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Your job search ends here. We provide the best job according to your candidature. Our aim is to create a great bond between you and your dream job. 

1. Free Registration - Applying for a job is free.

2. The best Employer - We share your CV with the best employer only. First, our team completely understands the profile of the employer, if an employer qualifies, on our employer profile standards then only we share your profile.

3. Right Employer - We filter all your information so that you receive a call that suits your candidature. For example, if you are looking for a part-time job near me, Work from home, part-time job, online job, project manager job, freelance job, Job near me etc. then you will receive a call according to your requirement only.

4. Job Alert - Whenever there is a vacancy related to your profile, you will receive an alert. Internship, Summer training and Article ship - Pragya Institute has extraordinarily strong corporate penetration so we help youth to make a bright career. 


Note - candidate, who only needs a certificate, please do not apply. We recommend serious and sincere candidates only.

Why do we do this?

First, we are not a placement agency, employment agency, employment service provider and headhunter.


The Biggest Issue - In our nation unemployment and underemployment has become a major issue. We are committed to assisting each Bhartiya so everyone can get employment.

Dream of Our Honorable Director - Everyone must get work according to their profile. We will put our best to build a strong nation by solving problems of unemployment and underemployment. 

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