Before You Die, Don’t Die Before Your Death

· Power of Courage

· Understand Difference Between Love and Attachment

· Desire Is Key of Success Same Time Desire Increase Fear, How to Manage It?

· Limit Use of Search Engine, It Kills Creativity

· Tradition and Morality Is Always Not Same

Why Pragya Institute


Our personality development program has been considered as the best way to improve your personal attributes with the guidance of the professionals. It is not important that if you are technically smart you will find success in professional, you need to good in all the departments, i.e, from communication to presentation skills, all will be in the frame. So it is very important to behave well, respect other and communicate well.


With the help of our program, you will be able to have a better understanding capability and your confidence will be double of what it was. You will be able to communicate fluently and make an impact with ease. The body language will be great to make an influence and you will be able to manage your work properly. So, join our program and grow with us!

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