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    Best Career Counselor - Saurabh Jain (Global Career Counselor)

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    >>>Use your Talent & Passion to move into the trendiest and highest-paying professions of 2021.

    Here are THREE BITTER TRUTHS OF LIFE that no one has ever told you...

    TRUTH -1 
    As a student, your family won’t understand the choices you make regarding your career. As a parent, you won’t understand why your child is selecting a particular stream/profession. There are multiple reasons behind it, including the generation gap.

    Do You Face the Following Problems?
    > Entrepreneur vs. Doctor - You want to be an entrepreneur, but your father wants you to be a doctor.
    > Mob Mentality vs. Interests - As a parent, you want your child to be serious towards his/her career and make the right choices, without getting affected by mob mentality (or भेड़ चाल). You don’t want him to choose a stream just because his friends are also choosing it.
    > Off-beat careers like Cricket - You like cricket, and you would like to select an off-beat career like cricket. However, your family expects you to be an engineer.
    > Wildlife Photography vs. Family Business - You love wildlife photography, but your parents want you to have an MBA degree and enter their family business.
    > Interested in Arts or Humanities - In class 10th, you have scored 90% in maths. But your outstanding result is a curse to you because you want to pursue arts/humanities, whereas your parents want you to choose the stream that society respects - which is science or commerce.
    > Is being IITian the only option to succeed in life? - You are a parent, and you know someone close to you whose son has graduated from IIT and is earning in 6 figures. He is also respected in society because he has the tag of IITian with him. You also want your son to crack IIT Exam and follow the same path, but your son disagrees with you, and he wants to be in some other profession.
    In case you are facing any of the problems, rest assured. We will help you. Here is how
    Choosing the right destination - As mentioned above, after spending lakhs of rupees and many precious years of life, people reach the wrong destination: the wrong career or profession. Career counseling helps you with choosing the right destination.
    Millions of Career options - In the current scenario, thousands of career options are available. You are not left with the century-old five choices - engineering, medical, commerce, arts, or government jobs. Now, you have Data science and analytics, advertising, film-making, entrepreneurship, art, writing, photography, acting and modeling, music, dance, sales and marketing, human resources, psychology, education and teaching, social work, graphic design, fashion, industrial design, web design, interior design, journalism, social sciences, law, architecture, information technology, finance, analytics, bioinformatics, engineering, scientific research, biotechnology, medicine, hospitality, chef, Indian armed forces, sports, genetics, and many more! 
    The best way to choose your career is to know the best way to determine the career path? It is just not your grades in a specific subject of 10th or 12th. It must be based on what you are interested in and your natural talents, and a promising career counselor helps you understand your career objective. 
    The journey from Confusion to Clarity - As a career counselor, I will tell you the best career that fits you. This career advice will be based on your skills, interest, and personality, which I will get to know by conducting career tests, aptitude tests, and psychometric tests. 

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