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  • Jaipur Learning Festival
    🎉Learning & Motivation का महाकुंभ🎉
    ✨ये है जयपुर का त्यौहार✨
    🎤One Event Seven World Records🎤

    Join Saurabh Jain’s 24 hours non-stop speech on Personality Development and Life Skill Management

    Event Details

    ARL Infratech Ltd. and Pragya Institute of Personality Development are going to organize Jaipur's first - Jaipur Learning Festival (JLF) - Learning & Development का महाकुंभ. "ये है जयपुर का त्यौहार" This event is also known as "One Event Seven World Records" because making a record is an achievement; making a world record is impressive but making seven world records in one event is remarkable.  A special Attraction of this event is Mr. Saurabh Jain World Renowned Motivational Speaker and Life coach will deliver a 24 hours Non - Stop Speech on personality development & Life Skill Management.  

    List of All 7 World Records 
    We Are Attempting

     1.  24 hours of non-stop speech on personality development and life skill management   
       2.  Single Event live on Facebook by more than 3000 people
       3.  24 hours live on YouTube and Facebook.
       4.  Participation of more than 500 organizations
       5.  More than 100 participants will listen to Saurabh Jain’s speech for more than 8 hours.
       6.  Saurabh Jain will narrate more than 300 stories/anecdotes without the help of any notes.
       7.  2000+ people will rate Saurabh Jain in just 24 hours on his google business page.

    Incredible Opportunity to Make a World Record with Saurabh Jain

    In this event, you also have an opportunity to make a World Record! You need to listen to Saurabh Jain’s speech non-stop for at least 8 hours or more. If you are successful, you will receive the World Book of Record certificate by paying a nominal amount.
    One Day, One Thought - Can Transform Your Life - That is Today - Saurabh Jain
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