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Leaders do not create followers; they create more leaders. Tom Peter

We very strongly believe in these lines. 

Skill training is a vast tree with multiple branches. Mainly it has two parts technical skill and soft skill

Pragya group of institutes helps nations in both the fields through our Pragya Digital Academy we help people to enhance their technical skill and through our Pragya Institute of Personality Development we help people to enhance their soft skill.

To create great quality trainers in a different dimension of soft skill, life skill and professional skills Pragya institute of personality development come up with high voltage, deep wisdom, highly focused, exponential disciplined training the trainer programme with extended opportunity in the field of training. 

Note: Soft skill training is a highly growing profession. Already the size of the industry is excessively big but in the coming time this industry is going to boos like anything but We only train people that do not really look at this as a career option, business opportunity or money-making business model. We only train people who are passionate toward creating earth as a better place to live. Who genuinely wants to inspire people and develop will and skill? We strongly believe few professions are nnot just making money, training is one out of them, yes one should earn money out of it but earning money must not be the only objective. The primary objective must be fulfilling your dream and helping others to achieve their dreams. 

Who has a better understanding of the concept like “The blessing in life, how the life you can touch and transform”? A person who is ready to follow everything in his own life, what S/he speaks. A person must be ready to become a role model. Ready to go extensive training like the military.

If you qualify all these qualities, then renovating you as a great trainer is possible for us. If not, sorry we cannot help you. 

Train the trainer programme is especially for 3 people 

1. Trainer – Wish to develop yourself as a high-profile speaker/trainer with enhancing skill and knowledge with ways how to pitch yourself in a better way.
Build a future as a trainer - Great influencers first touch the heart than the brain. 
Self-help – Many times people do not join this programme for professional benefit. They join Train the Trainer programme to help their self and their own family.

This is an exclusive Programme for the people those wish to develop a career in the field of training. This is our highly professional programme to groom people as Leader Trainer. Curriculum designed for each course is completely researched based and designed in the direction of World-Renowned Trainer Mr Saurabh Jain.

The trainer programme is a certification course. Certificate of accomplishment will be provided after completion of course. One can start his training institute, associate with us or some other institute, eligible to take our franchise, work as a freelancer or any other option as an individual choice.

Myth people think public speaking and knowledge is enough to become a good trainer but that’s not true these are two important pillars but for designing oneself as trainer other pillars like key training skill and Understanding demand of time are required at the same time multiple skills required to complete your interior designing. Pragya Institute of Personality Development offers you a comprehensive Train The train Trainer Programme. 

There are a huge number of webinars and online courses going on but most of them are misleading. In just one day session or one, few of our webinar cannot train you as a trainer. Extensive and exclusive training required. You want an easy and less time-consuming pathway that’s why people are fishing but do remember tall and large buildings need a strong foundation. If you are a beginner then there are extremely high chances such online and one- or two-days seminars are not going to help you much. Sweat More in Practice Bleed Less in War - Spartan Tee

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