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1. We know our nation has wide economic heterogeneity.

2. Our Mission:- We are not promoting our institute, we have initiated a movement to change the life of millions of Bhartiya by creating awareness about the need for interpersonal skills. So we can create skillful and willful Bharat.

3. We are inspired by Mr. Anand Kumar's initiator of Super 30.

4. Philosophy of Pragya Institute of Personality Development- We believe in Learn, Earn, and Return.

5. Dream of our director Mr. Saurabh Jain- First establishes everything because without funds it is not possible to help others and once everything is established, make a world-class personality grooming institute, which is free.

Who is Eligible?

One who is passionate shoot doing great in his life, but money is a hurdle. This is our bright future scholarship, or one can call it as Development Scholarship. 

Common questions we face:

1. Do we have scholarships for women?

   NO, there is no special scholarship for women because we treat everyone equally.

2. Do we have scholarships for students?

   NO, there is no special scholarship for students because we treat everyone equally.

3. Do we offer International scholarships?

   NO, currently we don't offer international scholarships.



Understanding of scholarship:

1. Right now, the scholarship is only in the form of rebate in the fee at Pragya Institute of Personality Development, while our fee is fixed.

2. Initial support can be extended looking at the performance of the participant

3. For bright and needy participant support can be extended beyond just rebate in the fee.

4. % rebate will depend upon the financial condition of the person.

5. An interest-free EMI option will depend upon the financial condition of the person.


Our scholarship format is a smart format, so we call it a smart scholarship. In google search, our scholarship website is one of the best pages.




How to apply and process of approval:

1. Fill the scholarship form.

2. Your scholarship form will be received and verified by our team.

3. Once we confirm the information provided by you are correct.



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