FAQ - Pragya Institute of Personality Development

Indulge your child in activities such as simple group discussions, start-up extempore, debates, listen -understand –speak, tongue exercises/ twisters, facing cross questioning, story relay, shown tell and story enactment. They are for sure going to enhance the communication skills of your kid.

We made programs to suit your individual personality, leadership, public speaking, performance, corporate & executive skills requirements. We also offer personality, leadership & soft skills certified professional programs with our unique theatrical action method along with certified talent development professional programs. We also provide free counselling session, online telephonic consultation.

Encourage your kid to make friends and interact more with kids of his age. Find out the reason why he does not want to participate in activities and work on the improvement areas. Be a role model for your child. Set an example in front of him by communicating more with him. Educate him more about the benefits of participating in extra-curricular activities

Develop the power of confidence and concentration in yourself, but remember not to overload yourself with work. Believing in yourself should be your top priority or join our program to become a super performer.

Indulge in activities such as simple group discussions, listen -understand –speak, face cross questioning, etc. While in office or with friends. They are for sure going to enhance your communication skills or join our program to become an effective communicator.

Stress can be relieved in a number of ways. Share your emotional outburst with close people, turn on some tunes because music & other hobbies are a good escape or inculcate the habit of reading frequently or join our program to feel relieved.

Pragya Personality development is an institute that helps You to Improve Yourself.We help you to improve your personal skills as well as professional skill through our best and unique courses to prepare yourself for better tomorrow.

In addition to our platform, Pragya Personality Development also provides a range of Communication Skills, personal development Skills.