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    What is so special about gift
    # “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 
    With the above quote in mind, I am introducing the Diwali Personality Development Course… Gift this awesome personality development & communication skills course to the people you care the most about… If they master the techniques taught in this course, they can easily crack job interviews, get promotions/raise in their company, develop a magnetic personality that attracts people, and wake up with motivation that will help them in achieving their goals...
    # Did you know that in a job, the biggest factor which determines the salary increments and promotions(especially promotions to leadership positions, like a team lead, manager, etc.) for an individual is not how good he is academically or how much work he does for the company. Rather the key factors are how good his personality is, how great are his communication skills and leadership skills.
    # If you are the guy who just watches motivational videos and takes zero action towards his goals, we can fix you... This course will transform you into a person who is trained for success and who takes massive action to achieve his goals… So success is not what you strive for - it is a daily habit. 
    # Did you know that fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10% and inhibits promotion to management by 15%? Learning public speaking is one of the most important things that you need to learn before you enter the corporate world...
    #Do you want to have an amazing personality, the charm that film-stars have, and the magnetic spark by which you can just draw people towards you - so people want to be with you?
    # Have you ever thought that why do the students who have got single-digit ranks in exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, Chartered Accountant, etc. are not able to secure the highest paying packages when they leave their college? Why do the so-called geeks, nerds, and toppers of any college cannot get high salaried jobs when they sit for placements? 
    What plays a big role in getting selected for these high paying jobs is that students should possess all - sound academic knowledge, an awesome personality, and great communication skills/ soft skills. 
    Just check online - if Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft) or Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google) are the toppers of their college? Forget being toppers, they were not even from the top colleges of India, these engineers were not the so-called IITians. 
    If you want to have a magnetic personality that attracts people and master communication skills, so you get the job or promotion that you always deserved & get a great social circle where people like you, then join Pragya Institute’s Personality Development & Communication Skills Course this Diwali.

    Let's Celebrate Creative Diwali #2020 - Truly creative - Experience as never before at Pragya Institute of Personality Development. 
    Never experienced such a wonderful Diwali. Lots of fun, dance and exciting games are waiting on the doors of Pragya Family. We have also organized a grand dinner party at this festival of lights. So let's celebrate creative Diwali  at Pragyainstitute of personality development.
    We hope this Diwali brings tons of happiness and enjoyment for you and for your beloved family.
    Green and Eco-friendly Diwali 2020
    Stay Safe and healthy
    Don't miss grand opportunities to celebrate Diwali creative way NO पटाखा फिर भी धमाका

    Some of the things you will learn in this Course –
    Do you want to conquer stage fear? If you face problems like you don't have words when you come to the stage, or you have a lot of ums and ahs in speech, or you don't feel confident while expressing your thoughts, we can definitely help you to get rid of all the above problems.
    Develop core confidence so you can face the toughest life situations and have that commanding presence so your boss finds you perfect for leadership positions.
    Learn the art of negotiation and increase your salary by more than 20% or get a promotion and move up in the hierarchy.
    Develop that awesome personality and attitude towards your friends and/or colleagues, so people like you and respect you. Most people pay lakhs to personality development gurus to learn this technique.
    Learn the body language secrets so people get attracted to you in no time.
    Learn the secrets of communication skills - and understand the mechanics of active listening, body language, and eye contact - so you leave a halo effect when you talk in a room and people literally beg you to talk to themselves.
    Learn how to handle the crisis of life that will happen - and develop the inner knowing that you will overcome them, no matter how bad they are.
    Learn the art of public speaking, so you connect to your audience immediately and enchant them to their core even if the mere thought of speaking in front of large audiences makes you scared.
    Develop empathy and emotional intelligence - so you can communicate from your heart and be genuine to your friends without hurting them. 
    Learn the magic trick known as storytelling - so your students listen to every word that you say in the class; remember - this trick is used in every bestseller book and world-famous coaches use it to train their students.
    Learn how to handle bullies and minimize the conflicts and fights that occur in your life. 
    Navigate the class/office politics, and learn how to minimize gossip about you - so you have no enemies.
    Develop discipline in your life and wake up every day as if you have the dynamite of motivation dumped inside your brain. After mastering this, you will achieve all your goals and be that successful person you always dreamed to be.
    Learn how to give interviews in the right way - we guarantee that after implementing the techniques taught in this course, your chances of getting selected will increase by 100%.
    Module 1 - Personality Development Basics
    1. Analytical skills and Observation skills of a detective 
    2. Art of negotiation
    3. Attitude and Belief System of successful people
    4. Core Confidence so you can face any obstacle of life like a boss
    5. Conflict Management
    6. Convert weakness into strengths
    7. How to take tough decisions in life
    8. Develop a sense of humor
    9. Dream big and achieve them by setting goals on a daily basis
    10. Emotional Intelligence
    11. Empathy
    12. Organize party at home
    13. Overcome fear and overthinking 
    14. Quit an addiction

    Module 2 - Personality Development Advanced
    1. Entrepreneurship and Business Models
    2. Etiquette
    3. How to Giving and Receiving Feedback 
    4. Develop a laser-like focus
    5. Get rid of procrastination and wake up motivated every day to achieve your dreams
    6. Increase memory and concentration
    7. Influence others decision through psychology
    8. Interview Giving/Taking skills
    9. Kaizen theory through which Japan rose up from the ashes
    10. Develop Leadership Skills
    11. Develop Morning rituals
    12. Sales and Marketing skills
    13. Develop Self-esteem
    14. The art of saying yes/ no in tough situations
    15. SWOT Analysis
    16. Team building & Team management 
    Module 3 - Basic One on One communication skills 
    1. How to convert the people in your social network into trustworthy friends
    2. How to build strong and long-term relations 
    3. Fake it till you make it – a powerful tool for effective communication 
    4. Verbal communication – the power of positive words
    5. Questioning is an art, how to become an expert in it?
    6. How to speak up to authoritative figures without any trouble, like your boss or manager or team lead.
    7. How to say "NO" without letting others down
    8. Overcoming shyness/anxiety while talking to the opposite sex
    Module 4 - Advanced Interpersonal Skills and Soft Skills
    1. Secrets of effective communicators
    2. How to win an argument by converting it into a discussion
    3. How to start and keep the conversation going?
    4. How to interact with strangers and the opposite gender
    5. How to handle bullies
    6. How to manage a situation when someone is ignoring you?
    7. Why avoid waffle words in your communication
    Module 5 - Perception Management and Active Listening
    1. Understanding Perception Management Skills
    2. How to build perception
    3. How to develop your Observation Skills
    4. Understanding the difference between hearing and listening
    5. Power of Active Listening
    6. Secret Technique of matching the mood and energy of people around you

    Module 6 - Understanding the Power of Body Language
    1. Power of smile
    2. Power of handshake
    3. Power of eye contact
    4. How to have a perfect body language
    5. How to use the magic of voice modulation to enchant people around you
    6. How To Have The Good Posture & Body Movement when you speak on stage
    7. Body language secrets for engaging your audience when you speak in front of the public

    Module 7 - Learning Empathy
    1. What is empathy and why is it the most important skill in communication?
    2. It’s not sympathy, it’s empathy which is the secret to strong bonding
    Module 8 - Dressing Sense
    1. How to dress so you leave a great first impression on people
    2. How to dress the way which suits your personality

    Module 9 - Social etiquette 
    1. Do's and don'ts about social media messaging
    2. Phone etiquette -  power of phone etiquettes - t-con and web conference
    3. Social etiquette
    4. Office etiquette
    5. How to organize a party at home
    6. Dining table & party etiquette
    7. Email writing skills
    8. Letter writing skills
    Module 10 - Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking
    1. Say no to fear of mike or fear of stage
    ​2. The Special Technique To Get Rid of Anxiety under 2 Minutes
    ​3. How to Become More Confident when speaking on stage

    Module 11 - How to practice to be a Great Public Speaker
    1. Secret To Become A Good Public Speaker
    2. Different Exercises You Can Do To Master Public Speaking
    3. Steps that must be followed to create great content for a speech
    4. Components of a speech and their correct time distribution for giving a winning speech
    5. Top mistakes that people do in public speaking
    6. Participating in Public Speaking exercises like Group discussion, Debate, Extempore, Presentation at Pragya Institute. (You will be practicing in front of other people on stage, with mic and other amenities)
    7. CASE Study: What Saurabh Jain did to Do To Master Public Speaking before making World Record 

    Module 12 - Advanced Public Speaking Techniques
    1. Understanding the Art of Storytelling
    2. Secrets of becoming a good Anchor
    3. Importance of debate and the best ways to present thoughts during a debate
    4. How to make a significant impact during group discussion
    5. How Public Speaking Can get you a raise/promotion at your job or expand your business
    6. How to answer questions raised by the audience in a speech
    7. How to handle tough situations, like you have an awkward person speaking against you in your speech/debate.
    8. Presentation skills and the ways to create compelling content for your speech/presentation

    Module 13 - How To Get Paid Speaking Gigs
    1. How to Build Your Brand As A Speaker and Develop Authority In The Market
    2. How To Become A Paid Public Speaker...
    3. ​How To Get Paid From Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 For 1 Speech
    ​4. Get Paid Speaking Assignment From Corporates, School & Colleges...
    1. How To Get Reference From Existing Customers/Clients
    2. How To Network With People More Successful/ People on Higher Authority Than You
    3. How To Build Your Social Media Presence
    4. Secret Technique To get people on your Social Media Profiles...
    5. ​How to master Youtube so You Grow even Faster. Also, learn how to make Vlogs.
    6. How To Become Josh Talks & Tedx Speaker - so you build a solid brand
    7. Get access to Pragya Community - where you can network with like-minded people
    8. Free one hour 1 on 1 coaching with Saurabh Jain, where you can get career counseling, discuss interview tips, salary negotiation strategies, or how to overcome your obstacles and other related topics.
    No Questions Asked Refund of full fees within the first 5 days of joining the course - in case you feel that this course is not what you expected. 
    Pragya Institute is affiliated and approved by Rajasthan ILD Skill University.
    Mr. Saurabh Jain is a Global Career Counselor from the University of California L.A. 
    He is World Record Holder in Guinness Book for giving the longest speech on Personality Development.
    He is featured in Josh Talks.
    He is a Registered Soft Skill Trainer for Navodaya Leadership Institute (where he trains newly joined lectures)
    He has worked with Discovery Channel as All India Coordinator for their  Documentary named “Belief”.
    He has been awarded as “Best Entrepreneur” by ICAN Foundation (for the year 2019-20).
    He is a faculty for prestigious institutes like ICAI, ICMAI, ICSI.
    Trained employees of companies like - John Deere (the worlds biggest tractor company).
    We have the best faculty in Jaipur. Mr. Saurabh Jain has trained over 1,00,000+ individuals on soft-skills.
    650+ 5-Star reviews on Saurabh Jain Google Page.
    250+ 5-Star reviews on Pragya Institute Google Page.
    Small Batch sizes (Maximum 20 people).
    Attend Offline sessions with like-minded people, so you get tons of practice (Yes, we do have a stage, mic, games, and lots of other amenities.)
    Course completion certificate.
    Course Duration - 3 months (90-minute sessions; 5 days a week)
    Course Fee is - Rs. 4500 /- per month but the first 5 people will get a discount of 25% as Diwali Offer. So, for the first 5 people, it will be Rs 3600 /- per month. 


    For whom is this course not for?

    This is not an overnight success course - you have to put in the hard work. To get the maximum out of this course, you have to come on stage in front of other students and practice. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

    Okay, how does it work?

    Our classes are held 5 days a week (90 minutes a day). You pay a monthly subscription fee and join our classes.
    How do I know this will be helpful? 
    Hundreds of students have taken our courses. Please check google and read their testimonials. Some of them are posted on this page.


    OK, how do I sign up? 

    First, you can click on the “Apply Now” button on the top of the page. Then, you’ll be prompted to log in on the website. Please log in via your Facebook ID. Then, choose the payment method (either Debit Card or Credit Card). After processing, we will contact you via email and phone within 48 business hours, giving you the schedule of your upcoming batch.

    What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel within the first 5 classes. You will get a no question asked refund.

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    If you feel that this course is not the right fit for you,
    we insist you to get 100% refund.


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