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Ambitious dream, Desire to fly high, Love doing something innovative, Ready to face adversities, Consent with the uncertainty in life, Passionate toward dreams, Prepared to commit mistakes, learn from mistakes and grow, Ready to listen “That’s useless” will “spoil your life”. Then a person initiates a STARTUP.


A startup is just not a startup, it is a dream. A daring step


Why startup –

  1. Create job opportunity – Increase employment
  2. Distinguish oneself from the crowd
  3. The startup is the only way to Make “Bharat Vishav Guru” Local, Vocal, Global – but till now, it is more about the vocal. Vocal will help when we have local.
  4. Less competition but establishing a new concept
  5. Unbelievable growth opportunity
  6. Best way to live life – Convert your passion into profession


There are various reasons, why startup fails?


  • The most common reason is high enthusiasm and low patience.
  • High energy but low experience.
  • High research or no research/ low research.
  • Treat the start-up as a company.
  • Over-confidence and low skills.
  • Flexibility missing in the business model.
  • The initial stage start focusses on earning money rather than developing a network of the delighted customer.
  • Initially free or exceptionally low price but no idea how to convert in the profitable business model.
  • The business model is not scalable.
  • Overlook current and future flaws.
  • Do not work on the continuous review mechanism.
  • Do not check the viability of your product.
  • Treat the first product as a final product.
  • Do not have an idea in which stage product needs to launch in the market
  • Miss the right time to launch a product. Either too premature or wait for complete product
  • No idea about, the right time to raise funding – Initial funding/ seed funding
  • Poor knowledge about, how to attract investor – Knowledge about investment pattern
  • Try to capture big segment – poor segmentation and targeting – poor reach to the right customer
  • Fail to present the idea in front of investor and customer
  • Fail to Hire the right candidate and develop a work culture
  • Product pricing
  • Budget allocation
  • Inappropriate Long-term vision
  • Take more projects than their capacity – build an unsatisfied customer base
  • Over-commitment
  • Unable to make optimal utilization of resources
  • Unable to face competition with big giants – How to create a monopoly in a saturated market
  • For a few, it is trending
  • Poor knowledge about government policy and how to take mileage of these policies

There is the list of few but many more such points those needs to understand. Do you want to know how to pitch your idea in the marketplace to become a successful startupreneur.

Startups begin with an idea, but it is just not about an idea. How well one executes this idea become startupreneur. It requires immense hard work, smart work, intelligence, skills, guidance and many more.

Are you looking for a mentor or course which can guide you on how to become a successful stratupreneur? Your search ends here.


Why us

In the direction of building skilful and, willful Bharat- Pragya Institute of Personality Development dedicated to launch - skill and will building courses. In the process of same, Pragya Institute of Personality Development “Kingdom of Wisdom” “Excellence ki Paathshala” after a grass root level research has designed a unique and world-class training program for startups.

Our startup training Programme is merged Programme of Startup and Entrepreneurship.

Startupreneur curriculum is designed under the guidance of world-renowned Business coach and Entrepreneurship trainer.

Stratupreneur training programme answer to all above-mentioned questions and many more along with complete training of entrepreneurship

Our honourable director Mr Saurabh Jain is world-renowned Startup coach provided business consultancy to many startups. To support the youth of the nation. He took initiative and design India’s first comprehensive startup training programme. Where youth can be guided, and their skill can be enhanced to become successful Stratupreneur


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