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1. Personality Development means spoken English classes – English speaking is a tiny part of your overall personality. If personality is an ocean, then speaking English is just a well.

2.Personality Development/Soft skill development is only for students -> From top business tycoons of the companies listed by Fortune 500 to people venturing out on their startup journey, everyone can attend soft skill training programs. It is an essential requirement of all human beings that encounter communication of some form.

3. Personality Development means how to sit, how to walk, how to talk etc
.– Yes, these topics come under the umbrella of personality development, but there are almost a few hundred other topics that come under the umbrella of personality development. 

Then What is personality?

             Watch your thoughts, and they become your words.
             Watch your words, and they become your actions.
             Watch your actions, and they become your habits.
             Watch your habits, and they become your character.
             Watch your character, and it becomes your destiny.

Personality starts with your thought process and ends with your destiny. Your personality defines your destiny. If you want to change your destiny, then change your personality. Change your personality does not mean change your uniqueness but know your uniqueness and work on it. Here changes mean self-improvement, self-development, self-growth, and finally, an inspirational personality to the world.

Everybody talks about Personality Development and Soft Skill Training, but they hardly invest enough time and money. 
In the 21st-century, growth depends a lot on a person's soft skills. Let us understand through few examples.

A CA fresher can get a package of 4 lakhs, and another can get one of 40 lakhs. At the same time, they both have cleared the same exam, having the same degree, qualified from the same institute (pan India only one institution ICAI, is responsible for CA education), they both have studied the same books, but there is still a difference in their packages? A few factors contribute to this difference, the most common and the easiest to identify is soft skills. Technical skills play a role as an entry pass, but growth depends on soft skills.
Yes, the degree has its importance too, but to a certain extent only. if you look at your overall life, including your Personal, Social, and Professional Life – soft skills play a vital role everywhere and every time. Many people with degrees aren't able to do anything, and many without degrees do everything.
There has never been anybody like you in the history of the universe, and for the infinite amount of time to come, there can be no one like you.
You are original. You are rare.
You are unique. Celebrate your uniqueness.
A person without a goal is like an aircraft without a radar, a goal without a plan is just a wish, and a strategy without execution is just a dream. Personality development helps you with the same. You're probably familiar with the concept of SMART goals. Smart goals are defined as a set of objectives and goals.

When people are full of Energy and Enthusiasm, they always perform better, but the problem is that people don't know who they are and what they can do or what they should do, and the first step is to know the answer to all these questions.

Yes, your grades help to get admission to a good college because this is how things have been working, but people who are not from top colleges also do well in their lives. 

Whenever you watch a movie, do you ever ask actor or actresses about their academic credentials? The answer is No – you look at their actions. When you watch sports – what is more critical for you, the player's degree and academics, or how good they are in their sport. 

New challenges emerge every day. The world is changing incredibly fast and is full of uncertainties. Dealing with new challenges everyone requires a mentally strong personality, and this is where personality development helps you in a big way.
A lot of people live their lives in a state of confusion, but personality development provides clarity.

Personality development transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary personality.

1. जितना सीखना सब चाहते हैं लेकिन सीखना - सीखना कोई नहीं चाहता - Best Investment is Invest in Yourself

2. IQ is Increasing, but EQ is Reducing

3. Politicians are Increasing, but Leaders are Reducing

4. Money is Increasing, but Happiness is Reducing
5. Resources are Increasing, but Relationships are deteriorating 

6. Degree Holders are Increasing, but Skills are Missing

7. Logics are Increasing, but Curiosity is Missing

8. Smart Phone Users are Increasing, but Smartness in Life is Missing

9. Grades are Improving, but Mental Toughness is Diminishing

10. Planning is Increasing, but Execution is Missing

11. Rat Race Runners are Increasing, but Passion Followers are Reducing

12. Job Seeker are Increasing, but Entrepreneurs are Reducing

13. Overnight Result Expectations are Increasing, but Patience is Diminishing

14. Religious Fights are Increasing, but Spirituality is Missing

15. Talkers are Increasing, but Doers are Missing

16. Technology is Improving but Time Management is Missing

17. Worriers are Increasing Warriors are Missing

18. Pain is Increasing, and Peace is Missing

19. Source of Communication is Increasing, but Communication is Missing

20. Style is Improving, but LifeStyle is deteriorating
21. Paid Teachers are Increasing, but Real Mentors are Missing

22. Artificial Intelligence is Increasing, but Solution Oriented Mindset is Missing

23. Motivational Speakers are Increasing, but Self-Motivation is Missing

24. Facilities are Increasing, but Fellowship is Missing

25. Techniques are Improving, but Decision Making is Reducing 

26. Show off is Increasing but Confidence is Missing

27. Opportunities are Increasing, but Opportunity Grabbers are Missing

28. Population is Increasing, but Humanity is Missing

29. Mobile Memory is Increasing, but Brain Memory is Diminishing

30. Speed is Improving, but Direction is Missing

31. Network is Increasing, but Connection is Missing and many more such topics.
To create awareness about all these subjects and develop abilities to handle all these issues in your life. Ultimately, This Event's objective is "Creating a Skillful and Willful Bharat," Finally Making this planet an excellent place for everyone.


You must have heard many stories of how people get their dream job because they have good qualifications, excellent skills, or because they have a reference. But have you listened to a story about how a candidate gets selected merely based on his personality?
Let me share this story with you.
You must have heard that Thomas Alva Edison was the most significant inventor and businessman of his time. He made the most important invention of the 19th Century, the light bulb, after facing 1,000 unsuccessful attempts. Everyone wanted to work with this great mind, but do you know how Edison interviewed people to be his research assistant?
When he interviewed candidates for research assistant positions, he offered them a bowl of soup. Why? He wanted to see whether they would add salt or pepper to the soup before they tasted it. 
Those who did were automatically ruled out. Edison wanted people who didn't make assumptions since assumptions tend to be innovation killers. If you see the core essence of this test, he wanted to know the interviewee's personality. If someone had a personality of assuming things and substitute practical knowledge with what they had read in the book, he would reject them straight away.
Similarly, you must have seen the news about people getting jobs with high packages or people starting their businesses with good funding after passing from top colleges like the IIMs, ISBs, or IITs. But these students will never be the ones who topped the entrance exams of these colleges or who got the maximum GPA/percentage in academia. The so-called geeks, nerds, and toppers of any college never get high salaried jobs when they sit for placements or start their own companies after graduating.
 The reason behind this is simple - what plays a significant role in getting selected for these high-paying jobs or starting an angel-funded startup is that students should possess both - sound academic knowledge and excellent communication skills/ soft skills. Just check online - if Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) or Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google) are the toppers of their college? Forget being toppers; they were not even from India's top colleges; these engineers were not the so-called IITians.

And please tell me if any top school, college, or university teaches skills like personality development, communication skills, relationship skills, public speaking, negotiation, productivity, and other life skills. I (Saurabh Jain) was provoked into thinking about this while I was teaching my elder daughter. One fine day, my elder daughter came up to me and asked a question from her science book. Though I could not answer that question, I could recall that I had read this topic somewhere in my school days. I asked myself, why was I unable to answer that question? The insight that came to my mind was as follows - the major part of what we learn in our current education system - be it in schools or colleges - was never taught to us practically. Also, not even 1% of what we learn in our schooling and graduation is used in our jobs/businesses. Just look at your life - do you use sin, cos, and tan of theta in your day-to-day life? You must have crammed that King Akbar died in 1605 when studying social studies, but is that information of any use to you when you talk to people? We invest crores of rupees in education - which never guarantees us a job - without giving it a second thought. However, when we have to buy a self-help book of Rs 500 or a personality development course which would cost less than Rs 6,000 a month, we overthink and overanalyze the reasons for not buying the course. 
Most institutes in India have clubbed personality development with spoken English, but the two are entirely different courses. For the same reason, at Pragya Institute, we have initiated the A to Z of personality development where we have 300+ topics only on Personality Development. 

Don't Worry; You Have Come 

To The Right Place!!


Why Choose Us - Reason 1. 

World-Class Curriculum: Prepared after deep scientific research, under the guidance and supervision of World-Class Trainers. Highly Structured and Comprehensive curriculum

After long research and experience of years, Pragya Institute of Personality Development, “The initiator of A to Z of personality development and life skill management” in the guidance of world-renowned Personality Development Guru and World Record Holder- Mr Saurabh Jain, developed a completely customized and highly effective personality development courses. 
Our team has done robust scientific research. The curriculum has been designed under the guidelines of the world's best coaches and mentors.
Our chief trainer Mr Saurabh Jain spent about 25,000 hours in the process of learning all these skills, and approximately he spent Rs. 25 lack to learn all these world-class techniques.  
He has read more than 1000 self-help books written by world-renowned authors. He has used all his learnings and wide experience in developing such an amazing course. 
We can guarantee for it our course is something beyond your imagination. If looking for the best, stop searching anymore because you are at the right place.

Know About Curriculum: You will learn world-class soft skills

Why Choose Us - Reason 2. 

World-Class Novel and Unique Training Methodology. 100% Practical Approach

1.      Classroom training/ Workshop - Interactive session: World-Class PowerPoint Presentation with world-class learning content, Jokes, Stories, Videos, and Movies, etc.  
2.      Comprehensive workbook/ worksheets of each topic
3.      Logbook to measure progress
4.      Pre- and post-assessment
5.      Multiple games/ activities on each topic
6.      Psychometric test to know your current level on each skill
7.      Case study-based learning - Case studies discussion
8.      Situation analysis to establish cause and effect relationship
9.      Group Roleplays/ Skit
10.  Mono acting
11.  Pantomime 
12.  Extempore
13.  Panel discussion
14.  Group discussion
15.  Current affairs
16.  Debate
17.  Story Telling
18.  Presentation
19.  Speech and Express ideas
20.  Formal and informal conversations
21.   A lot of fun activities
22.   Brain Activities
23.   Creative and innovative exercise on a daily basis
24.   Quiz
25.   Myth and Facts
26.   Hand holding to weak participants
27.   One to one focus on each participant - Only 10 to 15 participants in each batch
28.   Friendly and learning environment 
29.   Promote participant participation 
30.   Resolve concern - Full freedom to ask their doubts and queries 
31.   Customized the approach according to the need of individual or group of participants
32.   Assignments/ Fun work and responsibilities to improve different skills
33.   A lot of awards and rewards to participants
34.   Individual counselling sessions - based on the requirement 
35.   Motivational Seminars
36.   Laser sharp focus on Implementation
37.   Follow-ups - Celebrate success and share in the community
38.   Lifetime support to our participants 
39. Our Specialty: Our Talk Shows

1. Wish to Achieve Success in every area of your life

2. Wish to get the Answer to your Questions (What, why, where, how and when)

3. Wish to learn skills Never taught in school 

4. Wish to think like an Innovator and a Trendsetter

5. Wish to increase my Risk-taking ability

6. Wish to overcome the Fear of Failure

7. Wish to know the Right Career Path

8. Wish to use Time Effectively 

9. Wish to Overcome Procrastination

10. Wish to Develop your Overall Intellect

11. Wish to Develop the Mindset of Successful People

12. Wish to Live a Happy Life

13. Wish to Live a Stress-free Life

14. Wish to know Myths and Facts behind rituals
15. Wish to know about your Passion 

16. Wish to Stay Self-motivated

17. Wish to stay away from Conflicts and Resolve all Disputes in life

18. Wish to improve My Critical Thinking Ability

19. Wish to improve My Decision-Making Ability

20. Wish to improve clarity in life and get rid of the State of Confusion

21. Wish to improve Productivity and Effortlessly Achieve your Goals

22. Wish to stay Fit without Doing Anything

23. Wish to improve Your Focus

24. Wish to improve the Relationship

25. Wish to Improve Memory

26. Wish to improve Emotional Intelligence 

27. Wish to become Energetic and Enthusiastic

28. Wish to unleash your True Potential

29. Wish to overcome the Habit of Overthinking & Nitpicking

30. Wish to improve your Problem-Solving Skill

31. Wish to improve Communication Skill

32. Wish to improve your Negotiation skill

33. Wish to improve your Observation skill

34. Wish to have an Impressive, Influential, and Magnetic Personality

35. Wish to Overcome Regret and Guilt

36. Wish to stay away from Gossip

37. Wish to learn about Parenting

38. Wish to grow as a Person Exponentially

39. Wish to Initiate a Start-up

40. Wish to Become an Entrepreneur

41. Wish to get a Higher Salary Job

42. Wish to be the Topper in all your Exams

43. Wish to understand the differences Between Religion and Spirituality

44. Wish to know more profound facts and Astonishing truths of Spirituality and Mysticism 

45. Wish to Develop a Positive Attitude

46. Wish to Become an Optimistic Person

47. Wish to unfold the complete Potential of your Brain

48. Wish to use the Power of the Subconscious mind in your Favor

49. Wish to Overcome Bad Habits and Addictions

50. Wish to Grow your Business

51. Wish to Get Promotion in Job

52. Wish to Become a Great Leader

53. Wish to Become an Effective Communicator

54. Wish to Become an Effective Public Speaker

55. Wish to use your Curiosity in the Right Direction

56. Wish to Earn Respect within your Social Circle

57. Wish to Become more Organized in Life

58. Wish to Improve Different types of Etiquettes - like phone etiquettes, party etiquette, etc.

59. Wish to Become a Strategic Planner

60. Wish to Become an Executor in Life

61. Wish to Set Attainable Goals 

62. Wish to find the Purpose of your Life

63. Wish to improve your Learning Speed

64. Wish to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

65. Wish to Live with Resourcefulness

66. Wish to Live Life with Compassion

67. Wish to Improve Perseverance 

68. Wish to Know about your Potential

69. Wish to Know about the Law of Karma

70. Wish to Develop Patience

71. Wish to Improve Questioning Skill

72. Wish to Achieve Financial Freedom 

73. Wish to Improve Will Power

74. Wish to Become an Initiator

75. Wish to have Consistent Success in Every area of your Life

76. Wish to improve Active Listening

77. Wish to Become an Open-Minded Personality

78. Wish to Become Mentally Strong

79. Wish to Become a Peaceful warrior, not a Fearful Worrier

80. Wish to Improve your Selling skill and be a Master at Sales

81. Wish to Learn the art of saying "NO."

82. Wish to Know about the Psychology of Sins

83. Wish to Improve your Credibility

84. Wish to Overcome Break up and Oneitis 

85. Wish to Improve Your Lie-Detecting Skill and Spot a Liar Immediately

86. Wish to Understand the True Meaning of Love

87. Wish to Overcome your Anger

88. Wish to Overcome your EGO

89. Wish to Learn how to forgive people who did wrong to you and finally let go of your trauma

90. Wish to Learn to be grateful 

91. Wish to improve Feedback Giving Skill

92. Wish to improve Feedback Receiving Skill

93. Wish to Overcome Social Anxiety

94. Wish to Become a balanced personality - neither extrovert nor introvert

95. Wish to Gain Social Recognition

96. Wish to Hire and Retain Talented Employees

97. Wish to Become a Brand or Create a Brand 

98. Wish to Know the Facts of Life - never told you

99. Wish to deal efficiently with Office Politics 

100. Wish to Achieve Real Satisfaction in Life

101. Turn all Your Dreams into Reality

Why Choose Us - Reason 3. 

World-Class Soft Skill Trainer and Personality Development Guru
A Great and Life-Time Opportunity to Learn from the world-record holder

1. Saurabh Jain - Director and Chief Trainer - Pragya Institute of Personality Development - Bharat's First and Best Personality Development and Life Skill Management Institute 
2. Global Career Counsellor from the University of California L.A. 
3. World Record Holder for the longest non-stop speech on Personality Development. 
4. Featured in Josh Talks.
5. Worked with Discovery Channel as All India Coordinator for their Documentary named "Belief."
6. Awarded as "Best Entrepreneur" by ICAN Foundation (for the year 2019-20)
7. Faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI, ICMAI, ICSI.
8. Registered soft-skill trainer for Navodya Leadership Institute
9. Certified Memory Coach
10. Certified NLP Practitioner
11. Highly experienced trainer with more than 17 years of professional experience
12. Awarded as "The university of Wisdom."
13. Awarded as a "Personality development guru."
14. Awarded as "Innovator of practical motivation.
15. Corporate trainer for many national, Multinational, and public sector organizations.
16. Keynote speaker at many national conferences.
17. Given speeches in many esteemed places like Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, Central Jail Jaipur, etc.
18. "Saurabh Jain Motivational Speaker" Google Page has 800+ 5-Star reviews.
19. Pragya Institute's Google page has 1350+ 5-Star Reviews.

Why Choose Us - Reason 4. 
World-Class Infrastructure and Learning Environment 

 Introducing  Pragya Institute oPersonality Development 

Known As

"Kingdom of Wisdom"


"Excellence की पाठशाला"

"We don't produce freshers; we produce professionals."

Bharat's first & best comprehensive personality development & life skill management institute 
Rajasthan's first soft skill institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University

1. We Believe in Training Environment
•       Interactive Panel in the classroom.
•       World-class podium
•       Exemplary sound system
•       Auditorium Quality Chair
•       Burger on Each Chair
•       Classic Boardroom
•       A class of podium
•       Separate Activity Room with 100+ Games
•       Talk Show Sofas
•       Air Conditioner Classrooms
•       Ambience through light is amazing
•       Walls Designed According to World-Class training method
•       200+ Games available to improve different skills

2. We Believe in Learning
•       World-class library with books worth more than few lacks rupees
•       Kindle available for reading unlimited books

3. We Believe in Quality
•       ISO Certified Institute 
•       Only 10 to 15 Participant in one batch

4. We Believe in Technology 
•       Two-way live session facility
•       Online session facility available
•       Free Wi-Fi (300mbps) for participants.

5. We Believe in Safety and Security
•       Complete fire safety arrangement with A, B, C type and Electricity
•       Highly secured premises – Complete premises under CCTV surveillance

6. We Believe in Hygiene and Health
•       A wholly modular and highly hygienic washroom
•       Focus on providing fresh air -non-polluted air flow plant
•       High-quality acupressure instrument available to keep participant energetic
•       High-grade weighing machine available provide 14 significant reports related to health
•       Complete aromatic environment
•       Live fresh air plants all around the premises

7. A Class of Cafeteria
•       Tea, coffee, cookies, detox water, cotton candy, Bhelpuri, Water-Balls, Juice, popcorn, 50+ different edible available for refreshment!

8. Other Facilities 

•       24*7 Power backup

Why Choose us - Reason 5.
100% Customer Satisfaction - We Value Your Time and Money - 2000+ 5 Star Reviews

Why Choose Us - Reason 6.

   Special Features

Q. 1. Do I receive a certificate after course completion?
Ans. 1. You will receive a certificate on course completion 
Q. 2. Which language used by the trainer during training?
Ans. 2. Language used by trainer Hindi and English Mix. - According to the need of the participants
Q. 3. Is classroom training or like a workshop?
Ans. 3. Our training is like workshops - Sessions are activity-based 
Q. 4. How many students do you take in one batch
Ans. 4. We very strongly believe in delivering quality, so we do take only 10 to 15 Participants in one batch 
Q. 5. Who is the trainer? Does he take all the classes?
Ans. Our trainer is a world-renowned personality, Mr Saurabh Jain. 100% sessions are taken by him.
Q. 6. Duration of classes?
Ans. 2. 5 Days week - Saturday and Sunday off. 2 Hours/ Day
Q. 7. Is any interest-free EMI option available?
Ans. 7. On courses longer than 3 months
Q. 8. Does any money-back guarantee?
Ans. 8. Yes, on courses for more than 4 months. If candidate full-fill terms and condition. Like 95% above attendance, complete all assignments in given time.
Q. 9. How do I know this will be helpful?
Ans. 9. Thousands of people have taken these courses. Check their experience. We can guarantee this is going to be a lifetime experience for you
Q. 10. Are any demo classes available?
Ans. 10. The first 2 classes are free. On the 3rd day you need to deposit your fee
Q. 11. Do you provide online and live classes?
Ans. 11. Yes, we do provide but we recommend offline classes
Q. 12. What if I want to cancel?
Ans. 12. You can cancel within the first 3 classes. You will get a no question asked refund.

Q. 13. OK, how do I sign up? 
Ans. 13. First, you can click on the “Apply Now and Purchase Now” button on the top and mid of the page. Then, you will be prompted to log in to the website. Then please log in. Then, choose the payment method (e. After processing, we will contact you via email and phone within 24 business hours, giving you the schedule of your upcoming batch.
Alternatively, you can also come to our institute and pay the fees in cash or through GPay or Paytm.

Q. 14. Who Can Join?
Ans. 14. The answer is amazingly simple, anyone who wants unstoppable success and growth in life
a. Students
b. Professionals
c. Businessmen
d. Entrepreneurs
e. Job Seeker
f. Job Holders
g. Sales Executives
h. Coach/ Mentor/ Trainer/ Speakers
i. Political Leaders
j. Business Leaders and Managers
k. Working Women 
l. House Makers
m. SME/ MSME/ Startups
n. Government officials
0. Retired from work

We have designed our courses in such a way that people of any age group irrespective of their profession can join us.

So, if you are interested in enrolling in this course, call us today at- 



Limited Seats Available | Seats are Filling Very Fast | Hurry up Before "No Seat Left"

"A Good Decision not Taken on Right Time is a Bad Decision" 

Never Postpone Your Good Plans...

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