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SJ Special Talk Show

SJ Special Talk Show

SJ Special Talk Show

Unveiling the Secrets: How the S J Special Talk Show Can Answer All Your Burning Questions

 The Power of Curiosity in Personal and Professional Growth: Curiosity is the driving force behind human progress. It is what pushes us to explore, learn, and grow. Without curiosity, we would be stuck in a stagnant state, never venturing beyond our comfort zones. The S J Special Talk Show understands the power of curiosity and embraces it fully. Hosted by the charismatic S J, this show creates an environment where curiosity is celebrated and nurtured.
Throughout history, curiosity has played a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of the world. From Galileo's curiosity about the stars to Einstein's curiosity about the nature of time, it is curiosity that has led to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. The S J Special Talk Show recognizes this and aims to ignite the same curiosity within its viewers.
By exploring a wide range of topics, from the mysteries of the universe to the intricacies of the human mind, the S J Special Talk Show encourages viewers to ask questions and seek answers. It allows intellectual curiosity to flourish, inspiring personal and professional growth.

From Curiosity to Clarity: How the S J Special Talk Show Can Solve Your Toughest Questions

Ask all your “why's” and “Why Not's ” - “Why Me” and “Why Not Me” - “What If” and “What If Not” - “When” and “When Not” - Right or Wrong - Good or Bad. Move from confusion to clarity.
Welcome to the world of the S J Special Talk Show, where curiosity meets clarity, and challenging questions find their answers. Have you ever pondered life's most perplexing mysteries, unsure where to turn for insights? Look no further! This unique talk show is dedicated to unraveling the enigmas that leave us scratching our heads. From exploring the depths of the universe to understanding the complexities of the human mind, the S J Special Talk Show brings together the brightest minds, experts, and thought leaders to provide you with the answers you seek. This show takes you on a transformative journey through captivating conversations and thought-provoking discussions, equipping you with knowledge and understanding to navigate the world's complexities. Join us as we delve into science, philosophy, psychology, and more, shaping your perspective and elevating your intellectual curiosity. Get ready to embark on a quest for answers as the S J Special Talk Show unravels the mysteries and brings clarity to the forefront of your mind. SJ Talk Shows take you toward self-discovery.

Unlocking Knowledge: Explore the S J Special Talk Show and Find Answers to Your Deepest Inquiries. Does the show provide advice or just facts?

The S J Special Talk Show not only provides factual information but also offers valuable advice to professionals. Our show aims to assist individuals in various aspects of their careers and provide them with practical guidance and insights. Whether you're seeking advice on career advancement, networking strategies, personal development, or industry trends, our experts are here to answer your questions and provide you with actionable advice to help you succeed. So, please tune in to our show and discover the wealth of knowledge and advice waiting for you! SJ shown is not based on a textbook approach but on life's experience.
Why Everyone Must Be Curious
जो लोग सवाल नहीं उठाते; वो पाखंडी हैं,
जो लोग सवाल नहीं कर सकते; वो मूर्ख हैं,
और जिनके ज़हन में सवाल उभरता ही नहीं; वो गुलाम हैं.
 George Gordon Byron
 Curiosity is basic human nature. It’s a god gift - You must have seen a child is curious – and keep asking so many questions, but as he grows – he stops asking questions. Do you know why?

Two things might happen
1. Curiosity is buried
2. Still curious, but do not ask questions.

 As per my various analyses, the second option seems to be a more relevant reason because

1. If video titles on social media can generate curiosity, then be able to attract more viewers.
2. होता है ना अगर लिखा हो यहाँ मत देखना तो लोग झाँक - झाँक कर देखते हैं | If any movie has some sort of dispute then people want to see what was the dispute
3. As a speaker, people love to attend interactive session rather than monologue, which mean they love to ask questions
4. Web series are trending after one episode. People are crazy to know what is next. Bahubali - 2 -Why Katappa killed Bahubali - First day 122.03 crore
5. I witnessed that when I start my session with a question – I can engage more number of the audience

Knowing “Why Katappa Killed Bahubali” and “Conclusion of Web Series” will not help you in your life. Instead, use your curiosity - An exceptional talent, for your growth.

Everyone is curious, and one must be, but now question why they do not ask their questions.

1. Social Factors:  Whenever they asked the questions because of various reasons they were asked to keep silent –“चुप बैठो” By Parents/ Teachers/ Society - They faced statement like “तुम अपने आप को बहुत होशियार समझते हो” “अभी इतने  बड़े नहीं हुये हो” “अपने काम से काम रखो” बड़ों के बीच में नहीं बोलते” “अब तो तुम हमारे भी बाप हो गये हो” “इतने फालतू सवाल तुम्हारे दिमाग में आते कहाँ से हैं” “जैसा कहा गया है - वैसा करो - ज्यादा सवाल मत करो” “अब एक और सवाल पूछा तो…”  

2. Trust Issues: They did not rely on the people for two reasons
A. They always get biased answers according to individuals' perception
B. They don’t find an expert – who can answer their question
C. People offer a lot of unwanted “GYAN” - Whenever they show courage to ask their question, instead of getting a reply to their question - Either they face more questions or Unwanted GYAN

3. Fear whether my question is relevant or not – What people will think about my question

4. Society wants to create followers: Many times, raising questions hits personal and social beliefs


Who Must Attend SJ Special Talk Show

Ask Yourself Why You Must Attend Pragya’s Premium SJ Special Talk Show
  • Do you have one or many unanswered questions?
  • Do you have questions that are making you restless?
  • Do you want to ask your questions without any fear?
  • Do you have questions that are creating a lot of confusion? So unable to make a decision
  • Do you want to get the answer to all your questions?
  • Do you want to get the answer to all your questions from an expert?
  • Do you want to discuss face to face all your questions with an expert?
  • Do you want the unbiased and most authentic answer to all your questions?
  • Do you want to learn from other questions?
  • Do you want to be part of Pragya’s Premium SJ Special Talk Show?

You can get guidance on various topics like Relationships, Career Counselling, Interview Preparation, Personal, Professional, Social Issues, Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality, Religious, Social Myths, Entrepreneurship/ Startup, Life, Soft-Skill, Personality Development, Team Management, Parenting, NLP, etc.

Ask all your “why's” and “Why Not” - “Why Me” and “Why Not Me” - “What If” and “What If Not” - “When” and “When Not” - Right or Wrong - Good or Bad. Move from confusion to clarity.


How SJ Talk Show Will Add Significant Value in Your Life
Do you know what is the biggest hurdle in the pathway to success? Poor Decision Making
Do you know why people are unable to make decisions? Confusion
Do you know what is the best way to overcome confusion? Ask all your doubts to an expert – Once you get the answer to all your questions – It will lead to Clarity and Clarity not only helps you in decision-making but also Clarity is the fuel of self-motivation

Once you are clear between “Why Me” or “WHY Not Me” and find out your “WHY,” then your subconscious starts supporting you. When conscious and subconscious are aligned, then one can achieve impeccable success.
What type of questions will I receive answers to?

At S J's Special Talk Show, we pride ourselves on answering many questions. Whether you have queries about academics, career choices, personal development, professional approach, life skills, rapport-building, solving trust issues, contest-winning approach, spirituality or anything else, we're here to help! Our expert guests and hosts are highly knowledgeable in various fields and are ready to provide valuable insights and advice. So, no matter your question, feel free to bring it to our show and get the answers you need. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and guidance. Join us at S J's Special Talk Show, and let us help you find the answers you're looking for! The beauty of SJ Talkshow is that you can chat with the speakers after questioning.

Examples of tough questions tackled on the show

The S J Special Talk Show has covered a wide range of tough questions, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for answers. Here are a few examples of the thought-provoking topics that have been explored on the show:

1. The nature of consciousness: What is consciousness, and how does it arise? Can it be explained purely by brain activity, or is there more to it? The show brings together leading neuroscientists, philosophers, and psychologists to illuminate this fascinating topic.
2. The origins of the universe: How did the universe come into existence? What caused the Big Bang, and what was there before it? The show invites renowned astrophysicists and cosmologists to discuss the latest theories and findings in the field.
3. The meaning of life: What is the purpose of our existence? Is there a universal meaning to life, or is it subjective? The show explores various philosophical perspectives, inviting renowned philosophers and theologians to share their insights.
4. The psychology of happiness: What truly makes us happy, and how can we cultivate happiness? The show dives into positive psychology, featuring leading researchers and happiness experts.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of challenging questions the S J Special Talk Show tackles. Whether it's the mysteries of the universe, the complexities of the human mind, or the intricacies of philosophical concepts, this show leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of understanding.
On SJ Talkshow, a few quizzes are also organised, which allows you to win exciting prizes. Get Ready for the Ultimate Q&A Experience: Discover the S J Special Talk Show. Teams of Expert professionals are involved in the SJ Talkshow. Answers are at par excellence that you can't predict. 

Saurabh Jain: Our Honorable Director & Chief Trainer
Mr Saurabh Jain is a live example of transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs. He encountered enormous challenges losing his father when he was Nine. Due to impoverished conditions, Mr Saurabh Jain completed his academics at a government education institute. He started his professional career as a Medical Representative on 3rd November 2003. and today, he has the Nine World Record in his name. He is a hard-core believer in excellence and declared many more to come—35:00 Hours Non-Stop Speech in the Year 2025.

Mr Saurabh Jain has rich experience in pharmaceutical sales, training, event management, and startup.
Mr Saurabh Jain is the Founder and Chief Trainer at Pragya Institute of Personality Development. It was painless for him to start Spoken English classes because people used to pretend Spoken English classes as Personality Development classes. He initiated A to Z of personality development & life skill management.
Pragya Institute of Personality Development is Bharat’s First and Best Comprehensive Personality Development and Life Skill Management Institute.

Awarded by eminent titles like:
1. Excellence की पाठशाला 
2. Kingdom of Wisdom
3. 360 Degree Growth Academy
4. Laboratory - Man turns into a Human.
Awarded with 30 + Prestigious Titles

Mr Saurabh Jain is the founder of the Jaipur Learning Festival “Learning & Motivation का महाकुम्भ” In this event, Mr Saurabh Jain delivered a 24-hour non-stop (no water, no bio break, without the help of notes) speech. He presented his speech in the presence of more than 15,000 prominent audiences. 200+ national & international media houses published his success story.
Mr Saurabh Jain is also the founder of the “Kingdom of Wisdom.”

Mr. Saurabh Jain provides training in various domains:
1. Transformational Public Speaker – Mr. Saurabh Jain motivates and ensures transformation through inspiration & motivational strategies. He is an expert, motivational strategist and success coach. As a keynote speaker, He has addressed more than 200 regional & national level conferences. Saurabh Jain can address thousands of people simultaneously. He has experienced addressing up to 20,000 people at once. Give speeches at Rajasthan Vidhansabha, Central Jail Jaipur, and the Income Tax Department. He has a powerful winning story from his life. Saurabh Jain is a person who is driven by excellence and counts success as a by-product, so he opens the door for continuous success in life. He always leaves a strong impact.

2. Corporate Trainer - Mr. Saurabh Jain has imparted his learnings with 50+ National, Multinational & Public Sector Organisations. He has been serving for more than 19 years. He has practical experience handling sales operations for more than 16+ years. Start from Sales Executive to Director of Sales and Marketing. He incorporated 500+ games & activities in his sessions. Ensure transformation & business growth.

3. Soft Skill Trainer – Mr. Saurabh Jain has upskilled over 10,000 students, business leaders & business owners. He is a faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI/ ICSI/ ICMAI. He takes sessions on more than 350+ topics.

4. NLP Practitioner – Mr. Saurabh Jain could help more than 100 people to become influential personalities by developing a positive attitude

5. Super Brain Coach – Mr Saurabh Jain has taken over 500 sessions and helped people optimize their brain’s potential, learn faster and build photographic memory. He delivered his 24-hour Non-Stop speech without the help of any notes

6. Silva Ultra Mind Method Instructor– Mr. Saurabh Jain trained more than 1000 people to reach the alpha state and improve their intuitive ability.

7. Business/ Startup/Entrepreneurship Coach – Mr. Saurabh Jain has taken 100 sessions for startups and entrepreneurship, enabling business owners to excel. Saurabh Jain is an expert in driving business strategy and building a strong business mindset. 100% Practical approach and ensure implementation. Saurabh Jain is a personality who quit his job at a multinational company. He was on a handsome package and higher designation, initiated his startup- learn from mistakes, and finally, “Pragya Institute of Personality Development”, India’s first and best comprehensive personality development institute. From developing the skills and attitude of an entrepreneur, Saurabh Jain Initiated an outstanding program named “Junior MBA.”

8. Hire to Retire Expert – Mr. Saurabh Jain is an expert in the hiring, talent retention, & retiring process. Apart from this, his students have a 100% selection rate in Job Interviews.

9. Global Career Counsellor from the University of California- Mr. Saurabh Jain guided more than 2000 students in creating their career map & achieving their best-fit goals

10. Relationship Counsellor: Mr. Saurabh Jain Assisted more than 200 families and ensured a better understanding.

11. Child Counselling – Mr. Saurabh Jain, through his golden words, aided about 500 children in overcoming addictions and other mental health issues.

12. Personal Growth Trainer/Self-Help Speaker – Everyone wishes to build their career, but what about growing as a person? Saurabh Jain took more than 250 sessions on personal growth—an exemplary contribution to eternal transformation. Saurabh Jain is a great counsellor; he understands people's real-life problems and has a solution-focused mindset. These qualities make him the best self-help speaker.

13. Life Skill Mentor – Saurabh Jain is a person who leads by example. As of now, he has addressed more than 20,000 audiences and facilitated them to transform their lives. His observations are meticulous.

14. Spiritual/ Happiness Mentor– Mr. Saurabh Jain follows high self-control. This is his area of interest. He loves to talk about this & inspire people to inculcate spirituality.

15. Talk Show - He is a masterpiece of talk shows. His answers are at par excellence. Conducted 100+ talk shows. Live answers to the audience's questions

16. Storyteller & Add Humour - Saurabh Jain is an expert in the art of storytelling & adding humour. He has a collection of more than 5000+ great stories and fun elements. This skill of Mr Jain makes him very special.

17. Train the Trainer - Saurabh Jain believes in building a future that can be done by developing future trainers. He helped more than 100 people in becoming future trainers.

18. Teachers Training Program – It’s widespread in the corporate world to upskill their employees; at the same time, it is very uncommon in the education system to upskill teachers. Mr Saurabh Jain has created an advanced course, “Teacher of the 21st Century.”

19. English Language Mentor – Mr Saurabh Jain came from a rural area and studied in government schools (Hindi Medium). He has created and collected proven techniques for Speaking English Subconsciously, Effectively, and Flawlessly. He has assisted 500+ participants in achieving the next level.

20. Mental Health – Mental health is becoming a severe cause of concern in all age groups. Mr Saurabh Jain is working on the cause-and-effect relationship concepts and helping many people through his expertise.

Mr Saurabh Jain spent about 35,000 hours and paid Rs. 32 lacks to learn all these world-class techniques from a world-class trainer. Saurabh Jain has read more than 1,000 self-help books written by world-renowned authors. He has spent more than 19 years in the process. Still, every day, he spent approx. 6 to 8 in improving himself.

Here is the list of a Few Awards in his name:
1. 4.9* Ratings by 2000+ people on the Google business page of Saurabh Jain.
2. 5* Ratings by 2500+ people on the Google business page of Pragya Institute of Personality Development
3. Awarded as “Vaishya Gaurav” by the CM of Rajasthan, Honourable Shri Ashok Ji Gehlot. This award was given to the 25 most influential personalities of Rajasthan from the Vaishya Community
4. Awarded as The University of Wisdom
5. Awarded as a Personality development guru.
6. Awarded as an Innovator of practical motivation.
7. Awarded as Best Entrepreneur by ICF
8. Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award
9. Awarded as All-Rounder
10. Awarded as The Saurabh Jain
11. Awarded as Unique Edition
12. Awarded as Throne of Soft Skill Training
13. Awarded as Smilographer
14. Awarded as The Legend Guiding Star
15. Awarded as The Jewel in the Crown
16. Awarded as Self-Excellence
17. Awarded as Youth Icon
18. Awarded as The Savior Ship
19. Awarded as “Gyan Muni.”
20. Awarded as “सरस्वती पुत्र.”
21. Awarded as “JSG वाचस्पति.”
22. Awarded as Best Teacher by Lions Club Jaipur
23. Awarded as Jin Shasan Pravakta
24. Awarded as Jain Samaj Gaurav
25. Awarded as Rajasthan Jain Yuva Mahasabha Gaurav
26. Awarded as JSG Mahanagar Gaurav
27. Awarded as Anupam Guru Bhakt
28. Awarded as Sangh Chintamani
29. Awarded as Shravak Shreshth
Awarded with 200+ Eminent Titles
1. Worked with Discovery Channel for a documentary named Belief.
2. Faculty President LBS College Kotputli 2000 – 2001
3. Awarded as Best Co-Educational Boy of The Year - LBS College Kotputli 2000-2001
4. Vice-Captain Inter College Cricket Team

Social Representation:
1. Founder President of Shraman Shrut Seva Sansthan,
2. President of Tapobhumi Praneta Welfare Foundation
3. Nominated as Assistant Trainer Rotary International District 3054 2023-2024
4. Secretary-General of Digamber Jain Muni Seva Sangh
5. Secretary Rajasthan Jain Yuva Mahasabha
6. Vice President of JSG Pearl – 2017 – 2019
7. Coordinator Leadership Committee JSGIF 2019-2021
8. Chief Coordinator Chatrurmas committee Barkat Nagar since 2010
Saurabh Jain is the person who can help you identify your uniqueness, come out of your cocoon, and flutter your wings to fly high in your life. 
Mr Saurabh Jain is an inspirational person. He has faced all odds in his life. A person who studied in government and Hindi medium schools spent his childhood and teenage years in a small village. Now he is Nine World Record Holder.
He is a person who knows "how to convert adversities into opportunities."
 His Journey speaks louder than words.

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