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1. Most of the time after using a product or service, if we are satisfied by the product or service, we advocate these products or services to our peers, but question is that what we get out of it? The answer is “Nothing”, but the Pragya Institute of Personality Development has come out with very handsome refer and earn policy.




2. It is simply not a matter that we used the product or not but, after watching an advertisement or our knowledge about the product or service we still recommend it to our peers. The question will remain the same. What do we get? The answer will remain the same “Nothing” but if you recommend Pragya Institute, you will get a handsome amount of money.

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You keep on sharing Video, Blogs, Stories on your social media handle but Question is what you get? The answer is as common " NOTHING" but if you share our Blogs, video, and Stories you can win reward points, and later you can redeem your reward points against our most valuable service. Free chance to win lunch with Saurabh Jain, one to one counseling, Talk Show, Motivational Seminar, Career Counseling, etc.

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