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  • Communication Skill & Public Speaking

    Effective Communication skill and Public Speaking Training Course


    Advanced Communication Skills & Public Speaking Course which will make you 10 times more Influential, Interesting, and Likable.

    Have you ever thought that why do the students who have got single-digit ranks in exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, Chartered Accountant, etc. are not able to secure the highest paying packages when they leave their college? Why do the so-called geeks, nerds, and toppers of any college cannot get high salaried jobs when they sit for placements? 

    What plays a big role in getting selected for these high paying jobs is that students should possess both - sound academic knowledge and great communication skills/ soft skills. 
    Just check online - if Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) or Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google) are the toppers of their college? Forget being toppers, they were not even from the top colleges of India, these engineers were not the so called IITians

    Did you know that in a job, the biggest factor which determines the salary increments and promotions(especially promotions to leadership positions, like a team lead, manager, etc.) for an individual is not how good he is academically or how much work he does for the company. Rather the key factors are how great are his communication skills and leadership skills.

    Did you know that the key factors on which you can decide whether any businessman will fail or succeed are not how much funds he has or how good his product/service is. 
    Rather it is the communication skills and soft skills he possesses. Remember, every successful businessman has to master the art of influencing people - because it is required everywhere - in pitching his idea to the investors, in hiring employees, in inspiring those employees to work hard, and in making those employees work for him in the long term.

    Did you know that fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10% and inhibits promotion to management by 15%? Did you know that while talking to others, 7% of the message comes from the words, 36% of the message comes from your voice(which is the tone or voice modulation) and 57% of the message comes from your nonverbal communication (like body language)?


    Well, from the above questions, you must have realized - communication skills and public speaking are the two skills that you need to master - if you want to get good salaries, faster promotions, and over time, start your own business. 
    As a student or job professional giving any interview, not only you need to have sound knowledge about your field, but you also need the ability to communicate your thoughts/ your knowledge to the interviewer. 
    As a business owner, more than having a good product/service, you need the ability to communicate the benefits of your product/service to your customers.

    And after training 1 lakh+ people, I can assure you that anyone can be trained in communication skills and public speaking. All they need is consistent effort, a good mentor who will teach them in the right way, and a group where they can practice what they have learned. 


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    In my BSc. First Year - a competition was taking place at my college - an Extempore. When I entered the hall, one of the teachers was announcing that whoever wants to take part in the competition can give their names. And while the so-called extroverted and confident students were raising their hands to participate in the competition, my best friend, without my knowledge, raised his hand, went towards the teacher and whispered something. While coming back, he was smiling at me. I was completely unaware that he had given my name for the competition. The first student came, and he spoke very well. The second student came, and he also spoke very well. After the 5th person spoke, there was suddenly an announcement - the teacher said, “Saurabh Jain, BSc. First Year - please come to the stage”. The teacher spoke my name - but still, I didn't get up. I thought that the teacher was calling someone else - after all, it was a big college. But suddenly, the teacher started looking at me and repeated my name. I said - “Mam, me?” She said - “Yes You”. I said that I have not given my name - it must have been a prank by one of my friends. She said that your name is here and it doesn't matter whether it's a prank or you yourself have given your name - you have to come to the stage. I argued with her for 5 minutes. After that, I could hardly hear what she was saying - because the students started hooting. All the girls were looking at me - and I felt that now, my self-respect is at stake. The teacher silenced everyone. Then, she gave me the instructions - to pick up a chit, take 2 minutes for the topic that was written on the chit, and then give a short, 5-minute speech. I was scared and anxious - I had never spoken in front of the large crowds before and no one had taught me about public speaking. I finally went forward and picked up the chit - and what was written on that was “Pokhran Parmanu Parikshan”. I calmed down a bit - since I read about it in the newspaper. After I was on stage, I started speaking whatever came to my mind. And frankly, I would admit that what I spoke was total bullshit. I still remember, I ended the speech with the line - “I think that MSc. Chemistry students should also make nuclear bombs in their college days - because we don't know when they might need them.” That was the content of my speech. And to my astonishment, after I spoke, people started clapping for me. I couldn't comprehend anything. The most shocking part was that when the results were announced, I got 2nd prize. I thought that perhaps, the judges gave that prize to motivate me. I went to the teacher and asked her that when other students have spoken so well, why did I get the second prize? The teacher said that this is not my call, there are 3 judges. If you have any problem with their decision, go and talk to them. When I went to them, they spoke that your content was pathetic and horrible. I said that I came to say the same thing. So why did you give me the second prize? They said, “But what you said was coming from within. You were very confident. We could see a future speaker within you.” 


    And today, when I think about this incident, I feel that this was the turning point that made me what I am. That small victory has inspired me a lot throughout my life. Be it for making a world record for non-stop speech for 16 hours straight on personality development. Or making a documentary with Discovery Channel. Or training the sales team of the world's second-largest pharmaceutical company MSD, and being the Area Sales Manager for the entire state of Rajasthan. Or working with many MNCs for training their employees on Soft-Skills. Or starting my own institute, Pragya Institute. 

    And honestly, throughout this journey, I believe that more than talent - it was the hard work that brought the results.

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    Advanced Communication Skills & Public Speaking Course - for students, working professionals and businessmen.


    Some of the things you will learn in this Course :–

    Do you want to conquer stage fear? If you face problems like you don't have words when you come to the stage, or you have a lot of ums and ahs in speech, or you don't feel confident while expressing your thoughts, we can definitely help you to get rid of all the above problems.

    ●    Do you know that every successful speaker uses stories to enchant the audience? Do you know that the human brain is more engaged by Storytelling than by simple logical facts? Learn the art of storytelling and integrate into your life so you connect to people instantly.

    ●    Learn the techniques to win the audience and get them glued to their seats even if you currently speak like an average Joe.

    ●    Learn the art of negotiation and increase your salary by more than 20% or get a promotion and move up in the hierarchy.

    ●    Develop the right attitude towards your friends and/or colleagues, so people like you and respect you. Most people pay lakhs to personality development gurus to learn this technique.

    ●    Learn the secrets of communication skills - and understand the mechanics of active listening, body language, and eye contact - so you leave a halo effect when you talk in a room and people literally beg you to talk to themselves.

    ●    Learn the art of public speaking, so you connect to your audience immediately and enchant them to their core even if the mere thought of speaking in front of large audiences makes you scared.

    ●    Learn the magic trick known as storytelling - so your students listen to every word that you say in the class; remember - this trick is used in every      bestseller book and world-famous coaches use it to train their students.

    ●    Learn how to handle bullies and minimize the conflicts and fights that occur in your life. 

    ●    Navigate the class/office politics, and learn how to minimize gossip about you - so you have no enemies.

    ●    Learn how to give interviews in the right way - we guarantee that after implementing the techniques taught in this course, your chances of getting selected will increase by 100%.

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                                   COURSE SYLLABUS 


    Module 1 – Relationship – Part - 1

    • Broad-spectrum understanding of the relationship
    • Importance of relationship in each aspect of life
    • Most common causes, why people have a poor relationship
    • Regrets of dying
    • How to build strong and long-term relations


    Activity and exercise


    Module 2 – Relationship – Part - 2

    • How to convert the people in your social network into trustworthy friends
    • Improve Your Conversation Skills & Learn How to Make New Friends.
    • Achieve Social Confidence Without Losing Yourself in The Process.
    • Initiate a Meaningful Conversation With 'Virtually' Anyone.


    Activity and exercis


    Module 3 - Learning Empathy- If we can't see eye to eye let's try heart to heart- Saurabh Jain

    • What is empathy
    • Why is it the most important communication skill?
    • It is not sympathy; it is empathy which is the secret to strong bonding
    • Type of empathy
    • How to develop empathy


    Activity and exercise


    Module 4 - Basic One on One Communication Skills - Effective communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity- Nat Turner

    • What is communication
    • Test your communication skill
    • Why communication is an integral part of the personality
    • Why do we communicate or Objective of communication?
    • How to build rapport?
    • ways to convert an argument into a discussion
    • Secrets of effective communicators


    Activity and exercise


    Module 5 - Active Listening

    • Understanding the difference between hearing, listening and active listening
    • Benefits of Active Listening
    • Ways to transform communication skill through active listening
    • How to become an active listener
    • NLP methods to improve active listening


    Activity and exercise


    Module 6 – Observation Skill

    • Deep understanding of observation skill
    • Why observation skill is an extraordinary skill
    • How observation skill transforms your communication skill
    • Tools and techniques to improve observation skill
    • NLP methods to improve observation skills


    Activity and exercise


    Module 7 - Perception Management- What is behind your eyes hold more power than what is in front of them- Gary Zukav

    • Understanding perception management skills
    • Communication is based on perception
    • How to build a better perception
    • NLP methods of perception management


    Activity and exercise


    Module 8 - Basics of Verbal Communication Skills

    • Questioning is an art, how to become an expert in it?
    • Learn the power of positive words
    • Take your voice modulation to the next level
    • How to use the magic of voice modulation to enchant people around you
    • Secret Technique of matching the mood and energy of people around you


    Activity and exercise


    Module 9 – Advance Methods of Verbal Communication Skills

    • Fake it till you make it – a powerful tool for effective communication
    • Why avoid waffle words in your communication
    • Use of magical words
    • How to say no to “Gossip”


    Activity and exercise


    Module 10 – NLP Methods of Communications

    • NLP methods of powerful verbal communication
    • Milton model of communication
    • Chunk up and chunk down technique
    • 51 different techniques to improve your verbal communication


    Activity and exercise


    Module 11 - Advanced Verbal Communication Skills – Part - 1

    • How to win an argument by converting it into a discussion
    • How to start and keep the conversation going?
    • How to interact with strangers and the opposite gender
    • How to handle bullies
    • How to deal with aggressive behaviour
    • How to manage a situation when someone is ignoring you?


    Activity and exercise


    Module 12 - Advanced Verbal Communication Skills – Part - 2

    • How to influence others decision through your communication- Sales is not about selling anymore, it’s about building trust and educating- Siva Devaki
    • How to speak up to authoritative figures without any trouble, like your boss or manager
    • Different communication style for different behavioural style
    • 10 most effective ways to develop a sense of humour- we don’t have A great day, we make it A great day- Frosty Westering
    • 10 Most effective ways to become lovable- It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, knowing you are loved and wanted- Jayne Mansfield


    Activity and exercise


    Module 13 – Different Type of Verbal Communication

    • Understanding of submissive, assertive, and aggressive approach
    • Benefits of the assertive approach: It's always okay to speak for yourself and refuse disrespect - Saurabh Jain
    • Ultimate ways to become assertive
    • How to say "NO" without letting others down


    Activity and exercise


    Module 14 - Understanding the Power of Body Language- The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said- Peter F. Drucker

    • Meaning of body language
    • Why body language is a critical part of communication
    • Understanding about 100+ types of body gestures, postures, movements, and micro-expressions including the power of eye contact, smile, and handshake
    • How to have a perfect, powerful, confident, and influential body language
    • Learn Body language secrets to engaging your audience when you speak in front of the public
    • Learn Body language secrets to influence your customers and peers
    • The spot lies through mastering yourself in body language


    Activity and exercise


    Module 15 - Art of Negotiation: No response is A response and it’s A powerful one - Saurabh Jain

    • What is the negotiation
    • Difference between bargaining and negotiation
    • Traits of a good negotiator
    • Importance of negotiation skills
    • Finest ways to become a good negotiator
    • Is negotiation always good?


    Activity and exercise


    Module 16 – Basics of Public Speaking

    • What is public speaking
    • Importance of public speaking
    • Know your motivation to become a public speaker


    Activity and exercise


    Module 17 - Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

    • Say no to fear of mike or fear of stage
    • The Special Technique to Get Rid of Anxiety
    • How to Become More Confident when speaking on stage


    Activity and exercise


    Module 18 - Advanced Public Speaking Techniques Part -1

    • Exemplary tips to know about your audience
    • Steps that must be followed to create great content for a speech
    • Ways to generate your own and creative thoughts
    • Components of a speech and their correct time distribution for giving a winning speech
    • How to design the flow and structure of your speech
    • Top mistakes that people do in public speaking
    • Most effective ways to introduce yourself
    • Remarkable 25 Secret to Become A Great Public Speaker
    • Ways to improve fluency, ascent, and correct pronunciation


    Activity and exercise


    Module 19 - Advanced Public Speaking Techniques Part -2

    • The only thing every great speaker has in common
    • “X” factor that creates a huge difference in your public speaking skills
    • How to answer questions raised by the audience in a speech
    • How to handle tough situations, like you have an awkward person speaking against you in your speech/debate.
    • NLP Model of public speaking
    • Participating in Public Speaking exercises like Group discussion, Debate, Extempore, Presentation at Pragya Institute. (You will be practising in front of other people on stage, with mic and other amenities)- When you speak you just don’t deliver words, convey your thoughts-Saurabh Jain  
    • CASE Study: What Saurabh Jain did to Do to Master Public Speaking before making World Record
    • Different Exercises to Master you in Public Speaking


    Activity and exercise


    Module 20 - How to Get Paid Speaking Gigs

    • How to Build Your Brand as A Speaker and Develop Authority in The Market
    • How to Become A Paid Public Speaker...?
    • How to Get Paid from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 For 1 Speech
    • Get Paid Speaking Assignment from Corporates, School & Colleges...


    Activity and exercise


    Module 21 - Advanced Presentation Techniques

    • Importance of presentation skills
    • The perfect way to start every presentation
    • Common mistakes in creating a presentation
    • Ways to create powerful and attractive presentation
    • The key skills to give a presentation, and business presentation
    • What to cut when time is short
    • How presentation skills Can get you a raise/promotion at your job or expand your business


    Activity and exercise


    Module 22 – Story Telling

    • Impact of stories in our life
    • Everyone has a story
    • The secret of creating good stories
    • Art of storytelling
    • Art of knowing the story behind the story


    Activity and exercise


    Module 23 – Group Discussion

    • What is a group discussion?
    • Type of group discussion
    • Understanding the objective of group discussion
    • Different approach in a different type of group discussion
    • Most common mistakes in group discussion
    • The remarkable technique to win group discussion


    Activity and exercise


    Module 24 – Debate- Intellectuals debate idiots just argue- Dani Reynolds

    • What is debate
    • Importance of debate
    • How to prepare for a debate
    • Know the secrets of debate winning skills


    Activity and exercise


    Module 25 – Extempore

    • What is extempore
    • Key differentiating factor
    • How to achieve mastery in extempore


    Activity and exercise


    Module 26 – Anchoring

    • Anchor – the backbone of all events – understand roles and responsibilities
    • How to prepare oneself before each Programmed
    • Most common mistakes by an anchor
    • Extraordinary techniques to invite anyone for their performance
    • Excellent ways to interact with the audience
    • Secrets of becoming a good Anchor


    Activity and exercise


    Module 27 - Role Plays, Skit, Mono Acting, Mimes

    • Most powerful ways to improve all aspect of communication skill

    Activity and exercise


    Module 28 - Dressing Sense- Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is A matter of good manners- Lorreta Young

    • Understanding the concept: Before you speak, your dress speaks
    • Where, what, when and how to dress so you leave a great first impression on people


    Activity and exercise


    Module 29 - Social Etiquettes- Things that money can’t buy like manners, morals and integrity- Saurabh Jain

    • Know more about etiquette
    • Power etiquette – Etiquette define your personality
    • 20 Do's and don'ts about social media – Increase your social media effectiveness
    • 25 Phone etiquette - the power of phone etiquettes - t-con and web conference
    • 30 Social etiquette
    • 20 Dining table & party etiquette


    Activity and exercise


    Module 30 - Official Etiquettes

    • 15 Office etiquette
    • 30 Email writing skills- An expert in anything was once A beginner- Saurabh Jain
    • 10 Letter writing skills
    • 20 steps formula to conduct an effective and successful meeting - Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation- Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation- Zig Ziglar
    • Gender sensitization and women empowerment
    • Most effective steps to organize a successful party at home- dance like there's nobody watching, Love as you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like its heaven on earth- William W. Purkey


    Activity and exercise


    Module 31 – Giving Feedback

    • Understanding about feedback
    • Psychology behind giving feedback
    • Importance of feedback
    • Major precaution before feedback
    • Major mistakes in giving feedback
    • Tools and techniques of giving effective feedback
    • Ways to design follow up activities


    Activity and exercise


    Module 34 – Receiving Feedback- We can’t drive people, we teach and lead- Saurabh Jain

    • Importance of receiving feedback
    • Major challenges in receiving feedback
    • Roles and responsibility of giver and receiver
    • How to filter information
    • Challenging but effective ways of receiving feedback
    • Implementation strategy


    Activity and exercise:


    Module 35 – Art of Saying Yes and No

    • an overview of Art of saying yes and no
    • Causes why people are unable to say yes and no
    • Importance of saying yes and no
    • Best methods of saying yes and no


    Activity and exercise:

    1. How to network in events, and how to initiate small talk with strangers.
    2. How To Get Reference From Existing Customers/Clients
    3. ​How To Network With People More Successful/ People on Higher Authority Than You
    4. How To Build Your Social Media Presence
    5. ​Secret Technique To get people on your Social Media Profiles...
    6. ​How to master Youtube so You Grow even Faster...
    7. How To Become Josh Talks & Tedx Speaker - so you build a solid brand
    8. Get access to Pragya Community - where you can network to like-minded people
    9. Free one hour 1 on 1 coaching with Saurabh Jain, where you can get career counseling, discuss interview tips, salary negotiation strategies, or how to overcome your obstacles.

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    For whom is this course not for?
    This is not an overnight success course - you have to put in the hard work. To get the maximum out of this course, you have to come on stage in front of other students and practice. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

    Okay, how does it work?
    Our classes are held 5 days a week. You pay a monthly subscription fee and join our classes.

    How do I know this will be helpful? 
    Hundreds of students have taken our courses. Please check google and read their testimonials. Some of them are posted on this page.

    There are a lot of free resources on Youtube. Why should I join the Pragya Institute?

     Here are some reasons – 

    ●    You don’t get personal attention from an expert if you study from Youtube. No one is there to correct your mistakes if you study from Youtube.
    ●    You need a group, where you can practice group discussions, extempore, debate,  how to give speeches, etc. Communication skills and public speaking cannot be learned theoretically. You have to go out and apply practically what you learned.
    ●    We teach a lot of tricks and tips, so you can master public speaking and communications skills at the fastest pace possible. You won't find them anywhere else.
    ●    Youtube won't give you certification.


    OK, how do I sign up? 
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    Pragya Institute of Personality Development the best Communication Skills & Public Speaking Classes in Jaipur - What makes it best?
    1. World-renowned faculty - Mr Saurabh Jain world record holder for longest non-stop speech on personality development. Taken more than 500 sessions on communication and public speaking skill. More than 150 awards winner. 
    2. World proven training methodology and techniques - 100% practical approach including NLP techniques 
    3. World-class curriculum - Pragya institute of personality development and life skill management is India's first and best comprehensive personality development institute. 30 Modules including 100+ chapters.
    4. World-class infrastructure - Pragya institute of personality development equipped with all facilities and amenities required at the world-class training centre

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